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Great quality stuff
asgard-516 May 2011
This is a great thriller from Eric Red, the writer of Hitcher and many more. On the outside it's a budget haunted house horror flick, the kind that everybody used to make a couple of years ago, before the slashers came back. But this one stands out with its solid writing and impressive no nonsense execution. Eric Red took what was fashionable and made the most of it. He has quite a reputation with numerous classic genre films throughout the 80s and 90s that he has to live up to. And live up to it this movie does. Famke Janssen carries the film with ease. It doesn't take much time till you root for her because the character is as real a person as it gets in these movies. The supporting cast are all great too. Bobby Cannavale who plays the cop on a stakeout outside her house does a "young Chazz Palminteri", just what the role asks for. And Michael Pare who plays the ghost actually acts and acts well under the coat of blurry special effects and not a word of dialog save for a couple of grunts, not to mention he *is* scary. I enjoyed the hell out of it and I hope Eric Red continues to make movies this good.
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Horror meets thriller in new Famke Janssen movie
pookiesnackenburger2 October 2008
Saw this at a film fest in Germany and its really not a bad horror drama. Marnie Watson (Famke Janssen) is released from prison but has to serve the rest of her sentence under house arrest. This is the same house in which she killed, in self defense, her Police Officer husband Mike Watson (Michael Paré).

Plot wise this movie falls a little bit flat. There is no explanation to all the events that occur in this film. Shanks seems to take a very strange interest in Marnie. Even to the point of parking outside her house and watching her day and night. But there is no real reason for this, he has a hunch that perhaps Marnie didn't kill Mike. The acting overall was fine, I quite like Janssen and she played this part well. Although I thought she was very calm considering the circumstances.

Directed by Eric Red, who I knew little about. When I checked it appears he has done other films, things like Cohen and Tate, and has quite a few writing credits. There are some nice well done scenes in this film, a few jump type moments but nothing really scary. There is one quite horrific scene in the bedroom when the ghost of Mike takes a dislike to Marnie's new beau. The effects were done well, though a little bit over dramatic at the end.

This is a Horror/Thriller but I would say leans more to the Horror genre than Thriller. It could have gone more down the Thriller route, and there were enough plot lines running through to create a decent Thriller.

All in all it was an enjoyable film that held my interest, but left me asking more questions than it answered.
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All in all,
lilywhitebloodred26 September 2008
I thought this was a decent movie. The story line particularly made this title more appeasing to me. A lady kills her husband in self defense after being beaten for years? I like this only because this a real scenario that happens all to often, and the women in punished for it. Even though eventually the husband would probably kill her anyways. I like the fact that she is on house arrest which gives the story a certain twist. The scenes are suspenseful and make you clench your teeth and jump at certain times. The characters are done well and the story moves at a decent pace. There was some really good gore and some particularly scary parts which were also done well. As for the end, what can I say, after all the horror movies that have been made endings are harder and harder to do. This movie was great up until the end, and even the end was not that horrible, it was still kind of bad enough to make me reduce my rating on this movie. All in all, worth the watch, but probably wont be a favorite.
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Hey Hollywood... take notes!
datdudesketch19 October 2008
I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Maybe more than I should have. It's amazing how this film could keep me interested when all I expected was to enjoy 90 minutes or so of Famke Janseen on my screen. She delivered a really good performance, naturally... but the highlight of the film was the ghost himself. Very scary stuff. I got goosebumps at every scene and that's hard to say with the recent garbage out there these days. As far as characters... well done. You ever watch those films where every line is like a narration for the audience? As if we're all dummies? Well, there's no instructional dialogue between characters here; it's just plain as day and straight to the point. Eric Red is really good director as well, I'll be looking for more of his work from here on out. Great effects, great story, I can only take off points just to be unbiased. I'm impressed. Hollywood should step back and take notes. This is how it's done. Stop stealing ideas from Japan and Korea. Use 100 Feet as a blueprint and you'll sell more tickets you hacks.
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So Much More Than I Expected
Michael-d-duncan28 September 2009
Ghost movies aren't typically my cup of tea; I don't even believe in Ghosts! However, this movie delivered! The acting was believable and good, the effects were very good. The plot while not wonderfully original was unique enough, and suspenseful enough to keep me riveted! There are two things I found noteworthy and unique in this film. First, ghost movies usually try to be Hitchcock'esquire and fail. The Ghost in this film however is prominent and displayed. The suspense is built and genuinely creepy but they aren't afraid to flaunt a shaded nasty. Nextly the film didn't waste the first forty five minutes on the characters trying to figure out what was going on. They ghost came, he was violent and she knew what was happening.

