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  • When former Boston chef Reese Gilmore (Heather Locklear) blows a gasket on her car just outside Angels Fall, a small town in the Wyoming Rockies, she moves into town and takes a job as a cook at the local diner while waiting for the parts for her car to arrive. She finds herself attracted to mystery writer Brody Blackburn (Johnathon Schaech), but her past experience as the sole survivor of a massacre at the restaurant where she previously worked keeps her from getting too close...until she witnesses another murder while hiking, and Brody is the only one who doesn't believe she's simply suffering from PTSD. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Angels Fall is a 2006 novel by American romance novelist Nora Roberts. The novel was adapted for the movie by Janet Brownell. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Although it's supposed to be in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, filming was actually done in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While apologizing to Joanie (Linda Darlow) for suspecting her son Lo (Derek Hamilton) of being the killer, Reese suddenly remembers seeing Sheriff Rick Marsden's (Gary Hudson) wife Debbie (Jemma Blackwell) wearing an astrological necklace and him referring to her as his 'sunshine.' She rushes over to Brody's cabin to tell him, but Rick has knocked out Brody with a shovel and is waiting to kill Reese so that he can blame their deaths on Reese's 'insanity.' He explains how he had a one-night stand with a stripper but she didn't want to let go, so he killed her and later planted the body of a 43-year old 'burn out' from Seattle in hopes of closing the case. As Rick points his gun at Reese, Brody rushes him from behind and yells at Reese to run. Reese runs outside but hears a gunshot. She picks up an axe and returns to the cabin to find Rick about to shoot Brody, but she drops it when she suddenly suffers a flashback to the killings in Boston. The sound brings Rick looking for her. As Rick prepares again to shoot her, Brody bursts in the cabin door, distracting Rick long enough for Reese to grab a rack of antlers and smack him with it. She then holds him at bay with his gun. In the final scene, Reese and Brody snuggle together on a deck chair while looking out at the mountains. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, besides Angels Fall, 10 of Roberts' novels have been made into TV movies, including: Carnal Innocence (2011) (2011), High Noon (2009) (2009), Northern Lights (2009) (2009), Tribute (2009) (2009), Midnight Bayou (2009) (2009), Blue Smoke (2007) (2007), Carolina Moon (2007) (2007), Montana Sky (2007) (2007), Sanctuary (2001) (2001), and Magic Moments (1989) (1989). Edit (Coming Soon)


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