Smother (2008) Poster

(II) (2008)

Diane Keaton: Marilyn Cooper



  • Gene Cooper : I need to talk to your mother right now, Noah.

    Noah Cooper : She's staying the night here, so uh, you'll have to talk to her tomorrow.

    Marilyn Cooper : Don't bet on it!

    [falls to the ground] 

    Gene Cooper : She just fell didn't she.

    Noah Cooper : Yeah.

  • Noah Cooper : Is there anything else I should know about? Any other lies?

    Marilyn Cooper : You wet the bed until you were six, the noise in your closet at night really was a ghost, and you were held back two times in the first grade.

    Noah Cooper : I'm thirty-one?

    Marilyn Cooper : Thirty-two.

  • Marilyn Cooper : I'd like to bring the room down a minute and dedicate this next song to my very special son, Noah. He fired me from the best job I ever had, but I never accomplished much in life anyway, so it really doesn't matter if my husband f*@#s another woman. And I murdered a rat. Hit it, Lou.

  • Marilyn Cooper : Can you pass the ketchup, Myrelle?

    Myron Stubbs : It's Myron.

    Marilyn Cooper : Oh. I kind of like Myrelle better. It reminds me of Gone With the Wind. Normally black movies don't hold my attention, but I liked that one. And I like The Jeffersons.

  • Marilyn Cooper : What do you do, Myron?

    Myron Stubbs : I'm a screenwriter.

    Marilyn Cooper : Oh, really? How interesting.

    Myron Stubbs : I'm working on a sci-fi horror set in the jungles of Vietnam. Lt. Tom Dawson gets infected by Agent Orange-infused malaria, then mutates into a violent but misunderstood creature driven to insanity by the horrors of herbicidal warfare. My original title was Mansquito, but that's already taken, so my working title is PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Destroyer. It's sort of Platoon meets The Fly.

    Noah Cooper : Sounds like it'll really capture the authentic Vietnam experience.

    Myron Stubbs : But with a sci-fi hook, exactly. Half Commando... Half Mosquito... Total Terror.

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