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25 Jan. 2017
Hey, That's My Monster
When Ethan looks under the bed for his monster, he finds this note instead: "So long, kid. Gotta go. Someone needs me more than you do. -Gabe" How will Ethan ever get to sleep without his monster's familiar, comforting snorts?
1 Feb. 2017
As Fast As Words Could Fly
Young Mason Steele takes pride in turning his father's excited ramblings about the latest civil rights incidents into handwritten business letters. One day Pa comes home with a gift from his civil rights group: a typewriter. Thrilled with the present, Mason spends all his spare time teaching himself to type. Soon he knows where every letter on the keyboard is located. When the civil rights group wins a school desegregation case, Mason learns that now he will be attending a formerly all-white high school. Despite his fears and injustice from the students and faculty, ...
27 Feb. 2017
The House That Jane Built
This is the story of Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, who transformed a poor neighborhood in Chicago by opening up her house as a community center.
14 Apr. 2017
Rent Party Jazz
Sonny and his mother are scraping by to pay their rent. One day Sonny meets Smilin' Jack, a jazz musician who offers to play at a party at Sonny's house to help raise money for the rent.
30 May 2017
Clark the Shark
Clark loves life, but when his enthusiasm is too much for his friends, Clark's teacher, Mrs. Inkydink, helps him figure out a way to tone it down.
12 Sep. 2017
Please Please the Bees
Every morning Benedict wakes up to find jars of fresh honey on his back porch. But one day, the jars on Benedict's porch are empty. The bees in his backyard have gone on strike.
1 Oct. 2017
Mice Twice
Cat and Miss Mouse become involved in a round of uneasy hospitality when Miss Mouse accepts Cat's dinner invitation.
6 Nov. 2017
Here Comes the Garbage Barge
Before everyone recycled...there was a town that had 3,168 tons of garbage and nowhere to put it. What did they do? Enter the Garbage Barge.
5 Dec. 2017
The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake
When crime happens on Ed's farm, Wilcox and Griswold, mouse crime fighters and food detectives, are the animals to call. When Miss Rabbit's carrot cake goes missing, they do what it takes to track down the thieves.

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