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Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi to be jury chairman at Iffk

Film FestivalMajid Majidi's controversial film 'Muhammad: The Messenger of God' will be screened at the festival.Tnm StaffMajid Majidi/ Hamed Malekpour, Tasnim News Agency/ Wikimedia Commons/ CCBYSA4.0Director of Children of Heaven, Majid Majidi, will be the jury chairman of this year’s International Film Festival of Kerala. The renowned Iranian filmmaker will be heading the jury for the international competition category. His controversial film Muhammad: The Messenger of God will also be screened at the festival. The film that released in 2015 is about the childhood of Prophet Muhammad, and is also the biggest budget production in Iranian cinema. The film met with criticism from Arab countries which called for its ban. Even Ar Rahman, who composed the music for this film, has faced criticism in India. But Majid Majidi said in an interview that the ban was called for by Saudi authorities and religious scholars who had not watched the film.
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DVD Review: The Song of Sparrows

DVD Review: The Song of Sparrows
The Song of Sparrows

That Majid Majidi is a master does not need retelling. Ample evidence of that lies in Baran, Children of Heaven and Colours of Paradise. And to a great extent in The Song of Sparrows.

This is a film that has everything that Majidi is known for –wonderful actors, including a livewire band of child actors, panoramic cinematography (Tooraj Mansouri) which like in all Majidi films captures Iran’s vast openness at its most beautiful and contrasts it with the claustrophobia of the urban landscape, a fine mix of humour and melancholy, and above all, a deep humanist thought that gets life through a story of multiple meanings but told in an utterly simple manner.

This is a film in which Majidi raises a moral debate on how – and not whether - capitalism corrupts human values. Some might find Majidi’s style a bit to sentiment driven,
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Hong Kong Filmart

Sales may be bad, but they're not that bad for Fortissimo. Wouter Barendrecht recognizes that business continues to be down since AFM last year, but rather than drive distributors out of business, he has sold six titles. Food, Inc. went to Golden Village for Singapore, Cafe Groove for Japan, A-Film for Benelux, United King Films for Israel and Deltamac for Hong Kong and Taiwan. Todd Solondz's Forgiveness went to Israel's Shani Films and Russia's Maywin Media. Paul Schrader's 1985 cult favorite Mishima went to NonStop Entertainment for Scandinavia, Wild Side for France, Avalon for Spain. The tipped for Cannes title Face went to Maywin Media for Russia and to Switzerland's Columbus Film. The Song of Sparrows was acquired by Taiwan's Cineplex Entertainment and Germany's ARD Degeto, which also acquired Son of a Lion.

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