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Season 3

4 Jan. 2009
Episode #3.1
Twice unlucky in love, this time Bret Michaels leaves his mansion behind and takes twenty even more beautiful babes on tour with him to find a girlfriend who can handle his life on the road. One girl's shocking behavior at the concert after-party makes the others wonder just what kind of girl Bret is looking for. The answer comes when Bret picks which fifteen girls get to continue on the tour.
11 Jan. 2009
Episode #3.2
Fifteen girls take turns reciting their own wedding vows to Bret.
18 Jan. 2009
Episode #3.3
Bret is looking for a woman with maternal he puts his twelve girls in ice skates to see how well they protect "Baby Bret" against the University of Illinois Women's Hockey Team and special guest player, Lacey.
25 Jan. 2009
Episode #3.4
Bret Michaels has a concert tonight. Ten girls compete to see who can clear the band's equipment off the stage the fastest.
8 Feb. 2009
Eight Is Not Enough
The eight remaining girls get a distressing "wake-up call" when Bret brings in three new girls to join the tour because he's not feeling the emotional effort. In fact, one of the girls tells Bret that someone here is actually engaged! Bret has to sort out the truth from the rumors and decide which girl to eliminate from the tour.
15 Feb. 2009
Episode #3.6
It's Pink Bus vs. Blue Bus in the muddiest of Mudbowls yet! Bret flies away with the MVP for an intimate overnight trip. One of our tour girls has trouble dealing with her recently passed father, and Bret deals with some bad news of his own. But the show must go on, and Bret is forced to make another tough decision regarding who stays and who goes.
22 Feb. 2009
Truck Stop Games
Bret holds the first ever Truck Stop Games for the girls. One team resorts to cheating and friction starts increasing. An evening at Bret's concert gets out of hand and Bret has to bend the rules of the game because of it.
8 Mar. 2009
Bikini Day Care
Only 7 remain after Kami's forfeit and Kelsey's premature elimination. The mood rises when Brett announces a bikini competition - but it's not what the girls expect. Unsurprisingly, some of the girls then won't even put an effort into it.
15 Mar. 2009
Exes and Oh's
Any skeletons in the closet(s)? Bret's friends Heather and Ambre act as judges to the 6 accused girls and their exes are the witnesses. Predictably, meltdowns, catfights and unbelievable twists are unavoidable.
22 Mar. 2009
Duet to Me One More Time
Each of the four has to come up with lyrics to Bret's music and to sing them. The winner gets to go on a date in Texas. Tensions start to mount and friendships are put to the test. Bret's attempt at a solution creates more problems.
5 Apr. 2009
Double Dates
In Miami, Brett tries to have a carnival-theme evening with the last three girls, but it doesn't go well. He then has two double date days, leaving a different girl out both times. Then it's time to choose the finalists.
12 Apr. 2009
Episode #3.12
Bret takes the two finalists to the Dominican Republic. Both get one day exclusive time with Bret. One gets to tango, the other to go into the jungle. Then it's time for the final decision.
It's been three months since Bret stood on the beach in Puerto Rico and made a very special girl his Rock of Love. Now she and the rest of the girls have gathered for the hottest reunion ever! Together they'll relieve the alliances, betrayals, and drunken nights that made this season unforgettable and forever added the term "Blondtourage" to Bret's vocabulary! Before it's all over, blows will be traded and one of the girls will make a tearful confession that might change her and Bret's future forever. Don't you dare exit until the bus has come to a complete stop!

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