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Season 1

4 Mar. 2008
Amsterdam is in charge of the investigation of a shooting death of a young woman and meets his newly assigned partner, Eva Marquez. Suspects in the death include the woman's current boyfriend, her ex-boyfriend (the son of a wealthy developer) and the developer himself.
6 Mar. 2008
Golden Boy
Amsterdam and Eva investigate the murder of a student at a prestigious New York City private school.
10 Mar. 2008
Soldier's Heart
In the present, John investigates a Gulf War veteran with PTSD accused of murdering his therapist. In the past, he is a civil war surgeon with a similar patient. He finally meets Dr. Dillane, but finds out she is married.
17 Mar. 2008
John sees similarities between the brutal rape and death of a nun and several other rapes and a case in the Bronx from the early 1800's. Meanwhile, John continues to pursue Sarah.
24 Mar. 2008
Keep the Change
Amsterdam investigates a homeless man's death outside of a new homeless shelter.
31 Mar. 2008
John and Eva investigate the murder of a bullet-ridden body but the body looks eerily similar to Amsterdam's lost son from the 1900s, Roosevelt. Further investigation identifies the body to be that of Alex Spoor leading John to the Spoors, a notorious crime family which was led by Theo Spoor, one of Roosevelt's descendants, and now headed by his son Nicolas.
7 Apr. 2008
John's first homicide partner Andy Gleason contacts John and tells him he is dying of leukemia brought on by lead poisoning from a bullet fired by an unseen shooter three years previously. He asks John to bring his killer to justice, because of his weakened condition he can't do it himself. The investigation brings John in contact with the Viktor Brodsky and his Russian Mafia gang while he flashes back to how he got started as a police detective. Meanwhile, John becomes closer to Sarah but on their way home he is shot by an assailant.
14 Apr. 2008
Love Hurts
John recovers fast from his gunshot attack and is quick to go back to work despite Sarah trying to get him to go with her to Montauk. Eva investigates the case of a woman who apparently drowned. The investigation leads to robberies of wealthy men linked to a dating service. Meanwhile, John looks back at his life in the 1920s, when he committed fraud and stole an expensive diamond pendant from his lover. Elsewhere, John wants to be sure if Sara is his true love. But when Omar points out that John is still immortal, he begins to wonder if she truly is the one. and ...

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