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Busfield, Weber and Janney keep the show going
studioAT30 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
On the face of it this episode of 'Studio 60' shouldn't be much good. Matthew Perry, Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peet are all absent, which for many is a reason to skip to the next episode on the DVD.

But stick with it, because there are three saving graces - Timothy Busfield (Cal), Steven Weber (Jack) and a great guest turn from 'West Wing' alum, Alison Janney.

There are some decent scenes in this episode, as 'Studio 60' has a disaster show, and it's lovely to see them actually using a guest host for more than just introducing musical guests. How I wish they'd used Lauren Graham more! For 'West Wing' fans its also lovely to see Busfield and Janney working together again, and there is a lovely moment at the end that is very sweet.

The rest of the episode is a load of old nothing, with the Simon story line being weak from start to finish. It's like something from a bad rom-com, which of course is the direction 'Studio 60' found itself going in.

The Harriet story line is poor too, with Sarah Paulson just having to whine a lot at anyone who'll listen rather than do anything.

If you're really hooked on the show then watch this episode, but you really could skip it on the DVD and not have missed much.
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