One last thing, this film while violent, really hearkens back to the classic scary movie. It doesn't rely on gore to scare you. You don't have some lame heavy metal sound track. There is no pointless nudity. The film will not excite you eyes but it will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and make you check the house before you go to sleep :)
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Not since "The Entity" has something been this scary!
tdrish15 December 2012
100 Feet is the wrong movie to be watching at night time, trust me on this one. It is well written, has great acting, and great dialogue. Despite the tiresome amount of films that have gone in this direction, this one stands out from them all. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who dares to be frightened, because the probability of this scary flick freaking you to pieces is pretty high! A woman is let out early from prison, but at a high cost: She must reside in the same house that she murdered her husband in, who happened to be a violent cop. His partner happens to be the man who is more then anxious to put her back in prison, so he waits patiently in his car parked across the street, waiting for her to violate her probation. She has an ankle bracelet attached to her ankle (hence the name), and is instructed not to go past 100 feet of the house, or the alarm will go off. Goes off for longer then three minutes, and she's automatically going back to jail. Not too hard to do, right? HEH, the plot thickens. The house she's living in is possessed by a poltergeist, and it just happens to be the husband she killed in self defense. And he is powerful and angry as ever!!! Her survival skills must be put to play, however, what defense do you have against something that is not in human form? Can it even be stopped? Even if her probation officer believes her story that she is being violently stalked by her dead husband, how can he protect her from this savage entity? There are long, boring sequences, but bare with it, and trust me, the rewards come later. By the first half hour, she knows what is going on. The last half hour is when the really good stuff happens, and I'm talking...jump out of your skin, "Oh my God!", freaky , weird , crazy, messed up stuff. I'm not revealing too much, because it will spoil the story, and I sure do not want to spoil the ending. If you like your movies scary, you're in for a treat....which is long overdue these days. Fantastic film!
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Famke Janssen carries this pretty good movie
PhantomAgony3 March 2010
The movie begins with Marnie Wilson (Famke Janssen), arriving home after being released from an unknown prison sentence, for one year of house arrest. She stabbed her abusive Cop husband to death after he came at her with a knife and she managed to get it away from him to defend herself. She had filed many complaints about the abuse but his cop friends didn't take her seriously. She obviously was found guilty since she went to prison and has now been released to house arrest. The title of the movie - 100 Feet - refers to the distance she can travel. Marnie must always be within 100 feet of the ankle monitor box that hangs in her home. If she goes outside 100 feet, the ankle monitor beeps and she has 3 minutes to get back inside or the police are called.

The movie doesn't waste much time introducing the audience and the lead character (Marnie) to the ghost of her late husband who apparently haunts the house and wants her to pay for what she did. He is violent and takes pleasure in scaring her and physically hurting her - for example, he throws her down the flight of stairs and also hits her in the face. The ghost is NOT invisible.. it's not some force that can't be seen and the fear is supposed to come from the unknown. The movie creates the ghost and we can see his shape/face/body and at times it IS scary. The movie plays with this by having his image pop up with quick camera shots in the dark.

Ed Westwick plays Joey, a young man from the neighborhood who befriends Marnie and is someone who she can talk to and who runs errands for her such as getting books from the library and groceries from the supermarket. Bobby Cannavale plays a cop who was the partner of Marnie's husband. He can't let what happened go and he obsessively camps outside the house to keep an eye on Marnie inside.

Famke Janssen's performance in this movie was fantastic. The actual movie was average in execution and it had an ending that lessoned the film especially with the over the top CGI effects which IMO were just too much in the final scenes (it wasn't a problem for 95% of the movie though) but Famke really stepped it up making the movie almost mesmerizing at times. Her fear and grief and determination were palpable and she really sold the character she was playing. Just a great job from her overall.

