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(2007 Video)

Michael Yama: Ancient One



  • Ancient One : You can only heal the wounds of the flesh once you have healed the wounds of the soul.

  • Ancient One : Love, loss, pain. They are stones in the wall that block your path, Stephen.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : What? Are you... Are you really here?

    Ancient One : See the wall for what it is, and then tear it down, for the truth is waiting.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : What truth?

    Ancient One : That your sister could not be saved.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : How can you say that? She died on *my* table! She trusted me!

    Ancient One : You are a natural healer, Stephen, but not all lives are destined to be saved. It was out of your hands.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : I don't believe that.

    Ancient One : And that is what has chained you to this place. Accept the truth... and break free. You stand at the foot of the wall. What is your next move?

  • Dr. Stephen Strange : You want me to scrub the floor?

    Ancient One : I would do it, but I am an old man.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : I don't understand... How am I supposed to hold the brushes?

    Ancient One : That is between you and the brushes.

  • Ancient One : Matter is energy which is all around us. Sorcery is simply the art of wielding that energy.

  • Ancient One : You have lost sight of our purpose, Mordo. You focus only on the battle, but we are protectors, not warriors.

    Mordo : Yet we fight a war, so perhaps a warrior should take the lead.

  • Wong : [on Dr Strange]  You helped him?

    Ancient One : Just a little.

  • Dr. Stephen Strange : Spiritual guidance? That's what you're offering me? But he told me you could fix my hands.

    Ancient One : I cannot, for the cure you seek is within you.

    Dr. Stephen Strange : I don't understand.

    Ancient One : Then you have made this journey in vain.

  • Dr. Stephen Strange : How do you do these things?

    Ancient One : By learning to accept the unacceptable.

  • Ancient One : The space we occupy here on Earth is shared by many others. Entire worlds. We are not aware of them for they exist in separate dimensions. However, each dimension has a gateway, one that leads only to this place: the Sanctum Sanctorum. It is called the Nexus. The center of all other dimensions. As sorcerers, it has become our duty to defend it.

  • Ancient One : So many innocent lives and four of our own. Our brothers, our sisters, their bodies lie at your feet, Mordo!

    Mordo : We were victorious. The Chinou were slain and the Sanctum was defended. I regret nothing.

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