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  • Invention of the week: Spirit Sucker-upper

    One hundred fifty years in the past, two men bury a hexed trunk. Present time shows the TV starting to act weird just prior to Diane calling for help to bring the trunk in from her car. The trunk looks empty, until a green cloud appears and starts moving.

    No one wants to admit things are going awry due to so many others getting sick and becoming delusional in town. Additionally, Mr. Sangereen, a collector, finds out about the trunk and wants to steel it before they can again trap the daemons.

    A clown appears (from Stephen King presumably), Nick becomes a plant, Diane acts like a mischievous little girl, the first thief is transformed to a lamp, and Poltergeist is relived through Amy. Wayne calls SPOOK, the Society for the Prevention of Otherworldly Occurrences and K<something> and Professor Duck arrives (who ducks every time his name is mentioned). Between Professor Duck and Wayne, the day is saved.

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