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Really, an excellent film
kathynorris17 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I think there are 3 reasons some reviewers did not like this movie. First it was placed in the "suspense" category and it is a drama. Second, some of you may be used to fast reactions to conflicts and the sometimes violent retribution many movies contain. Third, you may be young. I am old and have had friends who had affairs, some who wanted to, and didn't. I have seen many happy marriages and many lonely sad marriages. I found the movie honest and extremely well acted. The husband had all the rage, anger and desire to kill the lover, until he got to know him. The lover, at first glance, is smug, a playboy, easy to hate. But in the end, the husband sees the lover for the deeply sincere, but flawed man he is. He finally sees himself as his dead wife had seen him, more than the boring software engineer. He is better than that. The lover is much less than a rival, but they deeply loved the same woman. The husband realizes how really devastated the lover is and how his wife had loved and deserved both men in her life. As life usually is, there was poetic justice. She died a painful death after hurting her husband. He finally forgave and found peace. The lover was forgiven, often a reason for shame, his secrets open to those around him. He lost the woman he loved, and a women who loved him for what was inside, not the phony outward role he played. You know he will never find that again. There is a lot going on in this movie, all under the surface. I kept wondering if it would revert to the standard murder scenario, that was the suspense for me. The outcome was real, not Hollywood.
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Great cast, interesting premise, terrible direction
BernardoLima29 August 2009
Liam Neeson plays Peter, the husband of a famous shoe designer named Lisa(Laura Linney). After some suspicions Peter realizes that his wife hasn't been faithful and when he finds the address of Ralf(Antonio Banderas), the man his wife cheated on him with, he travels to Italy to confront him. When I saw the trailer for The Other Man, I immediately thought the film had a great premise; a man finds out that his wife has been cheating on him and then he tries to track down this man and execute some kind of revenge. That is what you get from the trailer, however, the trailer is incredibly misleading, the story doesn't pan out like that. Not even close. But what really ruined this movie for me, was the direction. Most of the scenes seemed glued together. You're watching a scene and all of a sudden you're watching something completely different and you're left wondering if you missed the last 10 minutes of the film. The reason why the film is like that, is because the director introduced a twist near the end but, until that moment, nothing makes sense, and when the reveal finally comes, it's a terrible letdown. This premise and cast on someone's else hands could have been something great. Unfortunately, all Richard Eyre's was able to do, was a boring and poorly executed movie.

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Adultery and Triangle of Love
claudio_carvalho27 June 2010
In Cambridge, the software engineer Peter (Liam Neeson) and the shoe designer Lisa (Laura Linney) are successful in their careers and have been happily married for twenty-five years. They have an adult daughter, Abigail (Romola Garai), and Lisa frequently travels to Milano to do business with the Gianni & Gianni Company. When Lisa is gone, Peter finds a message in her cellular and decides to snoop her e-mails and discovers in a secret folder named Love that she had a lover, Ralph (Antonio Banderas). Peter travels to Milano and stalks Ralph; he finds that the man plays chest in a bar. Peter gets close to Ralph that tells his relationship with Lisa without knowing that he is her husband.

"The Other Man" is an engaging romance about adultery and triangle of love among the husband, the wife and her lover. The story is supported by the excellent Liam Neeson, Laura Linney and Antonio Banderas but unfortunately the suspenseful screenplay has a disappointing conclusion. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Amante" ("The Lover")
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An Atmospheric Gem for the Thinking Viewer
VeeIMDB17 October 2010
Sick of explosions and car chases? I am. The Other Man is a surprisingly atmospheric and complex story about a grieving man (played intensely by Liam Neeson) who discovers his wife has had an affair. Obsessed with discovering the identity of the other man (played excellently by Antonio Banderas in a very different sort of role) he tracks him down and befriends him without revealing his identity. The scenes where the two men pay chess, and the dialog over the board are revealing, and the torment subtly played by Neeson, is masterful. Banderas and Neeson are superb in this movie, which is both a mystery and a psychological thriller, all filmed with exquisite attention to light and atmosphere in Italy and England. If you rent it, I highly recommend you watch it a second time with the director's commentary turned on—but not the first time; it gives too much away. You may want to watch it a third time.
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Real life emotions, real life pace, captivating
SilkyWilky7 December 2011
Skipping through reviews before watching this film, I nearly decided to give it a miss. But I found out it was a miss for those negative reviewers who didn't get it. It's a hit, for me anyway.

