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Great Interview with Franco and Lee
Michael_Elliott31 October 2011
Bloody Jess (2007)

*** 1/2 (out of 4)

Wonderful feature interviews Jess Franco and Christopher Lee about their 1970 film THE BLOODY JUDGE, which was about Judge Jeffries (sic for film) and the various innocent people who were put to death about him. Both men are in very fine form but then again they usually always deliver an interesting interview. Lee starts off telling us the history of Jeffries and his opinions on why he was such a brilliant man before developing a "Jekyll and Hyde" style. Franco starts off talking about how he got involved with the production and he thoughts about working for Harry Alan Towers. We then flashback to Lee who comes across as a complete jerk as he admits that he's never seen the film but he's "heard" that it's absolutely vile and disgusting to watch. He then goes on a rant against the horror genre which he claims he hadn't worked in for 27 years (wrong Chris, don't forget THE HOWLING II: YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF) and continues to bash those who watch these type of movies. I'm sure he didn't mind getting paid to talk about this film. We then go back to Franco who talks about this being the only time where he and Lee debated about one of their films together. It's clear that Lee wanted a historical drama with nothing but the truth but Franco had to deliver an entertaining movie. They both seem to agree that the various alternate titles are a joke including HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTER, which was the U.S. title. If you're a fan of the film or the men then you're certainly going to want to watch this 25-minute featurette. It's just too bad Lee had to continue to bad mouth the horror genre and this time the people who watch such films.
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The Bloody Judge retrospective complete with spelling mistakes!
poolandrews5 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Bloody Jess is a twenty five minute documentary featuring distinguished actor Christopher Lee & talentless hack director Jess Franco discussing the film The Bloody Judge (1970) which Lee starred in as the title character & Franco directed.

Lee obviously speaks in English while Franco speaks in Spanish with English subtitles, various clips from The Bloody Judge are edited in to the sound-bites to illustrate points.

The two men discuss the real inspiration for the film Judge George Jeffreys & the differing opinions the two men had over his on screen portrayal. The various different titles are talked about & Christopher Lee confirms that he never knew anything about or had any involvement in the torture or sadism featured in the film & as a result of these scenes being filmed after he had left the project Lee has never seen the finished film. Nothing of any great interest is mentioned, interference from producers led to the mix of genres, the battle scenes were filmed near Madrid for about $5000 & although set in England it was shot entirely in Portugal & Spain.

Bloody Jess is watchable enough, there's nothing groundbreaking here but as this was made over thirty years after The Bloody Judge was shot that's unsurprising. The only other thing of note is the constant spelling mistake in which the captions spell Judge George Jeffreys last name as Jeffries for some strange reason, I guess it just comes down to sloppy research.
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