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MPAA Rated R for disturbing brutal violence, aberrant sexual content and some graphic nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A prostitute lets a man into her home. He forces her onto her bed and exposes her bare butt, proceeding to whip it repeatedly with his belt. She screams in pain, but eventually seems to be enjoying it. The two then embrace and have sex.
  • There is a number of scenes involving the characters mentioned above having sex. There is partial breast nudity, although no nipples are visible. There is some lower back and rear nudity, although no frontal nudity. These scenes are generally filmed in close-up of the characters' heads and shoulders. They kiss and moan throughout. In one of these scenes, the man has tightened his belt around the woman's neck; she appears to be enjoying this.
  • A brief flashback references to child sexual abuse - a young girl is shown to have a pained expression on her face. An adolescent boy approaches a barn, in which he observes with shock what appears to be another adolescent boy on top of this girl. The scene is undetailed although not especially unambiguous and quite disturbing.
  • A man places his hand on his partner's pants and pulls her on top of him. She straddles him (both are fully clothed) and touches his genital region over his trousers. He is distracted and thus unaroused, so she pulls down his trousers and proceeds to perform oral sex on him. However, she soon spits at him, having discovered from the taste of his penis that he has been having sex with another woman. They rise, arguing, and his trousers are still unbuttoned. There is potentially some partial frontal nudity from the man here, although the scene is darkly lit and this may just have been an illusion.
  • A couple undress and have sex. Her breasts are briefly seen, although the scene is darkly lit. The majority of this scene focuses on the characters' heads and shoulders, although there is a shot of thrusting in close-up, with leg, hip and partial rear nudity.
  • A man finds long-forgotten black-and-white pictures of a bruised and cut woman in the nude, hidden inside his Bible. There is breast nudity and graphic close-ups of both her rear and her vagina and anus, although the images are not very clear. These are images of sexualised violence.
  • A young woman shows a young boy bruises and cuts which his father had given her. She is proud of them and he is impressed. At one point, she lies on a bed, exposing her heavily bruised rear. She slaps it and asks who we assume to be this young boy to slap it too.
  • In another scene the female character who was in love with him was in the bed on her stomach, her ass was clearly shown while he keeps spanking her for 3 to 4 times and she moans with pleasure.
  • In another scene which I don't want to spoil, the character urinates on herself.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman slaps a man in the face a number of times.
  • A man brutally whips a woman's naked rear. She screams in pain but eventually seems to be enjoying it.
  • A man burns another man's hand with his lit cigar end.
  • A man is known to have died having fallen to his death on a construction site.
  • A woman has a belt tightened around her neck during sex.
  • A man insists on beating his lover to death. He initally slaps her in the face before punching her nose. He then proceeds to punch her so hard she is thrown to the wall and onto the floor. Then, he punches her repeatedly and with such brutality that she falls unconscious, her face mutilated and soaked in blood, highly swollen. Throughout the scene, she makes no effort to defend herself and appears to thoroughly understand her attacker as he tells her that he loves her and that he is sorry.
  • A man comes across the beaten body of the above-mentioned woman. The attacker then shoots the man 4 times, with blood and matter splattering onto a mattress behind him. He then wipes the gun, and puts it in the hand of the woman.
  • A young man is known to have hanged himself having been framed for double murder.
  • A woman is punched so hard that she falls to the ground. She is then kicked so hard that she urinates from pain before dying.
  • A man holds a knife, with possible intent to commit a crime with it. He is seen wielding it at another man and then chasing after him with it. Later, he is seen in a clearly depressed mood, playing with the knife.
  • A man slips on a wet floor and lands on his back.
  • A man being framed for murder after witnessing the above attack is shot in the back twice with a rifle (blood spurts.) The murderer then comes and punches him in the face repeatedly.
  • A man is known to have shot himself.
  • A man has a gun held to his head.
  • Some men are shown approaching a house wielding guns.
  • A woman is shown to have suffered massive facial injuries as she has a disfigured face.
  • An embracing woman and man are shot just as he stabs her (below-shot) in the abdomen. Blood sprays are evident coming from his back. During this, the house in which they are situated goes up in flames.


  • Infrequent uses of terms such as 'damn' and 'bastard'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Characters are frequently shown to be drinking and smoking, both cigarettes and cigars. These actions are neither glamorised nor condemned; however, one character drinks very much during the film - he is drunk on at least one occasion and is presumed to be an alcoholic. There is no drug use.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film is about a psychopathic killer, and thus the tone throughout is dark and intense.
  • Later scenes show a character slipping further and further into insanity. These might be distressing for some.
  • Flashbacks to a character's childhood show some detail of child sexual abuse, which might be quite disturbing for some.
  • Two scenes show intense and uncompromising violence towards women in a manner which is most uncommon in cinema. These are highly, highly disturbing and are likely to provoke walk-outs in some theatres.

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