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My Favorite Show!
hayleykorn22 February 2008
Chelsea is hysterical. She has a witty and sarcastic sense of humor (and I don't normally appreciate sarcasm, but she makes it work... and work quite well). She makes fun of everyone, including herself. I don't even particularly care about celebrity gossip, but Chelsea is just so funny that I love this show. I only wish there were new episodes every night. Ever since I discovered the show, I haven't missed one episode. I strongly encourage anyone who likes to laugh to watch this show. I have told all my friends to watch this show, and everyone who has is now addicted. I can't wait for her to come perform at a comedy club near me!
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About as Funny as Your Average Tupperware Party
qormi21 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Chelsea Handler used to be very hot in the 90's. What happened to her? She seems like a grumpy frump whose stabs at humor, unlike her rack, fall flat. Compared to the very funny and edgy "Redeye" the show's inadequacy is revealed. Unlike Greg Gutfeld, Redeye's host, Chelsea has no apparent sense of humor or talent that would set her apart from the average loud mouthed woman at a tupperware party or a baby shower. She usually has two or three guests on her panel, but they must endure her constant interruptions, as if she is competing with them. We get it, Hon - it's all about you. Her constant references to being half Jewish or "Shidoobie"; her pet name for a bowel movement, begin to wear on you after three viewings. She always finds some celebrity victim to cut down, yet she should look in the mirror and see the vengeful hag gazing back at her.
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A Funny Comedian Who "Nails Hollywood Nightly"
ZoneXavierr26 October 2007
Starts off with Chelsea Handler reviewing what happened that day in Hollwood with a panel of other comedians or celebrities. After 10 minutes of laughing at reckless celebrities, it moves on to the guest star. She hilariously interviews the guest star and comments some really funny things. Some say her humor is cruel, which can be true at times. After a commercial break, she ends it in an awesome way by doing ambush stuff. For example, she goes to places like funeral homes, a Popeye Premiere, and a Tattoo Palor and many more. The ends are actually my favorite part. This comedian is great and i think shes under rated. In my opinion, shes great and definitely likes her vodka
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At the studio
rchmd16 December 2011
Talk about an amateurish operation. I've seen better Middle School productions. The studio is really small and old. The seating is fold out chairs that were really uncomfortable. I'm glad the taping only lasted about an hour as those chairs were really starting to make my back hurt but what do you expect it is just the E Network.. I don't think Chelsea likes the audience. She pretty much ignored everyone even the guys at the round table. The only time she was engaging is when the cameras were rolling. She likes to regurgitate her political views like the political puppet she is. Its OK she is entitled to say what she wants and I think she is a good example of the people in the party she represents. Her whole show is about her being a booze swilling lush with the occasional drug use. While she drives around in her Bentley oblivious to what is really happening in the world.
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Just that, awful!!!!
reup-916-3758965 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Just another hack with nothing new to bring to television. These shows are on t.v to fill in the time not taken up from commercials,and nobody is ever going to remember this show after it has ran its course. whatever happened to good television? shows were you needed at least a bit of talent to keep people interested? Now it seems we are just into eating up garbage that focuses on making fun of others. kind of meant for people who are still living in their high school days if you know what I mean. The jokes are bad, I think she laughs at her jokes more than anyone else does,but that's just me I'm not saying she is the worst and least talented person on TV, but I'm guessing she is near the top of that list.
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Best show on E!
KateYerves9 November 2008
This is hands down the best show on E! right now. Chelsea Lately is hilarious and I'm glad to see that she finally has her own show! I only wish the show was longer than half an hour! Everyone should check her out...she's not for everyone, much like Jillian Barberie's sense of humor which ultimately got her fired from Good Day Live (the show tanked soon after she left). Chelsea is hysterical and the show is very entertaining with a variety of round table guests and skits. Check it out now! And in response to the other comment about her exploiting midgets. That couldn't be farther from the truth. She is not racist either, she just has a very sarcastic sense of humor with a dead-pan delivery. Fans of the show may recognize her from her earlier series "Girls Behaving Badly" which aired on the Oxygen network.
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Great fun, just what we need now
stanzd30 October 2008
Once you watch Chelsea Lately, you can forget all of the horrible stuff that is happening in the world today. As a host, Chelsea is perfect fun; she's witty, sassy, hilarious and unlike other late night show hosts, she's not afraid to say things like they are.

Sure, when the show first started it bombed, but that's because it wasn't as funny as it is now. The show has improved slowly but sure, til the point where they can get an average of 650k viewers per show--competing against Letterman and Leno. That's quite a feat.

She's a breath of fresh air- instead of asking boring questions to celebrity, she often asks them what people want to hear from them. The show also has some funny scripted segments, like the one where she's interviewing fake Jonas Brothers, Angie vs Jen and many others. However the best and funniest part of the show is the unscripted roundtable; where she, usually with 3 guests talk about celebrities.