I saw this movie last night when it was on SyFy. I happened to flip the channel and quickly decided to watch. I am glad I did. I gave this movie a 6 out of 10 b/c it was enjoyable and well acted but it wasn't brilliant by any means and the over the top ending ruined it a bit for me. I still recommend seeing this movie and there is a really crazy (in a good way) fight scene that is worth checking out.
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Tripping At The Finish Line...
Aka_Who17 December 2008
100 feet is an openly aggressive film that does well to keep your pulse pounding all the way up to the flat line ending. I enjoyed the idea behind the story and for the most part felt as though it was well portrayed. Several times you find yourself having to stretch your imagination in order to play along but nothing I would consider a deal breaker. I highly appreciated the amount of time and attention spent on the gore effects. On the other side of that coin a little more time and effort put into actually frightening the viewer would have been well received. Sadly this is a film that would have ranked much higher had the ending not brought the momentum to a stand-still. As is, still a decent flick.
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Woman under house arrest has to contend with husband's ghost...
Doylenf22 August 2010
The story starts with an interesting premise but soon goes overboard in depicting some gory scenes of a ghost's vengeance during which time much blood is shed for the sake of horror fans who like this sort of thing. It's well acted and tense with some quietly underplayed opening scenes, but once the ghost starts wreaking the place all hell breaks loose and the story loses a great deal of credibility.

The acting is fine, with Famke Janssen giving a strong performance as a woman forced to wear an ankle bracelet and kept under close watch by a suspicious policeman who was her husband's partner. But the tension doesn't become tight until the last third of the story and then it goes way over the top in depicting violence.

Scary enough but midway through, the story loses a lot of credibility despite the high quality of the performances.
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As a lover of horror I was hoping for more....
brdlybaum11 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Tight budget or not this was a very mediocre film, even bordering on absolute rubbish. The special effects were not particularly special. The storyline was 'woman files numerous reports of spousal abuse to the police station where her husband is stationed eventually snaps when after the six reports had been swept under the carpet he attacks her again. This time he attacks her with a knife. She kills him by grabbing the knife from him and stabbing him three times. on early release from jail she gets put under house-arrest for one year (at the start of the film six months later on in it). Mikey then starts to exact his revenge'. The storyline was virtually non-existent. The acting was so minimal it almost was not there. Famke Janssen did her best in the lead role, actually she didn't but then there was not a lot for her to do. I have seen other films she has been in where she has been better. The person playing Shanks didn't have a lot to do either, in fact no-one did really.

In one scene her dead ex pulls her hand into the waste-disposal unit and turns it on cutting her hand so badly that in the next scene she needs to wrap it in a towel only for her hand to be perfectly alright for the rest of the film. In another set of scenes the ghost of the ex pulls her down the stairs her head hitting every wooden step as she went and yet she got up at the bottom with no effect whatsoever. These are not the only cases of inconsistencies.

So, after having a 'solid' ghost what are we going to be subjected to next? Dracula sunbathing in the midday sun? A person changing into a werewolf when there is no full moon in the sky? This really is not one to see in a hurry!
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A ghost movie with a solid punch...
paul_haakonsen17 July 2018
When I sat down to watch the 2008 movie "100 Feet" it was solely for two reasons. The first being that Famke Janssen was in it, and the second being that it is a horror movie, of course.

I hadn't heard about the movie prior to finding it by random luck. I didn't even read the synopsis, I just saw that it was a horror movie and saw Famke Janssen on the DVD front cover, and that was all I needed.

It turned out that "100 Feet" was actually a rather enjoyable movie. There was a good flow to the storyline, with little useless scenes to serve as filler. Everything here served a purpose and was straight to the point.

They had some really impressive effects in the movie, and I must admit that it really helped lift up the movie quite well. Especially the scene with the mauling in the bedroom. That was actually some of the most impressive special effects I have seen in a long, long time.

"100 Feet" was driven by a good storyline, but equally so by a rather good performance by the cast. And while they had a rather small cast, there was a bit more resting on the shoulders of the those performing. And I will say that both Famke Janssen and Bobby Cannavale carried themselves and the movie quite well.

This is definitely a horror movie that is well worth taking the time and effort to sit down and watch. And there are some jump scares here and there throughout the movie.
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Just about worth going the distance with.
BA_Harrison24 October 2010
Sadly, 100 Feet, the title of screenwriter Eric Red's 2008 horror starring Famke Janssen, does not refer to the many legs of a giant flesh-eating centipede—a shame, 'cos I reckon that would have made for a far more original and believable movie than this well-acted, but ultimately very silly ghost story.

