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Awesome Show
mav12822 February 2008
This was simply a great show. I glanced through some of the many comments which savage this show, and frankly, I don't really get it. This program has a typical sci fi premise, with the twist of adding a slick, insidious dictator along the lines of a self righteous Ayn Rand villain. The special effects and action are a bit cheesy, but the show play it tongue in cheek ("laser whip, really?"). The plot and character interaction steadily improves throughout the show and Flash's allies on Mongo are portrayed as a lesser of two evils instead of being self righteous freedom fighters. Each of the individual cantons has a unique look and culture. The plot steadily builds and the final five episodes are amazing: inevitable, yet soundly executed. Man, I really have no ides why people did not love this show.
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Don't Be Hatin' Flash Gordon
xaos293 November 2007
I've read the reviews, and I know my opinion is unpopular. So, in my honest opinion, the new Flash Gordon is a good adventure series and not unlike the original Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers, Hercules, Firefly, or any other tongue-in-cheek adventure show. The new Battlestar Galactica is a drama set in a Sci Fi universe, but it takes itself too seriously for my taste. Don't get me wrong, the new BG is good, but I prefer shows like the new Flash Gordon over it.

I've read the venomous barbs attacking the show and I don't want any part of that: suffice it to say "to each his own". I guess what I'm saying is I prefer the Fantasy-side of Sci Fi over the drama-side, but that does not mean I'm any less of a fan of Sci-Fi. From my perspective,FG is a good effort and the Sci Fi channel ought to be lauded for such a brave endeavor, but like the Dresden Files, Flash Gordon will most likely be canceled.
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It's really not that bad...
jenn_gunn29 October 2007
This show appeals to a certain type of audience - it's not particularly clever but it's enjoyable to watch if not taken so seriously.

This is one of those shows that will age well given time - it feels like the actors/writers haven't quite settled into the show yet. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a disastrous first season with terrible, cheesy writing, low brow plot lines and terrible acting... yet it went on to have a huge cult following and seven seasons. I think this series deserves a chance.

The characters are endearing and it has a clear direction that I'm interested in. I hope we see a second season.
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SciFi Channel sucks the soul out of Science Fiction again.
Vang12 August 2007
I guess I shouldn't be surprised, SciFi Channel hasn't done science fiction since they took the 4th Season option to cancel Farscape. But I digress.

First off, if you went into this expecting to hear shades of the 1980 movie's Queen soundtrack, you're going to be disappointed. The opening theme wasn't that bad (it actually has a lot of potential), but the rest of the soundtrack is a letdown. Typical canned music that one would expect if Hollywood ever made a porn movie. If SciFi Channel was going to remix the original Flash Gordon song for their trailers, you would think that it would show up somewhere in the series.

The music isn't the major letdown, however. It's the completely soulless "re-imagination" of a science fiction classic that dumps just about everything that made Flash Gordon - from the original comics, serials, animated series, and movie - so great. About the only thing that carried over was character and planet names. I'm sorry, but it's going to take more than that to make an interesting series. If the comics could be "re-imagined" into the Buster Crabbe serials, and the serials into the animated series, and all of that into the 1980 movie while still keeping the whole Flash Gordon spirit, how hard would it be to make a TV series that can do the same?

The characters lack any character. Between the bad acting and the poor writing, it is impossible to find a character that isn't boring, or even likable. The actors are 20/30 somethings and few of them are well known. Probably because SciFi Channel decided to save on money by hiring their usual low grade, pretty face talent Maybe if the writing hadn't been done by committee it would seem less like "Dawson's Creek in Space", but I doubt it. I can understand the whole "Sliders Rift Thing" as a convention for the characters getting to Mongo - interstellar flight isn't possible for Earth when this series is set and most viewers realize this - but overall there isn't much innovation. Perhaps SciFi Channel should learn to develop their imagination before trying to "re-imagine" any other series.

Final thought: I thought that CBS' "re-imagination" of Kolchak the Nightstalker was the worst remake ever. SciFi Channel has proved me wrong once again.
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Horrible writing and poor acting = CRAP
Animus13 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
OK i just watched the pilot for FLASH GORDON. Oy. This was bad TV. Problems.... SPOILERS AHEAD not that I think anyone will care...

