The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) Poster

Collin Chou: Jade Warlord


  • Jade Warlord : [looking at Jason]  The seeker from the prophecy. Not quite what I expected.

    Jason Tripitikas : A man is dying on Song Mountain. I need the elixir.

    Jade Warlord : The power to save a life, for the power to rule a kingdom. A most generous offer. This man... a good friend?

    Jason Tripitikas : And a good teacher.

    Jade Warlord : The man who honors his teacher honors himself.

  • [the Jade Warlord tricks the Monkey King into becoming a statue] 

    Jade Warlord : Martial art is based on deception, my friend.

  • Jade Warlord : No more weapons, no more Chi magic. Fist against fist.

  • Lu Yan : Satisfied all was well in heaven and earth. The Supremely High Emperor left to begin his 500 years meditation, leaving The Jade Warlord in charge by mandate of heaven. But, Rather than obey The Jade Emperor's command. The Warlord challenged The Monkey King to a duel, High Top Five Elements Mountain in The Warlord's palace. The Battle of Immortals was fought. To prove once and all Whose skills were supreme.

    Jade Warlord : Most excellent stick fighting, Sun Wukong. But without your weapon, You're nothing. But, A lowly hermit. No more weapons, No more Chi Magic. Fist against fist.

    Lu Yan : The Monkey King was too trusting and believed The Warlord's words. Lying down his magic weapon.

    Lu Yan : Realizing, He'd been tricked, The Monkey King cast the staff out into The Middle Kingdom.

    Jade Warlord : [The Jade Warlord deceives The Monkey King and says]  Hmm, Martial Art is based on deception. My friend. Being Immortal The Monkey King could not be killed, Only trapped in stone. Where he waits for the seeker from the prophesy to return to him his great weapon and finally free him. That's what I heard. Anyway, Long time ago.

    Jason Tripitikas : How long has he been imprisoned?

    Lu Yan : 500 Hundred years, Give or take a few decades. They say. When The Monkey King is free. The Jade Emperor will return.

    Jason Tripitikas : How do I get home?

    Lu Yan : You must return the staff to Five Elements Mountain, You must free The Monkey King.

    Jason Tripitikas : I can't free The Monkey King, I gotta get home.

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