Janssen stars as Marnie Watson, who has returned home after 752 days in prison for killing her abusive husband; it is there that she is to serve the remainder of her sentence under house arrest, fitted with an electronic tag to restrict her movement to a radius of—you guessed it!—100 feet. As Marnie slowly begins to put her life back in order (painting over blood stains on the wall, scaring homeless guys, screwing the delivery boy etc.) she finds her progress hampered by the very angry ghost of her dead husband, who hasn't quite finished with using his wife as a punch bag.

Red, whose earlier writing credits include the excellent thriller The Hitcher and cult vampire hit Near Dark, clearly possesses some skill behind the camera managing a creepy atmosphere, confidently tackling some complex effects and pulling off a few effective scares, but it seems as though, in changing roles, he's forgotten the importance of a really tight script; glaring plot-holes and lapses in logic blight this film from start to finish! (I'm not going to waste time going into details, but if you're interested, check out the film's message board on IMDb—plenty of other people have listed them for me).

It is thanks to Janssen's presence (she's still a major hottie and acquits herself admirably in her role), and one particularly grisly death scene that had me double checking the DVD's rating (yes, it really is only a 15 certificate), that I'm willing to overlook some of the film's minor problems, but a talented, easy-on-the-eye lead and some nasty gore only excuses so much.

Next time Eric, iron out the uglier creases before going into production and you might have another hit on your hands (oh, and feel free to take the killer centipede idea and run with it—seriously, that would make one hell of a film!).
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WAAAY too many "clang" moments in this film.
innocuous7 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The "clang" moments were just scattered randomly throughout the film. The protagonist doesn't notice that she has half-a-dozen loose floorboards in her bedroom? (And we're talking big, really loose boards here...step on the end of one and it would pop you in the nose.) She's being stalked throughout the house, but she doesn't turn on any lights? (This is AFTER her power is turned on.) The Dept. of Corrections installs a high-tech electronic monitoring device for "house arrest", but it won't allow her go to the front door, the basement, or the attic? For absolutely no reason at all, she decides not to tell anybody about what's going on? (I mean, why not? She's already been charged and convicted for the slaying. They can't do it again, no matter how loopy she's acting or what she tells them. For the same reason, why is a cop sitting outside her house? He may have been the partner, but he can't do a thing other than throw her back in the slammer. Why bother?)

Anyway, it all adds up to a pretty weak story. The movie would have been better with less violence and more subtlety. And a better ending would have helped a lot.
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One of the better movies that the production company puts out.
vampyrecowboy8 October 2011
Yes - the production company of The Asylum puts out plenty of movies. Most are not worth the price of a cup of coffee or a bag of chips.

They are just plain outright bad in so many forms that to sit through one is very hard.

This story on the other hand is an exception to the rule.

Not a fantastic piece, but still good.

With a bigger budget, a tighter script and a little more effort and thought, this could have been and should have been a movie that made bigger reviews, bigger profits and a bigger name in all.

It has potential, but somehow doesn't quite hit the mark of a great movie - because of minor details.

The cast is good, the camera work is good and so much else is good, but it's sort on something that I just can't put my finger on that would make this really good.

Overall, it's a movie that can entertain and far better than many others that are produced by Hollywood.

This is by a small company that works for the most part out of Bulgaria or eastern European countries and usually budgets less than 5 million.

So given all, it's not bad - a little stupid in some places - but worth a watch.
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Not as bad as most board posts claim it to be...
Abs1249016 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I will start off by saying that 1) I am a horror fan, not a completely devoted horror groupie, but I love them nonetheless, and 2) I am someone who RARELY gets scared after watching "horror" films. They just don't scare me.

However, something about this movie really disturbed me. The first time I watched it was about a year ago and since then I cannot get it out of my head. I want to watch it again soon, but cannot muster up the courage to do so.

Obviously the film is not completely perfect, but some details could have been looked over twice, such as the numerous plot holes (I won't go into explaining all of them here, but you can find them on the boards, I would suggest the post titled "100 things I learned from 100 feet"). Plus, the ending seemed rush and is poorly edited, and the CG ghost is horrible, pathetic... just not believable (how do you make a ghost believable though?) Most viewers would say there needs to be more blood, a higher "body count," but the one brutal murder in this film is one of the most disturbing I have seen in years.. I think about it on a frequent basis.

I think the reason the film stuck with me is because beyond it just being a horror film, it dealt a lot with the characters different issues and emotions.

If you go into watching this movie with little to no expectations, you will enjoy it. It is, clearly, low-budget, and what you see is definitely what you get with 10 mil. Also... why do viewers have to over analyze everything in a film and feel every thing needs justification? Just relax and roll with the punches. The first time I watched this film I had no expectations, and didn't even catch most of the plot holes until I came to the IMDb boards.

