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The Features that Fan's Love, By the One and Only Mr. Salad
Mr_Salad22 January 2007
Listen up fan's, if you loved burnout 3: Takedown (which i'm sure you did), this game will "drive" you crazy... excuse the pun. This game has some awesome new features, modes, and some needed upgrades. Like all games there's some negatives; see below for a list of Pros and Cons =>>Pros: Improved graphics and pace, well-needed upgrades to game-play mechanics, short learning curve (10 mins for vets & 25 for newbies), Great multi-player, multi-system, rewards + secrets add to the replay value, and a very good ranking system.

=>>Cons: Music could have been less Emo, every once-in-awhile you'll fall through the graphics, a short slow-mo effect (only on you) after some crashes, no more fire trucks + semi's in crash, in two player you may end up breaking a controller over a friends knee.
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Want to know if you'll enjoy this game? Well the appeal is literally summed up on the box art
WakenPayne3 November 2014
I am not kidding when I say the Australian cover at least has by far the best box art to any game I have seen in terms of summing up it's appeal. This review is going to be kept as short as possible but believe me when I say that this plot less racing game will have your inner 6 year old scream out in absolute joy. Why? Well it's a racing game where you can be as dirty as you want on the track. Literally you can crash other cars, have cars in traffic crash into the same people and do it while speeding along highways at 200mph. This game is solely for the people who's sole reason to watching any race is to see the cars crash... Guys, you know who you are. All I have to say is if you want to crash cars every few seconds (there is literally a mode where you are meant to speed into an intersection, crashing into as many cars as possible causing millions of dollars in property damages).

So the best way I can describe it is it's the "Mortal Kombat" of racing games.
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