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Very under-rated show..
muchnok_3218 May 2010
Last month, A co-worker of mine was watching this show on his computer during a lunch break. I remember hearing that it was one of the worst shows ever. However, it started becoming a daily thing during our lunch hour to watch an episode of "Cavemen". I found it to be quite humorous. It's seems as if you need to be halfway intelligent to understand the whole meaning of it, which is most likely why ABC had to can it. The characters are all very likable, and the storyline is pretty funny. You see, the average U.S citizen found the commercials commercials to be funny because they were short, and easy to understand. But when screen writers got together and created a show, it had to be more complex, and vivid. This show was simply never given a fair chance.
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Actually, I kinda liked it...
majormadmax2 October 2007
OK, my wife doesn't get the Geico commercials. She just doesn't see the humor in them. I, on the other hand, find them hilarious.

This show will garner the same response. I liked how it kept to the dry humor and urban sophistication of the commercials; but I am sure some will find it slow and unfunny. That's too bad, as TV could use a few more comedies that aren't gag-dependent. I enjoyed how no one questions the existence of cavemen in modern times, and how the are the target of prejudice but for no real reason. Each caveman is a unique character and functions in modern society better than the "saps" (homo sapiens).

I will be sad if this show doesn't survive, I for one will watch it ever week and if the series maintains the entertainment level of the first show than I am really looking forward to it. However, I get the feeling this one won't survive, which will be a shame...
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I still crave the cave.
The back-story: I was one of many who though the insurance commercials were clever enough. I mean, anybody can put out a series of shots promising reassuring protection and peace of mind after a fender bender, so why not feature a televised debate when on of the panelist pointedly quips that he's "not 100% in love with your tone." Did I mention that this was speaking of a modern day Caveman? Shortly thereafter, I got a call from a Focus Group moderator asking if I'd like to come in and watch a couple of episodes of a new sitcom. As you can imagine, the sitcom turned out to be the first two episodes of Cavemen. I had heard rumors prior to the viewing that the initial pilot had the guys in some country club down south, so I was pleasantly surprised with the retooled version of Joel, Nick and Andy in San Diego. Being a focus group, we were presented with a "raw" version that still needed some fine tuning, but the core stories stayed the same. Shortly thereafter, the series debuted.

The real issue is that people were predisposed to already dislike the show. I was reminded of the simpler days of pro wrestling that featured little vignettes of someone coming to the company. Depending on whether he was a "good guy" (face) or "bad guy" (heel), you were ready to cheer or boo him before he made is first live appearance. At least...that's what they wanted you to do. Prior to the mid-late 90's of the WWF's Attitude Era, they heavily promoted a young man named Rocky Mavia as a Blue Chipper. You were suppose to just love this guy with his goofy ring attire and pineapple haircut and the exact opposite occurred. They shifted the hatred (a common chant was Die Rocky Die!) and he soon became one of the biggest superstars in the industry (as The Rock) and later movies (as Dwayne Johnson). I could see the same thing happening here. People wanted this show to fail.

The sad part is that I truly loved the dialog and the actors played well off each other. Nick was my personal favorite and his gimmick of the perpetually lazy, lofty, acerbic, witty, jocular cavemen with a chip on his shoulder never got old. Nick's 'better than you' attitude wall well rounded against Joel's pragmatic side and his brother Andy's wide eyed eagerness. The gang all lived together (off and on) in a world of Halo 3, yogurt bars, squash courts and Nintendo Wii. I could buy this odd universe because it seemed somehow more realistic than some hot chick with a fat husband or a family with a constantly bitchy wife and her Frankenstein sounding brother in law. Yet, the general population didn't buy the show and it was gone after six episodes. I've been lucky enough to find a few more via Youtube and hope to get to see the other 3 via download.

One of the questions the focus group moderator asked was if these were guys that were like ones I actually knew. "I wish." was my answer.
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crave the cave
b-sidecure4 October 2007
I loved this show. The jokes were dry and cold. Such witty sarcasm and witty lines. A joy to see, i am very sad all these people are bringing such hate upon it, i guess thats what you get in a world where people think the American office is better than the British and wes anderson is not king. The cavemen show is not based on one joke as i've read so many reviewers say, i'm wondering if there was a bit of copy and pasting involved? It's based on a concept like everything else, the concept was spawned by a commercial, but who cares? It is truly entertaining and well written. I'm tired of critics desiring the same thing, and i wish audiences would be too.
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Too much wry humor for you?
Roger Hane4 October 2007
When I first saw the Geico commercials, I was floored by the quality of their writing and acting. When I heard they were being made into a sitcom I was very happy and filled with anticipation, unlike most everyone else. The public seemed bound and determined to hate this series before even seeing the first episode. Their reviews seem to be based on their preconceptions and not on what they actually saw.