OK so now Flash is Stephen Gordon aka "Flash" because he runs marathons and wins medals for it. Medals he hangs on his fathers grave, medals which are still there 2 years later (it was the 3rd annual marathon he won in a row)... Dumb on 2 counts, obviously the leaving the medals and having them stay there for years is dumb but it shows that even 13 years after his father died, Flash has yet to move on. Don't get me wrong its good to honor the memory of lost parents and all, but I think our hero needs some counseling.

So then we get dimension rips or wormholes or whatever and out steps a heavily armored cyborg who is hunting the for something. He's able to understand our postal address system well enough to find the Gordon house using papa Gordon's drivers license and goes hunting for this Imex thing (which i kept thinking god why does it sound like I-Max). Hes got the ability to mind control Flash's mom but loses the fight to a reporter with a power cord and a big meat fork. At this point I figured out the missing thingamabob is in dad's old watch the one Flash has worn since his dad died, so much for secrecy.

Our reporter turns out to be smart enough to use power cords to create a dandy electrocution kit without causing massive damage to the house electrical system but doesn't understand the simple premise of a tracking device that beeps when pointed the right direction. GAH.

So now we track down goofy science guy living in the micro-Winnebago by looking up his college yearbook online..... WHAT? They just happened to have the address where he parks his van (down by the river?) and it's available online....

OK so now creepy science guy explains that ripping holes in the fabric of space-time is bad... But makes to effort to stop Flash and Dale from doing just that.

Boom! Hi there welcome to Mongo. A planet that should be a hotbed of tectonic activity with not just 2 moons but a whole other planet right next door in orbit. Mongo is a great place if you are the Emperor... You are the hero with the only source of clean water on the planet. Everyone else is just there to be serfs I guess.

Ming is no longer a deviant Chinese man who destroys whole worlds for fun, now hes a Tyrant who worries about public opinion and has trouble tracking down a missing watch on another planet despite the fact that he has the address of where it is located.

Cut to torture time with Flash, now they were going to map his brain to learn everything he knows.... But wait just then a woman bursts in and saves flash by shooting his torturer. Great she's obviously just a simple palace slave who wants to escape. A simple well dressed slave with excellent skin tone and makeup, forget that she has access to the torture room... oh and a gun... oh and she knows the layout and guard patrols.. oh and she knows all about the water purification area under the castle (which for something so massively important to planetary survival has no security or guards)... She also knows how the patrol craft operate and how to use a dimension ripper. FLASH YOU IDIOT!

So back home, yay! Lets rip some more holes... Bounty hunter time, another rip and look the bounty hunter is a hottie too.. no armor... one gun... ummm yeah, oh and she can drive stick, she can also find people with her vast psychic powers too i guess.. the same psychic powers that let the princess find her way from Dale's place to Flash's mother's home on pure instinct. I mean bad enough everyone speaks perfect English but they can also find one house out of a city without a map or a learner's permit.

Hey Flash the princess is here, shes got a gun and can recognize the I-mex immediately, even though its disguised and she doesn't know what a TV remote is or what the I-mex looks like. I mean she should have at least taken his cellphone too just in case IT was the I-mex.

You know if I had lost the sum of all knowledge in the universe I wouldn't wait 13 years to reclaim it. I also wouldn't send 1 guy with dubious combat skills. But thats just me.

Hey time to rip even MORE holes.. this was a bad thing right? Anyway the evil princess gets fooled into thinking the I-mex is destroyed, although your average street magician could have been more convincing, and we find out daddy is alive (DUH) and is hooked up to some computer... maybe the one that maps your brain and would have told the bad guys not only where to locate it but also which pizza places would have delivered to the house while you were there...

You know some shows have plot holes, some have major ones (Professor stop making radios out of coconuts and fix the 2 foot hole in the boat) and some just say "We didn't actually care enough to hire writers, we just strung together a series of scenes and called it a pilot, we figure sci-fi viewer are dumb enough to watch anything"

Sigh. I had hoped it would be good.
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Flash...okay, well he'll save a FEW of us.
Octavius_Chimera11 January 2008
I watched the pilot and, frankly, thought this series was plain bad. HOWEVER a funny thing happened over the months. Around October I tuned back in with a friend to show them how weak a show "Flash" was...turns out it was much better. Still not fantastic but watchable. Some of the characters were interesting, the plot was more action oriented and set on Mongo (rather than Flash's Mom's house). It made me re-evaluate it. Another few weeks passed and I tuned in again...turns out the show isn't that bad after all.

