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20 Aug. 2007
The characters learn the fun of eating vegetables and healthy meals; from "Party in my Tummy" and "Snacky Snack Snack" where the vegetables plead to participate, to "Try it you'll Like it."Guest Stars: Elijah Wood
21 Aug. 2007
All the characters in Gabba Land use the outdoors and friends to capture the happiness of summertime. Guest Stars: The Aquabats
22 Aug. 2007
All the Gabba characters learn different ways to have fun. Eating your breakfast is a great way. The characters learn to eat the healthy portions: eggs and fruit. Guest Stars: The Aggrolites and Roy Ellis
23 Aug. 2007
The music and the activities in the Dance episode are specific to participating with the Gabba characters throughout the entire show. Guest Star: Hector Jiminez "Jumping Jellyfish song"
27 Aug. 2007
In this episode all the characters learn to use different ideas and the benefits of napping and sleeping.Guest Star: Smoosh
28 Aug. 2007
The Happy episode doesn't shy away from losing a game or being sad, but teaches the characters how to overcome moment of feeling sad.Guest Stars: The Salteens
29 Aug. 2007
In this episode the characters learn how friends play a large part in the way we feel about others and themselves. Songs teach the characters who their friends are and how to have fun with them.Guest Star: Mya
30 Aug. 2007
This episode is the characters learn to be safe in all they do, like in the "Danger" and "Up and Down" songs, but just as important, learn how to pick themselves up and try it again in "Shake it Off." Guest Stars: Supernova
27 Sep. 2007
The upbeat music and befriending animations bring an endearing quality to the many things the characters don't like, including foods. Guest Star: Leslie Hall "Razzle Dazzle"
29 Oct. 2007
It's time for the characters to dress up in outrageous costumes and take part in gathering their own private stash of candy. Guest Stars: Shiny Toy Guns
25 Sep. 2007
The characters learn how to greet different people, while bringing fun new ways to introduce yourself. Guest Star: Nikki Flore, "Twirly Whirly"
24 Sep. 2007
This isn't about moving locations it's about locomotion and all the different ways to enjoy movement. Guest Star: Tony Hawk
26 Sep. 2007
Many times discovery is done individually, but in this episode the characters learn to enjoy discovery with another person. Guest Stars: The Wolfgramms
21 Dec. 2007
So much of Christmas is wrapped up in what we receive, but this episode is more about giving. The characters learn to embody the generous spirit of the season, making it fun to give. Guest Star: Snow Princess Claymation
26 Nov. 2007
It's time for the characters to going for a ride in a car. The characters are taught about safety and traveling.Guest Stars: Sugarland "Electric Eel"
27 Nov. 2007
In this episode the characters have no concept of what is theirs or how to share even if it's not theirs to play with.Guest Stars: Cornelius
28 Nov. 2007
Imagination leads to discovery as the characters uncover many things that may be different or frightening. Guest Stars: Sean Kingston "Mini Spinny"
29 Nov. 2007
Not only does Train focus on the joy of riding on trains, but it also shows the characters that it's okay to be scared. Guest Stars: Laila Ali "The Dog"
14 Feb. 2008
We know that our parents, friends and family love us but what about the other things that surround us? Guest Stars: The Postmarks
23 May 2008
The best part of discovery is using your imagination, and in this episode discovering their imagination opens the world. Guest Stars: The Shins

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