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  • Jarmo Puskala came up with the idea for the film whilst in the sauna. The filmmakers also provided the opportunity for collaboration from fans. People could ask for a screening in their home town, help collaborate in the film's creation, and invest in the movie. 10% of the film's budget was generated by fans. However, the idea of Nazis secretly on the Moon goes at least as far back as Robert Heinlein's novel "Rocket Ship Galileo" published in 1947. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Finnish director Timo Vuorensola was under a lot of time pressure and completed the theatrical version only 48 hours ahead of the deadline for the Berlinale festival. Unfortunately, that meant that numerous scenes were not yet finished and couldn't be integrated into the movie. The now released Director's Cut, which is also marketed as Dictator's Cut, is not only much longer than the theatrical version but also the better film. It makes the film seem more complete, adds more depth to story and characters, has more battle scenes and some improved effect shots. That should satisfy fans. The director himself described it this way: "With the Director's Cut, I was able to bring in many of the scenes I really enjoyed and now are prepared in full quality. The film is now almost 20 minutes longer, and much more epic in pacing, and finally in the form I originally wanted it to be." Edit (Coming Soon)


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