I give it a 7/10. This film is not getting the credit it deserves from some reviewers.
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kosmasp19 August 2010
The movie has a really strong beginning and manages to stay and hold a tension for quite some while. It also has you wondering if this is working on 2 levels. Unfortunately it does fall flat on its back after a certain moment (of realization). It almost renders the movie completely off the radar, but some nice ideas and especially the frenetic pace, don't let you off their grip ... which would've been bad, because you'd realize how insane and incoherent this is.

Famke does her best to be convincing in her role, as things just happen to her. It's just a shame, that she does not get enough story to back that up. Still a decent enough effort, with quite a few scares and a nice (if somewhat OTT) ending.
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I Love This Film
lisakeenan726 July 2011
I borrowed this film from a friend (fellow horror fan) who raved about it. Even though I'd never even heard of it I thought I'd give it a go. I'm so very glad I did.

After serving a partial sentence for murdering her violent and abusive policeman husband, Marnie is released to her home. She must however wear a tag, preventing her from moving more than 100 feet from a security monitor in her home. Marnie settles in well, despite visits from her husband's partner who is still bitter at her part in his death, a bloodstain that just won't wash away and a neighbourhood that shuns her.

To add to Marnie's problems the power company is unable to connect her electricity supply for 48 hours, leaving her alone in the dark. As if that isn't bad enough Marnie's husband is back from the dead, and he's not happy at all!

I physically jumped at a couple of scenes in this film. The first major scare made me literally shout out with fright! The story, whilst not exactly original, does manage to hold your attention and a couple of excellent twists just add to the tension. All in all a cracking horror film that doesn't need big names, huge budgets or too many over the top CGI effects to scare the viewer.

I'm a huge fan of horror films and I would most definitely put this film in my all time top 50. Just watch it and I bet you'll agree.
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Thank you, Eric Red. You did not let me down.
Vomitron_G16 September 2009
"100 Feet" had been on my radar for some time, mainly because of director Eric Red being at the helm of this project. Perhaps his comeback film, one could say. The man already wrote great scripts for 80's genre hits like Robert Harmon's "The Hitcher" and Kathryn Bigelow's "Near Dark". During the 90's he directed two notable genre films, the psychologically tinted thriller/horror hybrid "Body Parts" and that one little werewolf film that sort of stood out during the 90's, "Bad Moon". Very likely no masterpieces, but they left a pleasant aftertaste and above all, they are well made and showed promise for future work as a director. And then... it got a little quiet surrounding Eric Red. So in a way, "100 Feet" might be considered to be his comeback movie. It sure got me interested, especially after glimpsing at the trailer. And the fact that Famke Janssen was taking on the leading role, didn't hurt at all either.

So yes, I really wanted to like 100 Feet, and well,... I really liked it! It's a bit of a sober film, really, with a one-house setting and not much characters running around in it. But every character does bring his weight to it. Also, it's a unique angle for a ghost story, with Famke's character not being able to leave her haunted house (you know that from the start of the film). Ms. Janssen gives a fine performance (funny thing, I think I actually spotted a Dutch accent for the first time ever), the film has the right tone & atmosphere (at least for me it worked fine) and looks really good. There's a bit of ghostly CGI that perhaps could have been better (or maybe I should say: could've been handled differently, as it's more of a choice of how they wanted it to look, not really a case of ineptness). It's not a fast-paced film, but it works for the better this way, and believe me... there's one scene that will take you by surprise. Unexpected, and so bloody and so brutal, it'll have you hit that rewind button on your remote. Maybe the film will play out, in the end, just like you'd expect it to. Or maybe not. I just hope it won't disappoint you at any rate. Just go rent it. It's much better than most of the direct-to-DVD stuff coming out these days. I'm always sad when a film like this doesn't make it to theaters in our country (but it's also obvious that it doesn't stand a chance over here). This just got me thinking of David Fincher's "Panic Room", actually, because of its similar setting. "Panic Room" did get a theatrical release over here, naturally, and I hold "100 Feet" about on par with it (well, maybe not exactly on par as a film, but as a "horror equivalent", yes). So you just decide for yourself whether you think you're going to like this film or not.
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Best Ghost Story in Years
andyrose_tx16 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This was, bar none, the best ghost story in years. Famke Janssen and Bobby Cannavale were phenomenal. Famke was able to pull off every aspect and every emotion of the role. I've seen her now in Taken and 100 Feet and completely impressed by her acting ability.