It's gutsy, deals with real emotions colouring them in hither and thither as the scenes flick by in a non linear time line. That may sound like it's complex - it isn't. You are taken on a journey focusing on Peter, his wife being the essential background to the story, with his wife's lover the foil on which they both tread.

If you're looking for a stereotypical Hollywood scorned husband movie, move along, you'll find no joy here. This is real life in content, pace and dialogue. It's not boring, its not slow and it is captivating. I dare any man who has been cheated on by the love of their life not to be deeply moved by this film. The same probably goes for women. As the story unfolds, there's another group of people that will be moved, and that's for you to discover.

The ending is how it should be given the subject matter - some level of completion. And there's plenty to talk about afterwards. I'd love to say more but that would be giving away too much.

Great acting by all, though Liam Neeson has, and holds firmly, the centre stage.

I give this a low end of 9/10 if that's possible. Enjoy!
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Good acting but silly plot
ctnr14 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is very confusing, but the few clues suggest the following. Lisa married young and was probably bored. She had the chance to experiment and did so with the silly Ralph, a man whose life is purely on fantasy. She hid the affair from her husband for several years who was completely devoted to her, but when struck by cancer, she decided to leave him clues so that he could discover the affair. This is probably where your mind has to be a little twisted to follow her logic for doing this. In leaving naked photo evidence of her affair and clues to help her husband track down her lover the nut case, she could only expect that he could become enraged and hate her. Given how much they are supposed to love each other, one can only think that she was concerned that he might not be able to get over her death and so proceeded to make sure that he would hate her and in the process, get over her.

Peter worked out her plan in the end and that just made him forgive her and love her regardless - hence the 'thank god for Ralph' at the party and the comment to his daughter at the station 'she didn't know us at all did she'.
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Sensitive study of infidelity. loss and loneliness
pauldcmt-118 October 2008
Richard Eyre has carefully constructed an intimate tale of a man who discovers his wife's infidelity.

Liam Neeson and Antonio Banderas provide subtle and mature performances, with Romola Garai outstanding as the daughter.

The film is beautifully shot on location in Milan and Lake Como as well as in London and Ely.

The plot twists are effective, leaving one to reflect on how little we can truly know of the people around us.

Nevertheless, the denouement feels a little forced, even if a logical conclusion to the narrative.
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An underrated and chilling movie about the effect's adultery can cause.
callanvass10 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The Other Man was a movie that had intrigued me for a while due to its story lines, and the two main actors, considering I love both Liam Neeson and Banderas, but I avoided due to the critical reviews I read about it. Needless to say this is a movie that proves once more, that I tend to enjoy movies that critics seem to tear apart. I was absolutely fascinated by Liam Neeson's growing obsession of getting revenge on Banderas for having an affair with his widowed wife, it was intense and quite thrilling. But what I loved even more was the face to face sequences that Neeson and Banders had, they were heartfelt and emotional. This movie goes to show us how dangerous and hurtful affairs can be, and how the hurt one receives from it, can lead you into an obsession of darkness.

Performances. Liam Neeson is utterly brilliant here. He was a man on a mission, and his intense performance had me on the edge of my seat, it's one of my favorite performances of his. Antonio Banderas is equally as good as the slick, yet caring character who wants Neeson's wife's heart, his charisma and charm is hard to beat. Laura Linney is great in her screen time as the widowed wife, I felt for her, even if she was wrong.

Bottom line. The Other Man will stay with you for a while when it's all over. Don't be fooled by the somewhat lowish rating, this is an excellent movie on all accounts, and I classify it as a must watch!.

8 1/2 /10
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Complex and lovely
emily-58310 December 2011
This isn't a simple film. It's a film that plays with time to tell a story encompassing love, jealousy, anger, loss and pain. It covers the gamut of emotions one feels when betrayed and follows the path a man goes down as he discovers his wife has had another love.

I loved Liam Neeson's descent into jealous rage and the discoveries he made about himself, his family and his relationship as he discovers secrets from his wife's past. A moody film, perfectly adapted to its subject matter, you feel drawn into Neeson's character's despair.

It's not the best film I've seen recently but it's one I'm glad I saw and would heartily recommend it to others who are willing to think a film through its details. The acting's good and both Liam Neeson and Laura Linney carry the plot well. Antonio Banderas plays a less rounded role, but still does so enjoyably.