So the question begs itself, can you write off a show that starts poorly or should it be judged in its entirety? I think, all things considered, the show is better than it was and might well become a quality show. There are a few episodes left in the season so I'm adopting a wait and see attitude. But the most recent episodes are far better than previous ones and I think the show deserves a second season...assuming they up the budget and tweak the writing.
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A guilty pleasure.
maestro-1413 October 2007
I don't have any knowledge of the Flash Gordon franchise beyond the fact that it exists and that earlier works are apparently very different from this new series, so my opinion of the new series is based solely on what's presented there and not on the body of knowledge from the Flash Gordon universe at large. This is important because I think it's unfair to judge what's essentially a reboot of the franchise by comparing it to the history of the original incarnation(s). Battlestar Galactica fans made the same mistake before realizing what a complete gem the new series is.

OK, so this is no Battlestar Galactica. It's low-budget and goofy, and it's not particularly intelligent or emotionally deep. There's no arguing that.

But, who said it had to be the next great sci-fi series? Flash Gordon seems to be intended as silly, escapist fun, and I can't find any way in which it doesn't fulfill that role. The simple story lines are executed well with a good (if predictable) mix of drama and humor, and the characters are developed well enough to keep at least a passing interest, not to mention being easy on the eyes.

Flash Gordon reminds me a lot of Doctor Who mixed with a dash of Baywatch. I suspect that most viewers will enjoy it if they allow themselves to. I definitely do.

Not that I'd admit it to anyone. :)
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Slow start, but still decent!
fosthoff11 November 2007
Starting off, let me tell you that I've never seen any of the previous Flash series before, so that might explain my openness. Even so, I think that Flash Gordon is a decent TV series, not something to win major awards, but something to relax and unwind to on a Friday night. The plot follows Steven "Flash" Gordon (Eric Johnson) who along with his former girlfriend Dale (Gina Holden), eccentric scientist Hans Zarkov (Jody Racicot), and alien bounty hunter Baylin (Karen Cliché) travels between Earth and the alien world of Mongo with the help of dimensional rifts. While trying to find his long-lost father, he must foil the various plots of the evil dictator Ming (John Ralston) and is occasionally helped as well as hindered by Ming's haughty daughter, Aura (Anna van Hooft).

Eric Johnson takes most of the bizarre sights and activities that he sees with an "oooookaaay..." type of air which adds a humorous air to situations. Jody Racicot also does well as the extremely nervous Hans Zarkov (or "that strange fidgety little man", as Baylin calls him). Karen Cliché is easily one of the most enjoyable cast members, delivering humor with her confusion or lack of knowledge about human customs or lifestyles, however also is a tough woman with no problem punching someone in the face. Gina Holden is so-so, but she is not my favorite by far. While her connections to the media are used to introduce Mongo invaders to Flash and Co in the episodes, she herself unfortunately shares little chemistry with either Flash or her fiancé, Joe. Anna van Hooft is brilliant as Ming's stuck-up teenage daughter, disgusted with her father's actions yet caring enough not to wish for his own death (or the death of others). John Ralston portrays Ming the "Benevolent Father" as a more modern dictator, using the planet's limited water supply to control the population and insisting all the while that he loves the people.

The series has had a somewhat rocky, though adequate, start. By the episode Sorrow, the show has definitely started to introduce deeper subplots and better character development, paving the way for a better future.
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Flash Failure
SanitariumLXIX17 August 2007
High hopes turn into groaning frustration and confusion upon seeing the first (and unfortunately not the last) episode of the latest attempt to resurrect the popular hero.

One can forgive the poor acting given the see-and-say dialogue and poorly thought out story elements. However, if your expecting dazzling special effects and quality action to save the day, your better off watching a power point presentation at the office.

