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European Film Academy picks 4 for best first film

  • Ask me what the 1,800 voting members of the European Film Academy will choose as their top film of the year and I'd confidently say: the Romanian pic that won over Cannes. Ask me what the same jury will choose as the top film from a first time filmmaker and I could say it will be a film about a musical band. That is because out of the four choices, I'm guessing that Eran KolirinEran Kolirin
[/link]'s The Band's Visit and Anton Corbijn's Control have about an equal chances on this award. The other two noms are Gegenüber (Counterparts) by Jan Bonny from Germany and A Man’s Fear of God by Özer Kiziltan. The four debut films nominated for European Discovery of 2007 were determined by a committee comprised of Fipresci (the International Federation of Film Critics) members Jacob Neiiendam (Denmark), Marco Lombardi (Italy) and Dana Linssen (the Netherlands), and
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