What I saw left me ambivalent at first, but ultimately satisfied. The great news is, it's just like the commercial. In this case, that's a very good thing. The hipness and sardonic humor are all still there. I'll go out on a limb and say that this is better writing than the normal sitcom audience can appreciate. The actors pulled off their lines as beautifully as the commercial's actors.

The show comes with problems that will initially hamper it. The first episode we saw was obviously not the pilot, so we got no introductory development. It's going to be hard to tell these guys apart, but we'll get used to them over time. The stress these characters radiate in their struggle to cope with homo sapiens culture make them hard to warm up to. Especially Nick, who has a real chip on his shoulder (though this allows him to have the shows most bitingly cynical lines). And dare I say that the dry humor is too subtle and sophisticated to allow the series to succeed? Will enough people appreciate it? I doubt it.

Then there's the question of whether this series is really a parable about racial tensions and stereotyping. Its creators went to lengths to deny it, but its scenario makes it almost inevitable. Frankly, I think I saw some of it in the first episode. I sensed that the writers were ambivalent about whether to go in this direction and take on the issue. Their uncertainty came through in the script. We'll have to wait and see what they decided to do.

This series looks like it will fulfill my hopes, though everyone else seems to wish it would just go away. I'm already anticipating buying it on DVD when it's cancelled. If you people don't want it, then I'll gladly take it. Future generations will know that I knew a good thing when I saw it.
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A Missed Opportunity
movarhola13 November 2007
So why does this show suck? Unfortunately, that really is the only question, because there is no doubt that it does.

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the show, the doomed-to-be-shortlived series Cavemen focuses on a number of Neanderthals and their struggle to exist in modern day America and is based on the characters featured in a series of television ads for Geico Insurance. The concept is solid and there is every reason to think it could be executed successfully.

I had to think about it for awhile, but then the tagline from the commercials -- something to the effect of "We're not that much different from you" provided me with the key to the show's suckiness. Even though cavemen/Neanderthals are actually a different species than humanity, the title characters of this show, it turns out, are exactly the same as those of us who are boring jerks.

Maybe its my background as a game writer -- rather than a soulless, hack, committee-based writer from California -- but this show had so much potential, and none of it has been realized. To start with, the producers should have focused on the fun things that would make cavemen different from us.

What could conceivably be funny, for example, about giving them occupations like perpetual grad student and furniture store clerk, when they would have more compellingly been drawn to things like subterranean utility workers and guides at cave parks? Why would they play prosaic games like squash, when a whole episode could be devoted to them trying get hunting licenses to go after game with spears? A show like this could write itself, and it takes some willfully bad writing to make it quite so crappy and boring.

Another tiresome aspect of this show is an attempt to portray the cavemen as being subjected to a number of stereotypes associated with various human minorities. Yawn! This has been done so many times before, and never more drearily than this. And, as noted previously, Neanderthals really are a different species, so using them as a metaphor for racial stereotyping is both uncompelling and off the mark.

Responses are welcome, including those from anyone who wants to tell me why I'm wrong. I'd like to enjoy this show and am just sorry that I have thus far been unable to.

Michael J. Varhola, Skirmisher Online Gaming Magazine
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Don't Knock It 'Til You've Tried It
ElizabethCarltonChase30 October 2007
That's what my Granddaddy used to say, and wow -- he's still right. It's frustrating to hear all of the negative comments out there about CAVEMEN. And what I've noticed is that the folks who are nay-saying this absolutely hilarious new show haven't even seen it! (That's kind of like someone complaining about our government leaders when that person isn't even registered to vote.) Anyway, I urge and encourage you to check out at least one episode of CAVEMEN, especially if you're an under-50 male. The writing is brilliant, and the acting is perfectly paced and delivered. It's simply a good show, from concept through post and onto your screen. Don't miss it!
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cavemen among us
djray653 October 2007
I enjoyed the GEICO commercials a lot and I actually looked forward to this show. TV has gotten so boring now days, I figured what the hell. I don't think the actors playing the cavemen are the same, but they did a good job. I found it interesting that they provided no back sorry; they just jumped right in. kind of like real life. Now days every one need to be fully informed about every aspect of the characters and their lives. There is nothing wrong with a little mystery. And thank god they didn't try to put a dumb laugh track, it works just the way it is. While this is no "I love Lucy" of the 21st century, it did hold my interest. I hope it gets better, and they add more caveman friends. Get the guys from the commercials to come on. Today's generation my not get it, but I hope they do, I'd like to see more of cavemen.
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SO funny
eshrdlu-19 October 2007
This show MUST be given a chance. The writers have hit on the real world. This is not a trite reworking of any past show that I can recall, but I've not seen anything like it before. When I hear the Cavemen and their intelligent dialog, see them interacting with one another, insulting each other or making fun of each other, then go out into the real world to go to school or be heartbroken by a girlfriend, or go to work at an Ikea-like store, then I see the brows and three-inch puffs of hair dangling from their forearms, I LAUGH hard! Maurice is the recurring character to watch for, much more of the GEICO slant. He's the best one so far.
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Not the perfect start, but still has potential
cpp19773 October 2007
When I first heard of this show coming out, I was actually looking forward to it. I knew I had to watch it with an open mind, which I did last night. It wasn't roll on the floor funny, but I had a few chuckles. I can see this show struggling for a bit before finding a comfortable funny format. I am going to give this show a chance for the first season. If after that I still feel 5/10 about it, I'll stop watching.