One more thing; Can Ming be any less intimidating? This version of Flash Gordon's nemesis has all the villainous charm of Bill Lumbergh from Office Space!
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If You Like Camp You Will Enjoy Flash Gordon
JSM158593 December 2007
Flash Gordon doesn't have the special effects that Battlestar Galactica has. It doesn't have such actors as Edward James Olmos. I want to be the first to tell you that's okay because Flash Gordon isn't trying to be like BSG. Flash Gordon is trying to be Flash Gordon, full of good campy fun, just with a little modern flavor. I like Flash Gordon because it doesn't take itself seriously, and that is what makes it enjoyable. If you want to spend an hour in front of the TV (45 minutes if you TIVO it and cut out the commercials) and you don't want to spend the whole time figuring out some intricate plot or learn the newest criminal investigation techniques, then watch Flash Gordon.

I will admit that I miss the intimidating version of Ming, especially when played by Max Von Sydow. This Ming doesn't have the bite, but he has a subdued ruthlessness (I know that sounds like an oxymoron). And I do have to say that I didn't care too much for the first episode. Still I decided to stick with it for a while and I am glad that I did. Now that the season is over I'm sure Sci Fi will play the entire season over again. So anyone who missed it can start all over. Just give it 2-3 episodes. It's won't kill you!
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Canceled just as it found its groove
VinnieRattolle30 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler-lite. 13 years before the series begins, Flash Gordon's scientist father vanishes in a lab fire. Now grown, marathon runner Flash encounters Dr. Gordon's jittery lab partner, Hans Zarkov, who clues him in to "rifts," which are portals to other universes -- on the other side of the rifts is planet Mongo, ravaged by drought and ruled by debonair but greedy and sadistic Ming, who plans to steal Earth's water. Soon Flash and ex- girlfriend/reporter Dale find themselves traveling back and forth to Mongo to search for Dr. Gordon, along with alien hunter Baylin, who sought refuge from Ming on Earth. Quickly Flash earns a word-of-mouth reputation in the foreign land for his bravery and willingness to fight for what's right, and he becomes a key player in a planet-wide movement to collapse Ming's corrupt empire.

The majority of the countless negative IMDb comments about this show were penned in August 2007, shortly after a butchered 1-part SciFi Channel edit of the longer 2-part pilot aired (seems the network wanted to sabotage it from the start). Thing is, this update is a series that plays better on DVD than it did over 6 months on the TV. Yes, there were some major problems in the beginning -- mainly cheap effects and an overtly comedic tone which permeated the first half of the series -- but they ironed out a lot of wrinkles as the season progressed and were well on their way to a great second year when the show was unceremoniously canceled. And aside from some major surface deviations with Ming (who's no longer an inhuman, politically incorrect Asian slur), they took the essences of the earlier incarnations and injected them into modern characters. (And yes, I'm a lifelong Flash fan, from Buster Crabbe to the porn spoof; from the Filmation cartoons to the campy 1980 DeLaurentis flick.)

The biggest problems were budgetary constraints which forced them to set the bulk of each of the early episodes on Earth with the gang having to fend off the alien-of-the-week. "Sliders" and "Stargate" comparisons were rampant and the backlash against the show was LOUD and immediate, which forced the network to give them some more money to work with. Unfortunately, the CGI team clearly wasn't given more funds but eventually they shifted the bulk of the episodes to Mongo (with plans to keep the characters stranded there for season 2) and phased out the characters of Joe, Dale's cop boyfriend (a character which was a bad decision from the get-go), and Nick, Flash's best friend. The alien-of-the-week had been tedious on a week-to-week basis, but it ultimately served as good framework, since it slowly established most of the characters who would go on to be pivotal in the overall season storyline.

Matter of fact, this was a character-driven show with a lot of development and character arcs. Eric Johnson exuded charisma as Flash, who went from being dumb jock to defender of the universe (or of Mongo, anyway). The prim and proper Dale got to kick ass a few times -- and even be slutty once when a evil witch stole her body. Ming, who showed some signs of real humanity when the show began, became more "merciless" as he found his empire drawing nearer to ruin. And Ming's daughter Aura, who began the show as a spoiled, bratty princess probably went through the biggest character arc of all. Also worth noting are the show's two original characters -- warrior Baylen and creepy, droid-ish scientist Rankol -- as both seemed to get more layered and intriguing with each passing episode.