This is honestly one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Bravo to Chelsea and Chuy!
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Chelsea is so Funny
maclasch24 February 2008
I think her comedy is so intelligent. I saw an old stand-up special a few months ago of hers when she was younger (about 5 or 6 years ago I think). It was funny, real funny, but I must say she has gotten funnier over the years. The show is actually done differently than a lot of talk shows. They weren't affected by the recent writers strike because they actually improvise most of their shows and decide what they want to talk about on the show that day. They film the show in the afternoon and air it that night. It does seem like she's exploiting Chuy sometimes, but he definitely gets the joke. And I think she hasn't been so bad lately.
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No Class, No Sass ... No Brains
rricker1599 August 2008
Chelsea Handler and her lately show, is lacking and well past crude. She is so very fake her self, and she is so lacking of talent is just sad. Her constant statement of "1/2 Jewish" this and that, is tired, who does she think (if she is capable of concept) she is fooling ????? Self centered-SHE IS, has intelligence- SHE HAS NOT, TRASH- SHE SO IS, 33yrs old - OH COME ON NOW, give people some credit. Perhaps she does drink too much (or does much more to her pea of a brain), she can not recall stating she was 31 back in 2002, while looking closer to 43. She should stop attacking others, and take a long look in the mirror , fake tan, fake hair color and not so fake that she is a total airhead! The show lacks entertainment, is that not what the 'E' is to stand for ???? Guess it is not who you only know, it is who----yet who is she sleeping with again? Ohhhh of course that would be the only reason her show is still on. As for Chuie, he should be hosting, he is the best part of that sad show! Bravo to Chuie!
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I can't figure this show out...
thatsusboltz23 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Chelsea isn't as funny as she thinks she is and why do some people look like they aren't enjoying her company when she has her outbursts and "funny" times with people off the street?.

I think Chelsea is quite a hypocrite as well, I mean she mocks a lot of celebrities and makes fun of them, but what is different about her and her fake tan, cleavage and dye job?.

The moving background is annoying and is Chooey just there for her to make fun of? I get the feeling that all of the vapid, pathetic and brain dead shows like Sunset Tan, The Hills, Laguna Beach, My Sweet 16 etc because one week Chelsea will mock those shows and then get the air headed, annoying and disgusting wastes of space The Olly Girls on her show as guests.

In the end I think Chelsea is making fun of what she actually is, superficial and easy.
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Not a big fan
ilanak14 October 2007
I have a sense of humour as good as the next person, however jokes against other peoples' misfortunes and racial slurs are getting old.

The first time I watched this poor excuse of a show I was a combination of unimpressed at an unfunny Jewish / money related comment, followed by embarrassed for Chelsea for the silence that followed from the audience. As I flicked through channels the next night I stumbled across her again - and at the exact same moment she made another similar comment...

Maybe it's time to get a new act?? The rest of her delivery isn't great anyway...
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Minor Renaissance of Late-Night Cable TV
michael_the_nermal20 August 2009
"Chelsea Lately" is best summarized using a historical analogy (historically inaccurate though it may be; I must oversimplify for the purposes of this review): the Carolingian Empire of Charlemagne may not have been the revival of the Roman Empire in terms of presenting a complex civilization or a glorious new empire, but it was a start in the right direction after the fragmentation of Europe into barbarian kingdoms. "Chelsea Lately" is nowhere near as brilliant or illustrious as the "good ol' days" of late-night basic cable: Comedy Central's "Win Ben Stein's Money", "Mystery Science Theatre 3000", or the Kilborn/Early Stewart-era "Daily Show"; the reruns of "Taxi" on Nick-at-Nite; or the Cartoon Channel's "Space Ghost" (not to mention Fox's "Married With Children" and "Get a Life"). Still, Chelsea Handler hearkens back to the days when basic cable was worth a damn. Her round table panel is amusing enough when they spar with Chelsea over the latest no-talents populating Hollywood. Chelsea's sarcasm, blunt delivery, and earthy wit are a pleasure to watch compared with Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, and even (yes, I mean it) Jon Stewart. Chuy is excellent as the "John Everyman" sidekick who makes funny, mean-spirited comments back at Chelsea. I dare say, Chuy Bravo is a much better sidekick than Ed McMahon or Andy Richter ever were!

TV is a dismal wasteland, polluted with reality programs, left-and-right wing talking heads, UFO-conspiracy programs, and Steven Seagal movies. Chelsea Handler at least offers an amusing alternative. While not a brilliant show (some of the time it's not that funny), it's at least better than most of what's on TV. The interviews with B-list celebrities are sometimes a groan, but I prefer these to Jon Stewart fawning over politicians and pundits. Chelsea's "bad girl" image is a breath of fresh air, and oozes sexiness. I hope E! will continue to run with this show.
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Swing and a Miss!!!
jajacob-119 January 2008
I hate this show and the E!!Network. Chelsea Handler is a very unfunny comedian whom takes cheap jokes at minorities. Her delivery of already poorly written "race" jokes is pretty atrocious. In addition, her sidekick that she has proclaimed "Chewy"(this is so incredibly demeaning) is clearly on the show purely for midget exploitation......He should be ashamed of himself.

the show itself is pretty pathetic too. Its format is a round-table discussion where D-list celebrity guests talk about the most important news events of the day such as: "is Lindsay Lohan still drinking?" Stay clear of this show at all costs! If you want "real" racy comedy watch a Chappelle show re-run or an episode of South Park.
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