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  • It is a quite common thing that movies from Asia are altered before they are released internationally, quite often some of the storyline is missing afterwards. The International Version of The Good, The Bad, The Weird is about 5 minutes shorter than the original, but there are also some new scenes in it. It is especially striking that the Korean Version tells more about the resistance and, consecutively, the historical background, the other remarkable thing is the alternative ending. The International Version does not make it clear who won the showdown and how the story continues, the Korean Version, however, adds two scenes in which the protagonists appear and a salute to A Fistful of Dollars can be be found. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The UK DVD includes the international version of the movie which is about 5 minutes shorter than the Korean version. Additionally, three scenes had to be removed following the Cinematograph Films (Animals) Act from 1937. Edit (Coming Soon)


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