Definitely a film worth watching.
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A Battle Of The Witless
thechrisclarkblog17 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What do you get when you combine two Oscar nominees, one Golden Globe nominee, an up-and-coming young talent, and the director of the brilliant "Notes on a Scandal"? Apparently, to my intense surprise, you get a lifeless and poorly-crafted thriller...well, a thriller in name only, since there are no thrills and no compelling story to speak of. To call it a disappointment would be one of the year's gravest cinematic understatements. "The Other Man" is not merely disappointing; it is rather a travesty, as we are essentially watching three great actors and one great director flounder in a film that is simply bad in just about every aspect. Starting from the ground floor, the screenplay is spineless and unappealing, attempting to tell a potentially intriguing story in a lazy and clumsily-executed way. It rarely calls for the characters to do anything more than go through the motions and talk about insignificant things for extended periods. When it unveils its two big twists, it does so with a fizzle rather than a bang—an arduous, painful fizzle.
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Interesting Film That Needs a Better Edit
jacobson9819 May 2010
This film is ultimately disappointing and deserving of its relatively low rating because its edit is annoying and telegraphs where it is going. World-class actors contribute tension and pace and a poor edit simply brings the movie to a complete stop. If ever there was an example of how important editing is to a movie, this is it. Film classes should look at this movie, deconstruct it, and put it back together in a more interesting way. If you watch this film, think about simply reordering several scenes to build tension and mystery and remove confusion. It's a worthwhile exercise. Movies are a complex undertaking that requires contributions of so many -- many folks labored over this film but the folks who put it together just didn't have the talent to pull it off.
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Absolutely nothing in this movie !
loyolite26 January 2010
I think I have rarely seen worse movies than this one. The movie just doesn't add up. It keeps your interest for the first 30 minutes I think, then you start wondering what is happening. What I really really really can't understand is, how such a good cast decided to be in this slow dragging, boring , lousy end , kind of movie !

It's just a simple story of a cheating wife. Actually the story starts off with Liam Neeson finding out that his wife is cheating on him. He finds out who it is, befriends him, and the movie ends. I am not joking. There is absolutely nothing else in the movie. If there is , someone please tell me what I missed.

Anyways believe me, you don't want to see this one.
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Classy Intrigueing Thriller and a Strange Love Triangle
mrcibubur4 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I always enjoy Liam Neeson movies and this is no exception. There is a similarity with TAKEN in that Neeson is a pursuer on the European continent, relentless and determined, although this time, he had the female head of security at his work to help him go on the trail of Banderas in Milan. Terrific shots of Milan especially when Ralph walks across the Piazza to the Chess Cafe. Don't think the story jumps too much or too fast, just enough for us to work things out. The ending got me stumped though, not sure how a man he was going to kill ended up pushing the hospital bed of the wife and being present at the wake but I liked the creation of the character played by Banderas who we might have thought to be a business executive but was in fact a nobody opportunist. Fascinating analysis of emotion between Peter and Ralph in the dialogue exchanges. Reminded me of another similar love triangle which Neeson-Banderas made a couple of years ago (am I mistaken?) cos I cant remember the title and in a way Neeson kind of played a pursuer also in Five Minutes of Heaven, another glorious film showing Neesons talents. Must agree with earlier comment that the scene at the office going a bit crazy and asking for the gun was overplayed but it didn't spoil the film. thanks for the comment pointing out some of the filming was done in Ely. A very watchable thriller and not at all predictable. Plenty of talking points.
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what a waste of time !!! Warning: Spoilers
I watched this film last night and I was just appalled at how bad it was. And not only that, how little it makes sense as well.

I got the film because of Liam Neeson and Antonio Banderas, whom I thought would be a good combination. The blurbs on the DVD box mentioned plot twists aplenty so I settled down for what I thought would be a great film.

Well after an hour, I was wondering when and where those plot twists were going to happen. And when the story would finally get into high gear. After 90 minutes, I kept thinking the same thing. But then the movie had been over for like 5 minutes.

Many scenes in the film made no sense, like Banderas being discovered as a janitor in the apartment building by Neeson. Then Banderas character's deception in showing Neeson on a later visit, a very luxurious apartment in the building and saying that this is really where he lives when he is in town.