It's a shame this show never recovered from the backlash against initial episodes (or from the childish, mob-like mentality of Sci-Fi viewers who trolled all of the message boards, making civilized discussion utterly impossible), but I commend the crew for getting it on track and telling a complete story by the finale - so few serialized shows get closure. If only fans and the network had stuck with it, the 2007 "Flash" could've gone on to become a show that was truly great. As is, it falls short of that, but it's a show with a lot of heart, humor, action and lovable characters. If you're willing to stick with it through the first 12 episodes, or if you like light, family-friendly "Xena" and "Hercules" type of fare, it's worth the $5 at Walmart for Mill Creek's complete series DVD release.
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New Flash is FUN - lighten up, kids
liquidtodd3 November 2007
Geez, reading all the negative comments on this board you would think that the old Flash Gordon TV shows weren't even more campy and far cheaper looking. In fact, has anybody here even SEEN the old shows? How anyone could say the new Flash Gordon. Flash Gordon has always been light and slightly goofy sci-fi fun. The special effects in the new show are decent and no one on the show seems to be taking it as seriously as the critics here seem to think it merits.

Let's face it. We're talking about freakin' FLASH GORDON here. This isn't Blade Runner for crissakes. If more of you could just take it for what it is instead of comparing it with the Flash of their youth (with all the warm glowing nostalgia) you might even enjoy yourselves. This is light entertainment, not cutting-edge science fiction drama. Lighten up, kids.
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Flash Gordon Pilot ...huh?
mckracken12 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Flash Gordon 90 minute Pilot: OK so the story so far is that when Flash is 10 years old, his father gets sucked into a vortex never to be seen or heard from again, the cover story is that Flash's father died in a fire but there was no body found.

Now, fifteen years later, Flash is 25 and there's a hint that his father didn't die in a fire, that he was "lost" in one of his experiments gone haywire.

through a series of events, Flash opens a portal to Mongo and jumps head first with Dale Arden to try to rescue his father from Ming the Merciless... OK.

Dale fights with Ming's daughter, who's fighting with a bounty hunter chick, who's fighting with Flash... OK.

Ming's daughter wants "the Imex" a secret thing that Flash's father had. OK.

"the Imex" is the Timex watch that Flashes father gave to him at age 10. It unlocks the secrets of Mongo or the universe... we're not quite sure.

1) why would Flash's father give Flash the Timex watch that contains all the secrets of the universe when he was 10? Apparently he's a pretty responsible youngster and has never lost anything...ever, because 15 years later Flash is STILL wearing the Timex watch that his father gave him... uh.. OK.

2) why would Ming send a flying probe though the portal? this seemed rather lame and pointless. It was quickly decimated by a local Mexican immigrant wielding a double barrel shotgun from his truck cab. I'm also fairly certain there are laws against weapons and firearms being hidden in cars and trucks... right? I'm also fairly certain that if **I** were Ming the Merciless, my Probe Scanning Flying things wouldn't be so easily decimated by some idiot wielding a double barrel shotgun. (see robot, later on) 3) why would Ming send a single robot through the portal to get the Imex instead of launching a full or semi-full scale invasion of Earth? 4) why is the robot carrying Flash's father's drivers Licence, which is discovered in the remains of the charred exploded robot? Why would Ming the Merciless intentionally do this at all? If Flash's father planted it there (and from the show's final scene, he didn't) how would he have known that Flash would be the one to discover it? 5) why are there only four eye witnesses in a packed crowded bowling alley that report seeing an alien robot blow stuff up? The bowling alley had people at every lane... yet only four eye-witnesses saw the robot? Why did the robot blow up a bowling ball? 6) Flash believes his father died in a fire, but he didn't, he was sucked through a portal to Mongo yet when we finally see a flashback of this "fire" it only occupies about 5% of their lab and is quickly extinguished with a fire extinguisher, its clearly not a big enough fire to cause major damage yet this is the cover story that Flash's father burned to a crisp and no body was ever found? what? 7) while Dale and Flash argue outside his fathers old lab, which is now Zarkov's Lab, the door suddenly explodes outward... why? Aside from these gaps in logic, and more, it was interesting to watch and even more interesting to pick apart the show.

