"Spellbinder" Clowning Around (TV Episode 1997) Poster

(TV Series)


Zbych Trofimiuk: Paul


  • [the phone in Ashka's hotel room rings and she picks up the receiver] 

    Ashka : Yes?

    Paul : Ashka, this is Paul.

    Ashka : How did you know I was here?

    Paul : This is my world, remember?

  • [Paul discovers that Katrina was unwittingly helping Ashka] 

    Paul : Why didn't you tell me about her, Katrina?

    Katrina : You were too busy following her around with those stupid detectors. At least I found her.

    Paul : Well sure. You found her and she sucked you right in. You think you're so clever. Now she's gone and she can do anything.

    Alex : Paul!

    Paul : Stay out of this, Alex.

    [to Katrina] 

    Paul : This is all your fault!

    Katrina : My fault? You were the one who got us into this mess in the first place! All I've been doing is trying to help.

    [runs out in tears] 

    Alex : I think you went a bit far, buddy.

    Paul : It is her fault.

    Alex : Yeah? Look, if it wasn't for Katrina, you'd still be stuck in Spellbinder world. Think about that.

  • Paul : How can you be one of the world's top scientists and not be able to follow a simple recipe?

    Brian : I don't do things the way they're supposed to be done. That's why I'm so successful.

    Paul : And such a lousy cook.

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