This makes no sense !!! Those 2 scenes seem to be from 2 different movies. The jig is up with the first discovery and Banderas' character can't be stupid enough to not realize that Neeson knows he is just the janitor, as he discovered when he entered his basement apartment.

The movie seems filled with these moments of pure nonsense to stretch the running time, if not the credibility of the film.

Like the party scene at the end. Why did all the other characters from the film show up there ? Anyone with an ounce of decency would have said, sorry, I am not getting involved here.

And the daughter showing up in Milan, right next to Neeson in one scene is ludicrous beyond belief. How did she manage to get there the exact second Neeson does ??? The movie is incredibly slow moving as if to make you think about what is going on but it only leaves one puzzled as to why nothing is going on in the first place.

I will grant one thing of the movie and that is that it looks very nice. it did make me want to visit Milan.

But a 90-minute commercial is not what I wanted to watch. Actually, a 81-minute film, as this is a very very short film. It just looks and feels like it lasts forever.

In the bonus features on the DVD, neeson mentions he thought he was wrong for the part. I dunno if he usually follows his first instinct, but after watching this, I hope next time he doesn't get talked into doing something if he thinks he is not right for it.

This dreadful film is going back to the DVD store first thing in the morning.

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Good but with some unexpected things
Rodrigo_Amaro16 January 2011
Looking at the cast of "The Other Man" you could consider in buying this film: Liam Nesson, Antonio Banderas, Laura Linney and Romola Garai. The movie delivers? Yes. All that much? No. And if you consider that this was directed by Richard Eyre who directed great ensemble casts in "Iris" and "Notes on a Scandal" there are things that makes of "The Other Man" an inferior film than this two examples.

Neeson plays Peter, a man married with a beautiful wife (Linney), that discover that she hides from him a long affair with Ralph (pronunced Rafe, played by Banderas). What Peter does? Tracks down this man in Italy and tries to see who he really is and what his wife saw in that men. His first idea is to kill this guy but he's always reluctant, so he keeps on playing games with his guy who seems to love Peter's wife very much.

The whole drama pretending to be a thriller goes well, it makes the story interesting until the ending which is quite disappointing and a little bit unexpected. But if you think I can buy the idea that these two guys reveal part of their lives to each other during chess games matches, well I did not buy it. And if they were drunk maybe but that was not the case. Two unknown figures sharing their romantic passages of their lives (with the same woman) is something unbelievable (or perhaps it's just me who likes to play the mysterious guy in front of other people so it's very difficult to make me really share something of this kind of nature). This scenes were great, interesting dialog, except for some angered reaction of Neeson throwing the pieces away after losing a match.

It's a very psychological work about how one can deal with adultery, different reactions might come from the audience, it's very interesting the way Peter does that, changing his persona all the way through this chase after his wife's lover. It's a great material for passionate people who can't forget a betrayal and feel a need to do something about it. This film will make that kind of people think again just like Peter changed his mind in the course of the story.

The acting is decent, the cast is at their best considering the material they were giving. More complexity, more realism and more thrilling moments instead of some bits here and there would make this film better. 7/10
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Good Love Story
bob-rutzel-126 December 2009
Peter (Neeson) discovers his wife Lisa (Linney), is having an affair. He vows to find the Other Man, Ralph (Banderas).

This is a strange love story, but a good one nevertheless. No, nothing uncomfortable in here. There will be a bombshell almost near the end. Deal with it. We all had to.

To have Liam Neeson and Antonio Banderas in a movie together is pure gold and the performances by the rest of the cast are extremely well done.

It's kind of hard to talk about the story without giving the bombshell away. Many will say it was predictable and that's a cop-out as yes, there is nothing new under the sun. But, it's all in the telling and that is why we watch. We know the outcomes of most stories, but again, it's in the telling that counts. And, this one is good in the telling.

And, also there is some suspense and tension and those are needed for a good story. At times, you really are not sure where this is going and you may find yourself holding your breath.

The only complaint I have are the flashbacks. Until we really get to know the characters we are not sure if we are in the present or are taken back in time. But, we catch on, we usually do. But a different color filter could be used for flashbacks and we would quickly know we are in a flashback. Hey, I'm just saying.

This probably went straight to DVD because there were no explosions, shootings, unbelievable stunts or the almost ever-present CGI. Hey, it's a love story.