The portal and the device that opens the portal reminded me an Awful LOT of the FOX show Sliders
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ksuggett6 November 2007
I really enjoy watching the show, but that's probably because I don't have expectations of the show because I've never read the comic books. I enjoy watching the episodes, they make me laugh at some points, and by the end of the episode I want to watch the next one to see what happens!! I suppose I like it so much because I didn't start watching the show having a standard of what it should be like fixed in my mind, so I wasn't disappointed. I hope at least it manages a whole first season rather than just about 13 episodes or what not. I'm up to episode 12 which was left on a slight cliffhanger about what was going on in my opinion and id be gutted if it ended like that!!
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Quite good
GARY7-27 December 2007
The pilot episode was a little slow, and I almost didn't watch the next one, but I decided to give it another chance and am very glad that I did. The show found its footing and characters and it's now one of my favorite shows on t.v. And since it's production is in Vancouver, it should be immune from the writer's strike.

Zarkov seems like a rip-off of Rodney from Stargate:Atlantis, but the rest of the characters are very good. Gina Holden is hot!

It's little strange the way they changed Mongo from being another planet to being another dimension, but I guess they did that for budget purposes and to make the storyline easier. This way they just have to walk through a rift and can be in Mongo in 5 seconds.
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It may take some time to develop its full potential
roguegenius19 September 2007
Critiquing a series after only seeing the pilot? I have been watching the series since the beginning, seeing the 5th episode yesterday. While I agree it is a low budget series, it is somewhat intriguing for someone who knows something about the history of the main characters in the story. While there are some changes in the original storyline, the changes were not as drastic as the changes in "Smallville" regarding how Superman grew up in the little Kansas town. As for the cast, I agree that I expected Ming to be older and have a more vicious look, but then Ma and Pa Kent were pretty old already by the time the found the little alien baby. Therefor, I suspect that the market group they are trying to find is closer the those in their late teens and early 20s and they are casting for that group.

As for the actual developing story line, I find that the character's traits are emerging episode by episode thereby allowing you to learn about them just as you would if you met someone and learned more and more about them as you spent time with them.

I am a bit fan of "Smallville," "Heroes," and "Greatest American Hero." Having been force fed the original Adam West "Batman" series, the very low budget "Spider-Man" and "Hulk" series, and the loathsome "Wonder Woman" fiasco, it is a pleasure to see someone making a realistic approach to making some Superhero series, even if they have to twist around the original concepts to make it believable.
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Nowhere near as awful as you've been led to believe
ariannaofMI9 January 2008
Most of the reviews I've read of Flash Gordon have been supremely unfair. I've seen most every episode, and I thought it was pretty good.

Admittedly, it got off to a rocky start, but it was bearable and there's so little sci-fi on TV these days I decided to stick with it. To my surprise, it actually improved significantly, going against all known laws of television shows, which generally peak with the first few episodes/seasons and then drop off from there. The actor who plays Ming is my favorite sort of villain--quietly evil, no maniacal laughter or cheesy lines. Eric Johnson is excellent as Flash, and the actresses in this show astounded me by playing female characters I didn't despise (I'm a girl, but I can't stand them on TV and in movies--they're all so stereotypical). The main character actors are actually all really good--I don't have a complaint about any of them. Some of the one-episode villains can be annoying, but they're not there to stay, and it was only a few times.

It was the plots that made this so-so at first. They were of the "meh" sort, at first, but story arcs are beginning to develop, and now that the Flash-Dale relationship has appeared to stabilize (no more awkward, groan-inducing pseudo-romance scenarios), this is one of my favorite shows. I love the whole business with Aura's relationship with Ming, her father. It's interesting, and isn't the tired, overdone child-hates-father relationship.

