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Sex & Nudity

  • A man calls a womans phone, another woman with a deep voice answers it and the man thinks that its a man on the phone and asks of his daughters where-abouts, she asks another girl who's name is "Bobbi" (the man thinks that she is a man as well) and the woman replies that shes in the shower and the man interprets it as sexual. Women wear shirts that reveals cleavage in a many scenes. A man and his wife make suggestive noises to each other. A woman tells her father shes going to be going away to Japan with another person who he believes is a girl and it turns out its a boy. A young boy is seen bare-chested in a bath tub. A man and a woman hug in a few scenes. A man hugs another man and kisses him on the cheek. (it does not appear sexual). Men and women dance together. A man and a woman are seen lying in bed together (they are both clothed). A man and a woman flirt. A young woman tells another young woman that a "Cute guy just drove by them". A woman wears a nightmask that reads "Wake me with a kiss". A woman tells a group of people that her and a man are getting married.

Violence & Gore

  • A car rolls off of a hill in the woods and crashes into many trees, lands on its side and a man cracks his back trying to recover it. A woman screams after finding a man under her bed, she blows a whistle, a woman with a tazor appears tazes the man (we see his facial expression and he falls to the ground). Two men chase a man and a young woman on golf carts, they ram into each other and try to hit each other with golf clubs, they run into posters and nearly hit people at a party and one of the golf carts lands in a pond. A man and a woman sky dive and, in the process of landing, accidentally kick a man into a pond. A man climbs up a ladder, it falls and he is left stranded while holding onto the roof of a house (he climbs through a window and is unharmed). A woman punches a man in the face and he falls to the floor. A man looks in the window of a sorority house and he see the shadow of what he thinks is his daughter being stabbed and strangled (it is revealed that she is dancing with some of her friends). A pig becomes extremely hyper after consuming coffee beans, it runs out of the room and knocks a man over on his way out, runs down a hallway while people chase after it, it jumps out a window and onto a tent outside, it breaks through and lands in a pot of sauce, splattering a nearby woman, it contiunes to run around in the tent while people chase it, people run into tables, it ends up swinging on the chandelier and a young boy catches it. A man knocks over a statue supporting a tent and we see the tent collapse from the outside. A man grabs a tazor from another man and shocks a man, causing him to fall and spill his drink on himself. A man shoots loaded guns at a bullseye at a shooting range. A man drives over a sharp stick and his tire is flattened. A girl pretends to slit her throat with her finger to symbolize a boys punishment. A man wears an eyepatch and claims that he was stabbed in the eye (a woman lifts it up and we find out he's lying). A man drops and breaks a bottle of perfume. A man says that he's going to kill a man and his pig. A woman screams loudly and her dad runs to her carrying a baseball bat (we later find out she was screaming in excitement). A woman and a man run into each other. A man begins to cough and he tells another man that he swallowed a bug. A man rams another man to the floor. A woman hugs and man tightly and he tells he says to her "You're restricting my airway". A man squeezes a glass of milk, the glass shatters and milk sprays. A man asks a group of men (presumably as a quiz) what they would do if a person was "resisting arrest" and they pull tazors from their belts. A man watches animals on television and the narrator says that one animal is going to rip another animals head off. A woman trips over a man. A woman throws a stack of papers in the air. A man is startled by a security system that reveals bright lights and falls to the ground. A man breaks a pencil in anger. A man is seen being taken to a police car in handcuffs. A woman says that a man and a young woman are "Going to kill each other" (shes joking). A man growls at his daughters boyfriend. It is implied that a pig defecates in a toilet (we hear the flush and see toilet paper stuck to its bottom).


  • name-calling (lame, over-protective, control freak, einstein, porky, crazy, cat-burgler)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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