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Season 5

16 Mar. 2012
The Anti-Social Network
Mary sees whether she can balance motherhood with a demanding profession and a dysfunctional home life, or if she will put her baby up for adoption.
23 Mar. 2012
Four Marshals and a Baby
Mary brings the baby to work when she can't find anyone to take care of her. And things are hectic. One of her witnesses, Beth thinks that her landlord is out to get her. Marshall has to deal with a female inmate who's a racist who's being threatened by every minority in the prison. Mashall tries to tell her to tone down her attitude but she's proud of who she is. And Carlos calls Mary telling her he's having another of his visions. And Stan learns from the Assistant Director that someone is thinking of shutting down the New Mexico office. And she's willing to keep it...
30 Mar. 2012
Reservations, I've Got a Few
A former Navy SEAL who now works for an Indonesian warlord, is arrested when he poses as an FBI agent to track down someone the warlord wants dead. He's taken to WITSEC and is at first reluctant to accept because the man he works for and his partner, Bo will make sure he doesn't talk. He asks to go outside so Marshall takes him to the roof and he jumps down and escapes in Delia's car. They find the car just outside an Indian reservation, where they don't have any authority. But Mary and Marshall enter anyway. But a reservation cop finds them and tells they have to ...
6 Apr. 2012
The Merry Wives of Witsec
A man who sells pharmaceuticals to doctors, witnesses one of his clients, do something illegal. So he testifies and enters WITSEC along with his family. His daughter who plays lacrosse is told she has to stop because she was so good that they could be discovered and her whole family could be placed in jeopardy. A few months in, Mary and Marshall learn the man is seeing another woman, they learn that she's also his wife. She's allowed into WITSEC but she has to be told about her husband's other family and vice versa and that's when things get messed up. And his ...
13 Apr. 2012
Drag Me to Hell
Mary tries to protect a performing drag queen who can't seem to keep himself off the stage.
20 Apr. 2012
The Medal of Mary
After being on the run from the FBI for three decades, Mary's father is finally in custody, but he wants to make a deal to protect his family.
27 Apr. 2012
Sacrificial Lam
While under FBI investigation, Mary must slip her tail, and then find and re-apprehend her father.
4 May 2012
All's Well That Ends
Mary is trying to figure out what to do with her father's remains. Jinx and Brandy who is pregnant show up. Jinx wants to have a memorial for Mary's father but Mary wonders why; it's not like there are people who knew him fondly. And with Marshall and Abigail's wedding approaching but Marshall is spending a lot of time with Mary, helping her. Abigail wants him to be honest about his feelings for Mary. So he tries to talk to Mary but she's very busy with what to do with her father and the memorial, and she has a new witness, a teen age model whom she expects to be ...

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