I've never read the comics or seen any previous show/movie adaptations of Flash Gordon, so I can't compare, but the citizens of Mongo are believably oppressed, the characters (especially Aura, strangely enough) are deep and have realistic motivations, and the plot lines are getting better all the time. I really hope they pick it up for another season.
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Give it a chance
notsobob20062 December 2007
When I first watched the pilot episode of this show I was fairly appalled, it seemed boring and like it wasn't going anywhere. I turned it off less than halfway through. Then a few weeks later I was really bored and had nothing to watch so I decided to give it a go and I discovered that it actually gets a lot better after the pilot (God knows who gave the series the go-ahead with that piece of crap for a pilot!). As a fan of the original film its fun to find out which Mongo(lian?!) race you meet from the film each episode and how the different parts of the film are translated to form different stories. The series, in my opinion has definitely done what remakes are supposed to do, because although the original is a cult-classic, it is seriously dated and this show makes the story accessible to a new generation, using more modern ideas and FX like travelling between dimensions through a rift doorway, as opposed to the old fashioned traditional comic-book space rocket with circular windows down one side, from the film! It is definitely a series which grows on you as the relationships between characters develop and change. I definitely agree with the general consensus that Ming the Merciless could be more menacing, but the hotness of his daughter (and all the other female leads for that matter) definitely makes up for this! In fact if you're looking for eye-candy, this is you're show.
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FLASH! is back in a GOOD way.
movieguy65011 August 2007
OK if no one will defend this show I will. First of all Flash Gordon has been dead for quite some time now, it needed to be brought back and more importantly UPDATED!! Also this is a series you can't really judge after one episode. As much as I love the 1980 movie (just bought the savior of the universe edition) camp does not sell for comic book films(series) so it needs to be on a serious level but still fun The good qualities of this show....

1. The portal- this is good because now Flash and the others can go back and forth between earth and Mongo. And it allows Flash's enemies to come to earth.

2. Flash's Father- having Flash be in search of his father gives him more of a reason to stop Ming instead of just deciding to save the world randomly, and it builds the drama.

3. Character changes- lets start with Flash Gordon, he seems a lot more like a small town hero than a pro athlete, which was a good change. Also instead of being big and ripped he looks more normal so the odds are a little against him.

Next is Dale Arden, when I watched it she struck me as very much a Lois Lane type which I thought was awesome, and having her be engaged to some one else is brilliant.

Finally Ming, Max Von Sydow was a phenomenal Ming no one can touch him. Although I disagree with the way Ming looks in the TV series, but having him be more of a dictator and the people of Mongo trust him was a good move on the developers.

OK so I gave you my input on the series and it is getting a bad rep already so just watch more than one episode before you bad mouth it. Also sources tell me Sam Jones aka Flash Gordon from the movie is doing a guest spot in the 9th episode which will be awesome.

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ZIFFJET6 February 2008
I love this show!!! I love that it's a bit campy.

Cast is great!!! I would love to see this show for more seasons.

Eric Johnson as Flash is just perfect.

Anna Van Hooft as Aura is very likable. She plays her part very well.

John Ralston adds just enough "evil".

It seems that every member is really getting into the characters that they play.

I think it's way cool that they are spending so much time on developing the characters and adding new groups of people every week.

The story is believable and has continuity.

I'm not sure why we need 10 lines.

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There's good news and bad news
rebaaron-119 September 2007
First the good news. Great story line, even if it is unadorned. This series has all the good old fashioned values, heroism, courage, love, family, good and evil, starkly drawn. It resonates with all your best emotions, and it's as American as apple pie.

Lots of cute chicks, sexy repartee, flirtations, and jealousy. Solid plotting, nice twists, surprises, and lots of sci-fi. So everyone is not naked, and no one uses four letter words, and the lead heroine is a virgin even though she is engaged - to the wrong guy of course. It's like sci-fi was back then, without the X rating.

And now the bad. Low production values but good enough not to get on your nerves. The acting is a tad, well more than a tad, wooden, but give the ensemble some time. These amateurs are just starting out, the director will improve too. They make up for it though by being very attractive, personable, likable, and and the script and dialog is better than they are, so it carries them and the show along.