So, yeah, the first episode was nothing to write home about, but everyone should check out this series at least once. The plot of the pilot was actually a decent story.

Overall response, I'm still neutral on it. The show can still prove bad and it can still prove good.
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Worst show I've ever seen
DashTheGreat2 October 2007
"Cavemen" exceeded my expectations, and not in a good way. It was even worse than I thought it would be. Basically, here's the show: The Cavemen are an alternate race, they face prejudice, etc. Quite possibly the stupidest idea ever created; almost being worthy of jail time for the writers. One show featured the cavemen going into a club, trying to pick up girls, and then nothing else happened. It was reminiscent of listening to a 22 minute Andy Rooney dialog, followed by death by steak knives via midget cannibals. For those who have not seen this show, here's an example of the dialog: "You're sure you're okay with going out with a caveman." "Yeah, that's fine. I've had like 10 - thousand!" Hilarious... Possibly the best writing I've ever witnessed.

22 minutes of cavemen with horrible makeup, tackling tough social issues... Sounds like an entertaining night. I also love how bad the recent ideas are that they're resorted to making a sitcom out of car insurance commercials. I wonder if they'll do the Gecko next, so that I can have a new title for the worst show I've ever seen. I would even say that this is worse than "Viva Laughlin." At least "Viva Laughlin" was ripped off from something that was somewhat inspired.

Shows like this make me hope that there's a comet up there somewhere aimed for Earth.

(Unratable honestly...)
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All right we get it!!! Cavemen are discriminated.
RCharbs296 October 2007
This is 30 minute show about one joke. The joke, Cavemen are not treated fairly. HaHaHa!!! He can't dial a phone because he is a Caveman. Cavemen are not as smart as human beings. Oh jeez, those Cavemen are so unsophisticated. There is no humor in this show. They can only run off this one joke for so long and they already have with the Geico commercials. This show does not deserve a time slot on national T.V.

This show tries to hard to be funny, but it just isn't. Watching this show, I was thinking that it was trying to be like a "Bachelor's Gone Wild Show." Meaning they go to the bar and try to sleep with many women. The crying caveman is annoying. The caveman with the glasses is too smart to be a caveman(HAHAHA!!!). All three of them have personalities, but I can't figure out why I don't care about them.
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Very Bad
windtar6 November 2007
I have watched 3 episodes of Caveman, and I have no idea why I continue except maybe waiting for it to get better.

To me this show is just pumping itself off the commercials, with no real humor. As we sat around watching these shows, we all speculated on what was going to happen.

The episode of the woman cave-woman with a attitude was actually a big, yea right, for us. she's crude in a theater and acts tough to strangers, and truth be told, she needed a slap

I consider myself a pretty good reviewer, taking in everything, but I must say, Cavemen is comparable to the old show, My mother, the car. I give it a 2, only because they deserve 1 better than a 1 because they actually spent money on it.
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Surprisingly amazing writing
pkurtz-114 November 2007
In the time of the reality TV show comes a program that actually has both wit, hilarity, and, amazingly, purpose.

This show really encompasses the day to day life of the new adult Y generation, with a little bit of silliness added in.

I suggest this to all my friends, and each one has started to watch it religiously.

The characterization has come full circle, and continues to develop. Most shows now-a-days seem to write themselves into a corner, (NBC's the Office) by eliminating all conflict. With the addition of a foux-race war, this show allows us to laugh at ourselves while at the same time reflect on ourselves.