Violence: No. Sex: No, but you see positions for. Nudity: Yes. Language: Yes, briefly in the beginning
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Cinematic equivalent of a short story is an intelligent look at a man searching for answers
dbborroughs4 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Liam Neeson tries to find out about Antonio Banderas, the man who was having an affair with his wife, played by Laura Linney. Good small scale film from Richard Eyre that is more the cinematic equivalent of a meaty short story. Based on a short story this is a film that mimics the the feel and texture of the short narrative that seems to have fallen out of favor these days. Personally I was initially put off by the film because it didn't behave as I thought it should. I wasn't willing to give myself over to the rhythms of the film, which was a mistake since the film moves and behaves in its own literary way. What you think is going on is not what is going on and everything isn't revealed until the end. It wasn't until some time around the hour mark that the film suddenly clicked with me and not only did I start to enjoy it, but I also realized that my fighting it had kind of lessened the experience since I had missed so man little bits that I will now have to go back and re-watch the film to fully get the full effect. If you want an intelligent film and decry the lack of smart films this is it (just don't be like me and fail to embrace it when you see it.) I have to say that this is extremely well acted, I don't know when Banderas was last this great. Neeson is just as good, as is the rest of the cast, but its Banderas who truly shines here and its quite possible that you have to go all the way back to his days in Spain to find a film role that allows him to really shine and expose his acting chops. I really liked this a great deal and recommend it to anyone wanting a meaty small film that is intelligently made. (Though I will be honest and say that it is possible that I admire this more than I like it. We'll see how I feel when I see it again)
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Best ingredients, mediocre results
birck3 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
In spite of an excellent cast, cinematography, and production values, something vital seems to have been left on the cutting-room floor. There are details that work quite well, such as-in one scene- Peter's slight Irish accent, which becomes more and more pronounced as he becomes more and more enraged. But for the story arc to work, a key piece of information has to be hidden-clumsily- until it can be trotted out at the most effective moment. When that moment comes, at first it doesn't make sense, then it just seems artificial and unfair. Maybe it won't seem that bad to you, but the twist undermined the story for me. If you can put up with that lack of authenticity, the characters are well-drawn and believable, and the locations are convincing.
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Thoughtful and provocative
ken_bethell4 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I must have discussed this film for much longer than it took to view it and for that alone I am marking it high for surely to provoke thought and debate is what film making is all about. When reading other comments I realised how differently people viewed this movie. The Director,in my opinion,has been unfairly criticised for clearly many people find the frequent jumping from past to present confusing and irritating but without constant reference to past events the plot would have been dull and predictable. The acting, as you would expect from such an ensemble, was excellent as was the photography. While one commentator felt sorrow for the Linney character I felt nothing but contempt which is indicative of the full spectrum of emotions this film undoubtedly engendered.
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Suspense Askew
gradyharp13 December 2009
THE OTHER MAN is a thinking person's film, a film well cast, finely acted, and well written by writer/director Richard Eyre based on a short story by master storyteller Bernhard Schlink ('The Reader', 'Flights of Love' - collection of short stories from which this story is excerpted, etc). If some viewers find the film confusing or too subtle in the unraveling of a fascinating tale, the problem is that the cast and director and writers demand more of the viewer's attention than in the usual movie fare. A suspense film should keep the viewer in the dark, or thinking in one direction, until a little twist changes the story that has been unfolding on a different level. That is what THE OTHER MAN does and it is a pleasure to be surprised in this way.

Peter (Liam Neeson) is a successful business man whose wife Lisa (Laura Linney) is a successful and high profile shoe designer. He spends much of his life in her shadow but the marriage works for them both and they obviously love each other and their young rambunctious daughter Abigail (Romola Garai) who is attached to the somewhat hippie, strange George (Craig Parkinson). Lisa's office comrades - Ralph (Patterson Joseph) and Vera (Pam Ferris) - are supportive of both Peter and Lisa and the world seems balanced. Very early in the film Lisa departs for Milan for another showing of her shoes, but she doesn't return. Peter grows suspicious when he discovers insinuating email messages from a man named Ralph, and once he discovers this Ralph is not her office comrade, he sets out on a mission to find the source of his wife' surprise infidelity. He discovers pictures taken in a special hotel in Milan, pictures that reveal photos of 'Ralph' (Antonio Banderas) in intimate situations with Lisa. Peter travels to Milan with the intent to kill Ralph, stalks him, and discovers his pastime of playing chess in a little Milanese café. And this is where Schlink and Eyre change the twist of the story, and Ralph is not at all whom he appears to be, nor is the direction of Peter's vengeance as focused as we expected. It is this crucial turn of storyline that make this film so endearing and to suggest, even slightly, the final moments of this film would destroy the suspense so well written and directed and acted.