Despite its weaknesses this is a sci-fi show thats entertaining, and positive. It sets a good example, and has lots of room to grow. I really liked it and the kids will love it. Beats the pants off the high razz-dazzle shows like Smallville, which wears after an episode or ten of shock, extremes, and special effects, all form and no substance. I have higher hopes for the show, but I can watch and enjoy it as is.
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SCI-FI has finally hit rock bottom bad.
bigham7820 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Just when I thought Sci-Fi couldn't get any worse. They proved me wrong. I didn't expect much when I heard there wasn't going to a rocket ship. Flash Gordon without a Rocketship is like Tarzan without a vine. It just doesn't make sense to make change that strays away that much from all previous Flash Gordon's. The acting is terrible and the scripts made me want to throw up. Ming has all the badness of an accountant. Charles Middleton Ming from 1930's is still listed in Hollywood 100 top villains of all time. This Ming should be Number 1 worst actor of all time. Zarkov is joke given his importance to Flash Gordon. They dig up this wimpy actor who in turn plays a wimpy Zarkov. I thought Cleoparta 2525 was bad. This makes that look like a Classic Sci-fi series. Sci-fi, do us a favor and pull the plug on this before you ruin a classic Sci-Fi hero Flash Gordon for generations to come.
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Bad Bad Bad
patrickmaura12 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Good god this show deviates hugely from the comic book and movie. In fact I liked this this TV show the first time round when it was called sliders.

SCI FI give the money to star gate Atlantis or for another Babylon 5 movie. But 22 episodes of a sliders rip off.

I don't even want to say its flash Gordon I mean he is just a small town athlete, nothing that great and he is trying to save his father.

OH the acting sucks as well.

They could of at least used the music from queen and tried to make it campy. But nope.
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If Only Flash could save us from this show
supercygnus16 August 2007
The saddest part about this is new take on FLASH GORDON is that the lead (Eric Johnson) is actually not bad in the role. The rest is mediocre at best. From clichés like the "funny" black guy side kick, characters just happening to get important phone calls just when the main character was about to leave the room, to old relationships being revisited coming back into the hero's life just when the adventure begins so that they can become closer through adversity and on and on and on; to some truly pedestrian dialog (yes, they at one point even use the immortal "don't go there" line); and finally production values and special effects on par with the Superboy t.v. series from the late 80's-early 90's...this pilot isn't exactly confidence inspiring. While Johnson was often quite irritating as Whitney on "Smallville" he shows a good deal of humor and charisma as our hero. It was a very unwise decision to make him a marathon runner however. He's far too big to pass as a long distance runner and it's not exactly a physical and dashing sport. It's cheaper to film a bunch of guys running, so this was probably a budgetary decision, but than why not make him just some kind of overall ambitious athlete? Or maybe make him some in the closet major talent that didn't get his break because of responsibilities to his family. Maybe he just tears up the local football or soccer amateur leagues and hence his nickname for flashing past all the local competition? Just a thought. The rest of the male cast looks like they were recruited from a Canadian dinner theater production and the mandate for the females seems to have been "Skinnier! Skinnier! I want these ladies to unconvincing and yet remarkably skeletal at the same time!" The show also takes so many liberties with the characters (as opposed to previous versions) and essence of the story itself that it now resembles more of a "Sliders" clone than any previous FG creation. It would have been better off being it's own thing and not trying to simply leech off the Flash Gordon name. If only the show could have been as inventive and epic as the concept art included on the special pilot episode DVD that was recently released. That actually showed some promise. One can only hope it improves (a whooooole lot), as I don't think it could get any worse. At least I hope it doesn't get any worse. But then at least it would enter the "so bad it's funny" area and that would be more entertaining.
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Great show. See it and make up your own mind.
johnnycage1011 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Very surprised to the negative reviews this show is receiving. It's not like the original FG? Of course not, because the original FG sucked. Good dialogue and surprise twists are aplenty on this show. Special mention to Karen Cliché's Baylin and John Ralson's Ming for giving us an ultracool heroin and a villain who is evil and very realistic, respectively.

If you want lines like "It's a political think-tank. Now THERE'S an oxymon", then watch FG. If you want garbage, then there's much more of it on the idiot-tube.

See it and enjoy the quirky characters, good dialogue, plot twists you didn't see coming, and how dangerous and self-deluded Ming is. Forget the morons who were in the stupid 1981 movie, since this is good television. You won't regret it.
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