The ONE death scene in the film was incredibly well done. The special f/x were phenomenal from blood to breaking bones to complete and total contortions of the human body. The CG'ed Michael Pare as the ghost of Michael was incredibly well done.

Technically the film scores well in my book. It's well shot, lighting is beautiful, and the score adds to the mood to build suspense incredibly This is a must see film for the horror fan. It really is quite terrifying.
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Strongly recommended to watch
theflautist8231 October 2008
I don't like American horror films (japanese either) normally because i personally find stupid that a ghost can do more than alive. So what! Am i gonna have ultra mega special powers like Mr. Petrelli moving furnitures, becoming invisible, being everywhere at the same time, having 1000 horse power and flying, after i am dead? Especially in my religion ghosts are less powerful than humans. Anyway: this film is a little bit different from other bunch of horror films. It is worth to watch it. Here again, a simple husband ghost has God's power but you will never be able to expect to find a weak wife here. :) The girl took my applaud for the first time after i watched scaring and running silly girls in other films. She is decicive, cool and sure. Also, i like the way the story proceeds. You will never get bored. Take popcorns and a drink and watch it one breath.
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Some ghosts need to learn the power of subtlety
eddax16 February 2010
It's an interesting premise to build around - a woman who's under house arrest for the self-defensive killing of her abusive husband is haunted by his just-as-abusive ghost - but it's also a tough premise to work with, since the movie takes place in just one small set. I don't think the director was quite up to the task. While the movie wasn't boring, I didn't get much feeling of suspense from it either, perhaps because the ghost decided to terrorize by violent means instead of scaring her outta her wits. Some ghosts need to learn the power of subtlety.

The characters could've been done better as well. Famke Janssen's was a tad too bitchy and Bobby Cannavale's flip-flopping cop was just plain annoying.
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Very uneven but enjoyable
chrichtonsworld30 January 2010
This movie has more than enough scares and surprises to please the average viewer. Only it could have been so much more. The whole house arrest premise in combination with the (minimal) background story showed promise for a chilling setup. And the movie starts out good in building up suspense. But out of the blue the movie went from subtle to outright ridiculous where it almost changed this serious movie into a slapstick comedy. And then it switched back to subtle again. There are only a few moments where the electronic ankle bracelet is truly a handicap.(Personally I think it was an advantage because she could alert the police much more faster than normally possible.) "Disturbia" did a much better job in demonstrating how annoying it was to have such a bracelet. The second thing that I missed in this movie was a decent back story on Famke's character. Almost everybody thought that she was a bad person even when it comes to light that she was being abused by her husband. It would have made more sense to show some flashbacks on his behavior in order to make her more likable. But this credit has to go to Famke Janssen only because she manages to invoke sympathy even when she is supposed to portray this stone cold tough chick. To me the climax was very disappointing. Since I was hoping for some wonderful twist that could have explained the subtle buildup of tension and suspense that was buried in the usual over the top special effects extravaganza used in American horror movies nowadays. This twist never comes. Overall this movie is quite enjoyable,only don't expect to be really surprised in the end.
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That thing in Donald Trump's head is scary...this isn't.
mr_popcorn8 December 2008
The movie had potential but as it goes on and the story unfolds, it tends to be a bit tiresome and the scares and the chills just wasn't there. The supposed ghost of the husband of Famke's character, Marnie didn't deliver the thrills. I've seen much more scarier things in real life than a CGI concocted vague image of some rotten dude trying to kill his wife. Another thing that seemed a bit odd was the premise of a ghost that can physically hurt and in Ed Westwick's case, kill a human being. Now, I'm not into the whole supernatural thing but I'm pretty sure ghosts can't do that. They're dead, they can't kill people when they're dead, that's just silly. Famke Janssen, from a big-budgeted film X-Men playing an iconic comic book character has been reduced to playing battered housewives in low budgeted horror movies. Such a shame really.
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Highly Recommended for Fans of Ghost Story
claudio_carvalho7 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After seven years and fifty-two days in prison, Marnie Watson (Famke Janssen) returns to her old house in Brooklyn, New York, under the house arrest condition for the next six months. Marnie was sentenced for killing her abusive and brutal husband, the policeman Mike Watson (Michael Paré), in self-defense and she must wear an electronic brace around her ankle that allows her to move in a 100-foot radius in the house during her probation. Mike's former partner Shanks (Bobby Cannavale) takes Marnie under his custody, stalking her from his car, expecting her to violate the limits of the electronic device and send her back to prison. Sooner Marnie discovers that she is trapped in the house with the fiend of Mike that has not moved on and is still in the house seeking revenge against her.

