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Season 2

24 Oct. 2007
Gianni Versace
July 15, 1997, Gianni Versace, the most famous fashion designer in the world, sets out alone on his morning walk to pick up his newspapers and magazines. Since his arrival in Florida, Versace has been followed by an envious admirer; a desperate loser turned serial killer who has traveled 2000 miles to destroy him. Andrew Cunanan is obsessed with Versace and has been carrying a seven-year grudge that has grown into a desire to kill the celebrity, a man he met only briefly. Through exclusive interviews with his intimates, combined with archive and dramatic ...
31 Oct. 2007
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison is one of the most famous rock singers in the world. He's is the ultimate sex symbol, but Morrison is at war with his own dark demons. A gripping look into the last 24 hours of his life. This episode will captivate you through it's archive footage and realistic reenactments. A must watch.
17 Oct. 2007
Anna Nicole Smith
The famous American sex goddess is in Fort Lauderdale to buy a boat but she's been so sick she hasn't been able to leave her hotel suite. Anna Nicole is running a fever and fighting flu symptoms. She's also taken an unpredictable cocktail of prescription drugs to help her deal with the recent tragedy of her twenty-year old son's death. When Anna Nicole can't be wakened from her sleep, her friends quickly realize something is seriously wrong. She is rushed to the hospital, where she is pronounced dead. An unbelievable look into the last 24 hours of Anna Nicole Smith. ...
7 Nov. 2007
Janis Joplin
The final 24 hours of Janis Joplin's life.
Keith Moon
Keith Moon is one of the most outrageous rock'n'roll performers in the world. As the genius drummer for The Who, wild-man Moon is a non-stop party animal. Featuring archival footage, dramatic reenactments, and interviews with his family and closest companions, Final 24 documents the final moments of this rock star's life.
Nicole Brown Simpson
Vibrant, funny, and beautiful, Nicole Brown Simpson appears to have it all. With loads of money, a great body, and two adorable children, the ex-wife of football legend O.J. Simpson is living the Hollywood dream. In 24 hours, however, the dream will be brutally shattered, Nicole will be dead, and her ex-husband will stand accused in the murder trial of the century.
David Koresh
One of the most notorious religious leaders in the United States, David Koresh, and 83 of his followers have been trapped inside their Waco, Texas compound for over 50 days. Unwilling to surrender and surrounded by authorities, the siege is the longest modern-day standoff in American law enforcement history. Final 24 documents the final moments of the infamous preacher's life.
Tupac Shakur
The most successful hip-hop artist of all time, Tupac Shakur has just finished shooting his latest video in Los Angeles. As the fearless and angry voice of urban America, the multi-talented poet and performer has sold over 75 million albums, has scored six top-ten billboard singles in as many years, and has emerged as a rich and powerful black man with scores of fans... And enemies.

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