Neeson, Linney, Banderas, and Garai are all splendid in these difficult roles - Linney continues to mature as an actress while becoming ever more beautiful in countenance. This is a tightly drawn suspense tale and well worth the attention of the public unafraid to think along with the development of the story.

Grady Harp
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A thrilling masterpiece
is-goldstone11 October 2011
Very disappointed with the negative reviews as a good modern film doesn't require the viewer to be spoon fed with simple bite sized story but gets one thinking about the plot and will provide the most satisfaction on second, or even third, viewing, as this film inevitably does.

The acting is superb by all key players, particularly the three main protagonists. Contrary to some reviewers, the action was not that hard to follow and, as with all good detective stories, held the viewer's attention right up to the very end, as all the pieces in the jigsaw came together, making for the greatest satisfaction, and providing justice for those who were hurt as well for those who did the hurting. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and the music score was also highly commendable. A true masterpiece.
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karl_consiglio11 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This film did have one or two flaws I must point out. When Peter first finds out about the infidelities, he starts blatantly showing everyone he's going a little crazy, asking for a gun and all. And if he wishes to go and kill that guy, is it wise of him to ask his secretary book his flight? Apart from that I really liked this movie. I thought it very subtle and having many different layers to it. I loved the characters, some fine acting, and was shocked to find out she was dead, and that all her concerns earlier in the film were not necessarily due to the fact that she had a lover but death was the one. I found it interesting how Ralph, although his life was rather unstable, had a more positive approach to life, even on a passionate level. While Peter, settled in his marriage and well off financially, or oh well I don't, I guess that way he had more to lose.
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good characters
blamb14717 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is certainly worth watching from Netflix instant-play if you are bored. I think it has a lot of praiseworthy qualities too. The chronology is perfect--there's a reason why for most of the movie you are wonder where Laura Linney disappeared to. Since one of the things I think makes a great movie is character development, I was pleased with the changes Liam Nieson's character experienced: from irrational revenge to humble repentant conciliation with his wife's seducer. A curious line at the end of movie by Liam Nieson, "she certainly knew us well,' or something like that, goes to show the thoughtful organization of this movie: did Linney know that her husband's anger would convert to the passion for her memory, regardless of whose memories they were? that he could surmount his instinctual possessiveness of his former wife? Especially important here is the character comparison between Nieson and Banderas: one an organized new-money manager friends with Bill Gates, and the other a experience-seeking working man who likes non-committal romance. Both like a good chess game though.
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Misleading trailer, meaningless movie
poeticjustin114 February 2010
WHY DID I NOT FALL ASLEEP? I was pretty excited when I saw the trailer to this movie. The trailer to this film makes it seem that there may be a degree of action or murder. If I have learned one thing through my movie career... good trailers can often lead to crap films. There is not one single moment of action in this film. If you are looking for an action or suspense movie, this is neither. The writing was not impressive, and you feel lost throughout most of the film. I am a fan of most of the actors in this movie, but the plot just doesn't let their reputations or characteristics shine whatsoever. An epicly God awful ending. Waste of my time. All I can do is tell you, not a damn thing happens in this movie. It all leads up to nothing.
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Something a little different
jubilee5135 June 2014
If you like films that contain a car chase or a fight sequence every 5 minutes then don't watch this film. Maybe this isn't for you, instead maybe watch one of the many films out there in movieland that cater for your tastes.

But if you like something a little different with a good plot and some really great acting, watch this.

This is a great film to curl up to on the couch. It's not too long and it kept my interest all the way. It has a great twist at the end as well, one that I didn't see coming. Great acting.

A simple but atmospheric and compelling story. I enjoy a car chase like anybody else but sometimes I want something more. Something edgy. Something well written and gritty and dark. Something different.

I gave this an 8 because it ticks those boxes for me. It may not be the best film I've ever watched but I liked it.

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