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Philadelphia Inquirer
It runs a fast 88 minutes, is broad as the waistlines of its stars, and is remarkably family-friendly if you don't mind bathroom humor.
Miami Herald
Nostalgia is part of the modest charm of this disposable but inoffensive picture. Old Dogs makes old dogs out of all of us.
Too bad this shrilly tuned comedy doesn't demand more than clock-punching effort from everyone involved.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Old Dogs is so oafish, when it tosses us a biscuit, it feels like we've been smacked with a newspaper.
The Hollywood Reporter
Insipid, predictable, broad comedy mixed with Disney Family Values makes for one exasperating sit.
Chicago Tribune
None of it is funny. It’s all pain and no funny.
Adults should steer clear. Kids should be sent to it only if they’ve been extraordinarily naughty.
What's wrong with this movie? A better question might be: What's right? Every attempt at comedy is not only obvious but delivered in such a forced manner that any hope of generating laughter dies before the joke has been told.
It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey, and in Old Dogs, we have the season’s blue-ribbon gobbler.
Exhausted as the premise already is -- hapless boomer learns that real manhood is a function of committed fatherhood -- Old Dogs nevertheless finds ways to make the lesson even less tolerable.

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