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Frank Atwood: [lovers' murmuring, off-screen] Oh, come on. Yes, you did. You know it.


Kaitlin Cooper: [entering the kitchen, interrupting them] Oh, my God.

Julie Cooper: [they had been cuddling] Oh, hi, honey. Sorry, I didn't hear you coming down.

Kaitlin Cooper: [at refrigerator] Look, Mom, do you mind? I still have to eat in here.

Julie Cooper: What can I get you? You want some scrambled eggs? Or I can whip up some pancakes.

Frank Atwood: [soft, loving whisper to Julie] You cook too? That's amazing.

Julie Cooper: Oh, it's just a talent I have.

Frank Atwood: [full of innuendo] Yeah, one of many.

Kaitlin Cooper: [morosely] I'm seriously never gonna stop barfing.

Julie Cooper: Kaitlin, don't be gross.

Kaitlin Cooper: Me, gross? What's gross is Frank's dirty, grimy convict bag sitting there on the counter. I mean, what, did the warden give it to you as a going-away present?

Julie Cooper: [sternly] Kaitlin - -!

Frank Atwood: It's okay, it's okay. It shouldn't be on the counter.

[puts it on the floor]

Frank Atwood: Though I actually got it at REI.

Kaitlin Cooper: Well, why bother with a bag? You can just as well move in. You spend enough time here anyway.

Julie Cooper: [insistent] Young lady, apologize!

Kaitlin Cooper: [smirking] I'm sorry, Frank. Feel free to have as many conjugal visits as you'd like.

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Taylor Townsend: [lying on her tummy on the bed, legs drawn back, barefoot, talking on the phone to psychic hotline] Ooh what? The Hermit? My soul card is The Hermit? Are you kidding me?

[accepting defeat]

Taylor Townsend: Okay, Esmeralda, I have to go. I'll call you next year.

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