I am a big fan of horror movies and Famke Janssen, and "100 Feet" was a great surprise for me. This ghost story has an original theatrical screenplay supported by the acting of this gorgeous Dutch actress and some decent special effects. I believe that fans of this genre will not be disappointed with the plot. My only negative remark is with the bad conclusion, with the explosion of the ghost and Marnie able to leave her place without any money, documentation or friends and her picture on the front page of the news, but traveling somewhere by bus. She had only six months sentence to be a free woman; Shanks could help her during the rest of her probation; and her house might have an insurance policy. This good movie deserved an alternative ending. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Refém do Espírito" ("Hostage of the Spirit")
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Builds Up Only to Crash
sashank_kini-110 November 2011
100 Feet fortunately is not about a psychopath who stores severed feet from dead bodies (remember Rob Zombie's 'House of 1000 Corpses'. It has a fresh plot, slightly misogynistic about a woman in her forties who has been put under house arrest for murdering her abusive, violent husband in self-defense and has to stay within the limit of 100 feet, otherwise an ankle bracelet and her life 'beeped' up. Not only is the woman alienated by her friends, but she also is now haunted by the ghost of her husband.

The movie has a relatively unknown cast with Famke Jannsen playing the lead role of Marnie. The supporting cast includes Bobby Cannavale as Shanks, Ed Westwick and Michael Paré. The beginning shot consists of Marnie being let out of prison and being escorted to her house by officer Shanks (Cannavale). In the second shot, her conditions of living are placed and here I would mention one thing- anyone who's about to wear an ankle bracelet in future like Marnie or Lindsay Lohan should watch this movie as they would know everything about how the contraption works.

The acting seems competent for a horror movie till then. Then, for some odd reason, Marnie goes ghetto when tentatively when she talks to another inmate on the phone. Reverting back to her normal tone after that, she starts her now, enclosed life here, devoid of fun, pleasure, love. She also encounters a vagabond, her spiteful sister, a nice-guy (way younger than her) named Joey and the ghost of her husband. Things are a bit slow as the movie gives more-than-required time to listless conversations and encounters. Then the husband comes to create chaos in her mundane life till she decides to not be a victim and face her ghost-husband.

100 steps is pretty decent compared to horror duds like Wishmaster, House of 1000 Corpes and Grudge but it flounders when it has to deliver. This is because of the time wasted in establishing characters and situations that have no connection to the ending (a downer) like-

1) The vagabond at the beginning of the movie seemed to have had a peaceful existence.

2) The sister's conversation which seems stretched and redundant as her sister never shows up later.

3) The bag of money found by Marnie could have had some deeper relationship with her late husband and his behavior towards her. It could've added an angle to the ending (like the husband had committed some fraud and lost his balance because of that or some silly conspiracy which is revealed towards the end)

4) The Priest isn't very helpful either, right?

Had the director interconnected all these points and given a different ending, this film would've got a better response. But its final minutes are insipid, boring and slow. In fact, I felt the director had a nice premise in mind but seemed to have been clueless about the ending and therefore created a messy and noisy ruckus.

Another aspect which made me uncomfortable was Marnie's flirtatious overtures towards Joey right from the beginning. It was odd to see her blushing and biting her lips because he looked like a kid in front of her. Ed Westwick is fine though.

The performances are the high points, especially when compared to those in Nightmare of Elm Street, Wishmaster and the recent debacle Human Centipede. The writing was sloppy at times, almost becoming silly during the phone conversation between Marnie and the inmate and when Marnie screams at her ghost husband. The movie could have scared me had it relied not only on jump sequences but also on 'tension' scenes (don't know the term- I mean the scenes where characters fear they may be attacked and the mood becomes unnerving). Also, the gory sequences were somewhat incongruous with the lack of blood in the first half- which relied on jump sequences.

The movie stumbles badly towards the end and is devoid of punch. This was when I was sorely disappointed with the otherwise decent movie. My rating would have been a six out of ten but I shall go with 5.
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