Big time props to the creators of Cavemen.
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Thank God for The Re-write!
vze2363v3 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A friend shared his copy of the pre-air version of the pilot for this show during the summer when several of us were bored stiff due to lack of good TV. It was an interesting way to waste 20 minutes. The original pilot was the WORST thing I had ever seen.

It may be because I saw the previous one that was so awful, but I actually saw improvement in the one we were served when the pilot finally aired on TV. I remember commenting that the acting was WAY above the script on the original pilot. I felt bad for the actors because it seemed beneath them (and I had no idea who they were). When I watched it on the air, it was clear that someone with an actual brain had been consulted on the script.

The show has an interesting take in almost a "Daily Show-esquire" manner regarding the judgments we make about those who are unlike ourselves. If you aren't able to see it in that light, you're bound to believe it is the biggest mistake a network ever let a programming director make.

Why, in the name of all that is good and holy, ABC chose to put something like "Cavemen" on the air instead of keeping something as well written and witty as "Sports Night" is beyond me. Perhaps they thought "Cavemen" would be more family friendly, but it turned out to be full of jokes only an adult would understand.

I will say the fake hair didn't bother me as much in this version as it did the pre-air version. Whether Make-up was trying harder to make it look natural or the better script kept me from picking at everything that was wrong with it, I don't know.

All I can tell you is "Cavemen" is more likely to be successful if it finds a cult following for it's sarcastic, self-deprecating humor. If you're looking for good TV, this is not the show to watch. If you're looking for something quirky to pass the time, then give it a view. The acting is OK, it's the script and the premise that still have a ways to go.
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Cavemane Show
carguy6533 October 2007
I wasted my time and gave this show a chance. This has to be one of the worst new shows. If they gave an award to shows that suck THIS one should sweep the category. The acting is poor and the story line is contrived. Now Dinosaurs was a bit strange but at least it was entertaining. That show lasted three seasons and was finally scraped. This new show, based on an insurance companies commercials, is not funny and really has nothing going for it. Possibly the original commercials and the amount of times they were, and still are, repeated is what is wrong with this show. It just came to TV and already we are tired of seeing the "caveman" characters.
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Not Bad!
dmuccig211 October 2007
No points for mind-blowing originality, but at least this show is a fresh take on current trends in society. "Cavemen" reminds me a lot of "Friends", only written for the audiences of 2007, not 1997. I'm sick and tired of all the cookie-cutter sitcoms these days, which usually fall into one of two categories. Either they're rehashes of the family-based comedy (Everybody Loves Raymond, Full House - you get the point), or they try to be so incredibly original that you can barely understand them (like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia). It's nice to see a well-enough executed show that isn't trying to be too hip, or sharp and cynically witty, without being too cute for its own good. I think "Cavemen" will grow on people, mostly because it highlights the funniest parts of their own experiences.
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Not too good...
erikbert-13 October 2007
This show proved to be a waste of 30 minutes of precious DVR hard drive space. I didn't expect much and I actually received less. Not only do I expect this show to be canceled by the second episode, I cannot believe that Geico will ever attempt to use the cavemen ad campaign EVER again. I would have preferred spending a night checking my daughter's hair for head lice than watching this piece of refuse. I wonder what ABC passed on to make this show fit into the '07 fall schedual, perhaps a hospital/crime/mocumentary reality show featuring the AFLAC duck? In the event that I failed to express my opinion about this show let me be clear and say that it is not too good.
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Worst New Show Ever!
tderouaux13 October 2007
Cavemen was by far the biggest load of crap I have ever wasted my time watching. This show based on the Geico commercials is less entertaining then an actual 30 sec ad for Geico. The makeup was half ass-ed to say the least, hard to imagine a caveman with prefect white teeth even after going to the dentist. This show could of had potential for a funny series if they could of gotten the cast from the commercials, that in it self makes for a lousy show. Perhaps if the writers were the same from the Geico ads this may of had a chance, instead the pilot lacked a good story line. I give this show a 1 out of 10, I would of liked to put a zero out of 10 but that was not an option. I pray for a quick death to this show, I'd give it less then 5 episodes before it dies a deserving death.
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I love this show!
joemullenix13 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The commercials cracked me up, and so does the SitCom! The ultra-modern yuppie lifestyle is priceless, and the characters they're developing are fantastic. Especially the girlfriend's vapid, alcoholic mother. I love it. The style reminds me of some of the recent HBO shows (which can't miss, if you ask me). Fast-paced and not afraid to dwell on the meaningless. The main character's job at Norskbild is an endless source of future plots. Best of all, the pilot had a character played by Nick Swardson, who is absolutely hilarious. You might have seen him in Reno911 as Terry, or in Grandma's Boy. He's one of my favorite new comedians, and I intensely hope he gets a bigger role in this show. More Cavemen please!
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Seriously?!? Check with a physician to find out if you have forgotten about a lobotomy
azurecielo5247910 October 2007
I actually didn't mind the Geico commercials the first 50 of so times I saw them and even found them to be a bit wry and amusing, BUT SERIOUSLY! This is the BEST thing that these people could come up with?!? This show sucks! It is bland and feels like watching an episode of "The Office" with the characters disguised as cavemen (I know a lot of you will hate me for saying that but "The Office" just does not do it for me). Okay, I get it: we have the poor slob just trying to keep his nose clean and he has a crappy boss who hates him; the pseudo-intellectual who really just has a barely-functioning intellect; and the dopey one who just wants to be accepted, but SO WHAT!!! I have worked with these people and found them just as annoying in real life as I do on TV...why would I want to waste another 1/336th of my week watching more of those type nominates?!? Please call your parents and ask them if they dropped you on your head if after thinking about it, you still delude yourself into believing that this is entertainment.
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Makes "Me and the Chimp" look like a classic
davet8757 October 2007
Peeew this stinks! As everyone knows it's based upon some Geico insurance commercials; what no one knows is WHY?! Those commercials were amusing on first viewing at best; hardly fodder for a series. (The talking Geico gecko -- that's another story. Now that would make for an intriguing series!) And why on earth did ABC -- as reported in the press -- actually agree to buy the cavemen character rights from Geico for this? After all, the idea of cavemen struggling in the modern world is hardly unique to TV; Phil Hartman had a recurring Saturday Night Live role as The Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer over a decade ago. And that's how a concept like this works best -- as an occasional installment. But a regular series? Fuhgeddaboudit. (A 1960s series called "It's About Time" also used the cavemen in the modern world concept. It lasted one season.)

