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  • While honeymooning on Kauai, newlyweds Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) Anderson meet ex-special ops "American Jedi" Nick (Timothy Olyphant) and his girlfriend Gina (Kiele Sanchez) backpacking on the Kalalau Trail. When Cliff learns that police have discovered two honeymooners grisly murdered on Oahu just a few days earlier and that the killers are now believed to be on Kauai, Cliff begins to fear that he and Cydney are being stalked. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A Perfect Getaway was written and directed by American filmmaker David Twohy. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Rocky shoots the EMTs and reloads his pistol, intending to chase after Gina. Suddenly Nick jumps down from the cliff wall, landing on top of Rocky. Nick knocks the pistol to the ground and splits open Rocky's hand with a knife. Rocky tries to pick up the pistol and get a shot at Nick, but his wounded hand won't allow him to get a straight shot. Nick easily takes the pistol. Meanwhile, having flagged down a police helicopter, Cydney leads them to the spot where Rocky is being held at gunpoint by Nick. Just as the police sniper loads his rifle and arims for Nick's back, Gina leaps forward and throws her arms around him. Nick drops the pistol and stands down. The sniper in the helicopter asks Cydney which man is the killer, and Cydney replies that he's the one going for the gun. As Rocky reaches for the gun, the sniper shoots him through the forehead. In the final scene, as Nick and Gina are being carried away in the helicopter, Nick presents her with the engagement ring. When she finds out that Nick bought the ring over a year-and-a-half ago, she scolds him for taking so long, but accepts his proposal. In unison, they assure each other that they don't need a honeymoon. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Being released in two versions on one Blu-ray/DVD, the Unrated Director's Cut features a new cut that runs approximately 13 minutes longer. Sixteen scenes were altered including added flashback footage, alternate shots of existing scenes and a tiny bit of nudity. Edit (Coming Soon)


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