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  • "Babe Sitter" (7 minutes) Mandark thinks he's going to have a nice romantic evening with his lady love when Dee Dee shows up to babysit him. "Mountain Mandark" (7 minutes) Getting in touch with nature, Mandark becomes Mountain Mandark, throwing of the shackles of technology. "2Geniuses 2Gether 4Ever" (7 minutes) Mandark and Dexter become scientific buddies while Mandark plots to destroy Dexter.


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  • Mandark is in his lab playing with action figures of himself, Dee-Dee, and Dexter made to look like Star Wars characters. He makes Dexter lose and Mandarth win. Mandarth goes over to Princess Dee-Dee and they give each other a kiss. Oceanbird calls Mandark downstairs to welcome the babysitter. Mandark is lovestruck to go and see his babysitter. He knows who it's going to be. When he opens the door it's Dee-Dee. He doesn't know what to say to her because he's too nervous. Dee-Dee goes over to Oceanbird and she tells her all of the things about babysitting Susan. Mandark says Mandark every time she calls him Susan. Oceanbird leaves to have Dee-Dee babysit Mandark.

    The first thing to do is to eat some food. Mandark thinks of it as a date for them and he says loving things to her and asks for a kiss, but Dee-Dee just feeds him food and keeps calling him Susan. Mandark tries to make Dee-Dee fall in love with him and date him but she just thinks of him as a Susan to play with. Mandark takes Dee-Dee up into his lab with her and tries to get a moonlight kiss with her but she doesn't even notice and decides to play around and goof off and have fun. She finds Mandark's action figures and tries to make him play with them but he doesn't want to. Dee-Dee just starts to get annoying to Mandark.

    Dee-Dee just becomes alot more annoying than she is loving to Mandark and she keeps calling him Susie or Susan. This becomes very repetative and annoying and Mandark says Mandark alot when Dee-Dee says Susie or Susan. This goes on and on and the whole time Mandark continuously wants a kiss from her sweet Dee-Dee lips. Mandark throws a tantrum about his name being Mandark and Dee-Dee just thinks he's weird for it. Dee-Dee puts Mandark to bed and she shuts the door and says tomorrow his parents will be back. Then she closes the door and Mandark greives over himself for missing his chance to kiss Dee-Dee. Then Dee-Dee comes back into the room and says that she almost forgot his midnight kiss and kisses him on the forehead. Mandark plays with his toys and he laughs in joys.

    Mandark is in his lab enjoying himself and how evil he is when he hears the horrid noises of his parents singing. This is the song they sing whenever they take their family out on a nature hike. Oceanbird and Windbear wanted to teach Mandark the goods about nature such as eating berries, digging up water, and lighting fires but Mandark just said how they'd all be better with science. Windbear has bad it with Mandark and he takes away all his evil gizmos and locks them in the van. Oceanbird and Windbear walk out in the wild and Mandark is behind them complaining. Then Mandark sees a shadowy figure of which he thinks is Dexter but really turns out to be a rabbit squirrel who terrifies his and makes him crash into a tree knocking him out. Mandark wakes up and finds out that Oceanbird and Windbear are gone and Mandark has to live on his own. Mandark lives out in the wild the way Oceanbird and Windbear taught him and he grows old in there. Mandark is okay with his new life in the woods until he finds civilization and goes back home running away from his home in the wild so happy to finally be getting back home from the wild.

    Mandark is in his laboratory when he gets a phone call from Dexter. Dexter tells him that he has finally given up on trying to stop him from destroying his lab and that he is deciding to give up his lab to him to make him more powerful so that he can take over the world. Mandark is shocked by this and thinks that this is a joke at first, but then he detects no lies and agrees to take his lab. Mandark goes over there and he keeps on thinking that Dexter is trying to pull a trick on him but every single time, it just seems to be something normal.

    Dexter shows Mandark around his laboratory and shows him all of his amazing inventions and says that it probably isn't all that important to him because he has it all in his lab already. Mandark doesn't really have that in his lab because he is not as smart as Dexter so he has a nervous face and lies saying that he does. Dexter gives him the map of his laboratory and asks what he'd like to see first. Mandark says top secret plans and they go and see one of his plans which is a machine that makes people smarter. Dexter is about to use it on Mandark but he thinks of it as a trap. So Mandark puts Dexter in the trap and uses it on him. To his surprise, it actually works and it makes Dexter's brain huge and he becomes smarter.

    After a while, Mandark realizes that Dexter is not pulling any tricks on him. He has finally given up on trying to stop him and he is now going to allow him to be evil and he is going to team up with him to help him with his evil plans for world domination. Mandark says that they can work together to build a machine that will help him take over the universe. He had already had the perfect plans for an unstoppable machine to do so, but he has never been able to build it because he doesn't have the technology and material. Dexter says that he has it and that he will be able to help him build it. Instead of helping Dexter however, Mandark makes Dexter do all the work while he sits back and does nothing. Dexter works for hours until he finally finishes it at the end of the day. Dexter gives Mandark the remote to activate the machine. Mandark tries pressing the button but it doesn't work, he tries it again a bunch of times and it's not working. Then, Dexter plus the machine in and the machine makes the title of the show Dexter's Laboratory. The blast makes Mandark fall over the way Dexter does in the theme song. This mean that Dexter did not build the world domination machine, he built the machine from the theme song. Dexter has now won his show back. He is about to make the rest of the episode be all about him, but just then the words THE END appear on screen because the television series is over.

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