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Season 7

25 Feb. 2016
The search for teenager Lotte Peeters was ceased years ago, without her corpse, after her lover confessed murdering her. It's reopened now her backpack turns up in a pawnshop, delivered by a suspiciously resembling girl. The team finds the recanted confession prevented thorough investigation of alternatives, which are now pursued, yielding alternative suspects and motives.
3 Mar. 2016
Michael Van Acker takes it very personally when his ex-con big brother Joeri, allegedly a reformed ex-junkie and ex-mall dealer, is reported missing two days by the unmarried mother of his son Liam. She ignored how his business endeavor to run a gym went disastrously wrong, causing debt he couldn't handle without relapsing in the drug business. Michael is tormented by conflicting procedure, fraternal loyalty to the brave knave who protected him against their abuse father and his own family.
10 Mar. 2016
Model pupil Louic is reported missing by his doting parents Johan and Els Cools. They can't imagine their darling and pride being in trouble, but each confess having known some secrets, like a mild drunk fight and a girl friend who broke contact abruptly, while his computer shows he lost a pretty penny on Internet poker. After his mountain-bike is found abandoned way off his route home, two trails come together suggesting a criminal tragedy.
17 Mar. 2016
Idle socialite (Franc)Siska Debaere goes missing after another wild party after her car is hit, the driver hospitalized. She was addicted, received 'routine' hate mail, stalked and blackmailed married ex Nahim Bensalem. The team takes an interest at a generous donation she made for a child with a (yet not so) rare disease, and a morbid tele-voting is posted on Internet.
24 Mar. 2016
Teenage Hanna Devolder and her devoted father Laurent are reported missing by her step-mother. By the time her corpse in found in a wood, the team works out she was tricked by Thibaut, the handsome president of the mixed student club she wanted to join, and her shy, fat mate Dries, into a 'private hazing' turning into a pig-masked orgy. Laurent remains missing and is deemed a danger to himself and others.
31 Mar. 2016
Teenager violinist prodigy Dimi is reported missing by his Russian self-exiled parents, career-obsessed Anka and indulgent ex-con businessman Boris. Devoted manager Wim Van Damme admits his brat daughter Margot, a student who seduced the knave and is found to have reverted into pills addiction, may have ran away with Dimi. indeed, the couple robbed a pharmacy, planning a fugue to Spain. Boris's failed attempt to hide calls from a fellow Russian ex-con also puts the team o the trace of the mysterious 'stalker' whose last letter was the only one kept by Dimi: his ...
7 Apr. 2016
UFO-believer Jasper is missing from his blacked-out apartment, littered with x-rays. The team learns he believes in alien abductions and tried to 'protect' young neighborhood boy Arthur, which pissed off the father. His medical record proves interesting.

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