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The bleakest episode so far?
ttapola7 November 2009
"The Round File" immediately stands out from the episodes preceding and following it. Actually, it stands out from pretty much every other episode. While there is just the slightest amount of amusement in the scenes at the beginning, from there it gets bleaker and bleaker, until it is practically utterly dark. Unfortunately I have not yet had a chance to view it again, but I'm pretty sure there were no smart quips, no situation comedy or any of the laugh riots that appear in most episodes of "The Closer". As a result, this is among the most dramatic and gripping episodes in the series, an appalling look into the black hearts of humans that are likely to live among us, in the real world. And a look at the real world where there are people who are simply forgotten, people who nobody cares about. This episode has a message, but it isn't clumsily hammered home, the writers trust that the viewers get it. I certainly hope everyone does.

This all comes pretty close to a perfect episode, but Season 1's Episode 3: "The Big Picture" still reigns, with it's grim examination of the flawed justice system and one of the coldest endings I've ever seen on a TV series' episode.
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Sad and funny....
mgoreaz7 August 2018
Loved this episode... so much reality with just the right amount of comedy... too often older family members are neglected and their opinions disregarded... one of my favorite episodes. Good reminder that people are important no matter their age
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Great ep even though socially sad
MiketheWhistle21 October 2018
First, this was a great ep especially with Jonathan Del Arco and Orson Bean. There is the standard one-liners from most of the cast. It also had the underlying theme that goes thru to the end of the series regarding taking care of family in particular parents. As to the question if this was a bleak ep, perhaps yes, but unfortunately it happens which is perhaps more bleak. I wish Mr. Bean could have been a regular guest.
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