One of the show's directors, who was also responsible for the Geico commercials, was recently quoted as saying: "We were so excited when we were shooting our commercials because we felt like we had something that was very unique and we had bigger stories to tell." Wrong.

In the annals of bad TV, this is destined to take its place alongside 1972's "Me and the Chimp" as one of the all-time worst. The lead actor in the embarrassing Chimp fiasco actually went into shame-by-association hiding after it was abruptly canceled. No doubt our cavemen friends will follow suit.
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Yoshi66662 October 2007
I say this show is a piece of crap. It's not funny, it takes its concept from a Geico commercial, unfortunately thats the only part funny when you see this excuse for a television show. I thought the guy who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns was funny, but he showed no humorous concept in this. Now, I have seen worse, but seriously, at least make something funny out of this, the other bad shows were pretty humorous. And please don't get me wrong, some of you might think this show is funny, because you might find the audible and yet funny scenes with the Wii, but even my dad fell asleep with the show, and he usually finds these kinds of concepts funny. So I best advise you don't watch it. Use up the minutes of your life and continue to watch Scrubs or House or even Greys Anatomy, my favorite life shows.
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Piece of blah.
Juleskid2731 July 2007
For comedy it wasn't funny. Perhaps I was unable to relate to it. I just don't get it.

Plot Premise: A group of cavemen who are modernized and live amongst us but feel racial prejudice or pressure from society. Although i doubt it is that deep nor witty enough to encapsulate the above theme. The best guess would be a statement on black and white relations in the United States in a non controversial medium - the cavemen?? 3 brothers or friends live together each with radically different personalities and interests. They try to venture out in modern society and comment on or experience disastrously the modern society as modern cavemen in which the comedic outcomes only reinforce societies' stereotypes. The main character tries to engage the homo-sapient (white?) world with a regular love interest but is chastised as an uncle tom with the same comedic outcome from his efforts.

Nothing good to say about it.
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Love this show! Irony is so needed to make up for usual terrible sitcoms on TV!
sarah-55623 October 2007
Love Nick - you're so funny! Such a great concept and one of the few shows where I can't stop giggling. You guys could really take this a long way. Integrate into other dramas etc - like take a guest appearance on Nip & Tuck, for example or House. That would be very funny to watch, as long as you stay in character.

You should do a politic episode - you could include some conservative evangelical nut caveman! I was saddened to hear some of the critics panning the show. It is one of the most innovative ideas that Hollywood has had in a while.

Keep up the great work guys. Thank you.

Loved Nick's 'THE VIEW' interview.
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