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21 Sep. 1977
Professional Foul
Professor Anderson attends a conference in Prague, but what he really wants to do is attend a football match. Then he meets a former student unexpectedly, and must consider putting his philosophical ideas into practice.
28 Sep. 1977
In the 1920s, Michael Arlen was one of the most popular and acclaimed writers in the world, but he mysteriously stopped writing altogether. His son tries to work out why this was.
12 Oct. 1977
The Sinking of HMS Victoria
Dramatization of events surrounding the loss of the turret ship HMS Victoria during fleet exercises off Tripoli on June 22, 1893.
19 Oct. 1977
True Patriot
A biographical play about the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose opposition to Adolf Hitler led to his involvement in an assassination plot.
2 Nov. 1977
The Kitchen
A busy day in the kitchen of a great hotel.
16 Nov. 1977
Arnhem: The Story of an Escape
Graeme Warrack was Divisional Chief Doctor of the 1st Airborne Division at the Battle of Arnhem in September 1944. With other doctors, medical personnel and padres, he stayed behind with the wounded. The first improvised hospital was a German-occupied Dutch military barracks at Apeldoorn. From here, the wounded were transported to prisoner of war camps in Germany. As the last of the wounded left, Colonel Warrack escaped.

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