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  • Mack and Denise Rattray get their revenge on Sookie but Bill steps in to save her. Subsequently, Sookie's senses begin to undergo a transformation. She later learns that the Rattrays are dead and the police immediately suspect Bill. She also begins to wonder just how far vampires will go when a leading opponent of the Vampire Rights Act is killed in an accident. Bill agrees to visit Sookie and her grandmother and Tara and Jason invite themselves for the evening. Jason Stackhouse gets to see the video of his evening with Maudette Pickens. The police release him but his experience doesn't dissuade him from sleeping with every woman who will have him.


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  • The Rattrays keep kicking Sookie. She's a bloody mess. The dog that licked her before walks out and the man aims a gun at it. From the ground, Sookie kicks him and he flies backwards into a tree. Something swoops across the night, picking them off her. A hand reaches down to pull her to her feet.

    At the sheriff's station, Jason watches the end of his sex tape with Maudette in which he chokes her and runs out when he realizes what he's done. He starts to cry watching it but then the tape keeps playing. She opens her eyes and laughs, calling him a moron. He's excited to learn he didn't kill her. He suggests it was a vampire.

    Bill carries Sookie through the woods.

    Jason describes the vampire he saw on Maudette's sex tape. But Jason's tape was the only one they found. The vampire was bald and crazy and tattooed.

    Bill carries Sookie to the river, she's in bad shape. He bites open his wrist and tells her to drink. She asks if it'll make her a vampire. He says no, but to do it if she wants to live. She drinks, lustily.

    Tara goes home to find her mom passed out on the couch. (A gossip mag has a headline that says Angelina adopts vampire baby.) Tara calls Lafayette to come get her.

    Dawn wakes up to loud knocking on her door. Its a very traumatized Jason. He tells Dawn what happened, looking for comfort in one woman's arms after having nearly killed another during sex. But she goes along with it.

    At the riverbank, Bill asks Sookie again what she is. She tells him she can hear people's thoughts, but not his. She tells him it's peaceful. She tells him she doesn't date and flashes back to dates where hearing a man's thoughts ruined it. She tells Bill only the people closest to her know. He leans in but she says she should be getting home. She notices she feels completely healed. Doctors don't know that v-juice can do that.

    Tara sits on a couch by herself while Lafayette, her cousin, works the crowd. A man tries to pick her up, but she makes up a story about her husband being a mercenary just back from Iraq.

    At Dawn's house, she's consoling Jason using the booty method following his recent brush with the law, knocking over things and shrieking a lot.

    Bill and Sookie walk chastely down a moonlit street. He was made a vampire in 1865 when he was 30. He was in the Civil War. She asks him if he'd speak to her grandmother's group. He asks if it would make her happy. She says yes. He asks again to call on her. She's off work tomorrow, she'll see him just after dark. Bill disappears.

    Jason wakes up in bed next to Dawn, who now has her shirt off. He sees bite marks on her chest and isn't happy about it.

    Sookie watches a shouting news program between a Reverend and a woman from the American Vampire League. Her grandmother comes in and they decide Jesus wouldn't mind if someone was a vampire. Sookie eats sausage, tasting more flavors in it than usual. She describes it to her grandmother, who seems to know what happened. Tara comes in, demanding info on her vampire date. Jason comes in in time to hear grandma's news: a tornado turned over a trailer. The one where the Rattrays lived. They were crushed to death.

    Sookie drives over there. The trailer is demolished. A van pulls up, and it's the sheriff and the coroner, the one who buried her parents. The sheriff has heard she didn't like the Rattrays much. He also tells her about the vampire living in the old Compton place across the field from her house. He says no one heard anything like a tornado.

    Sookie comes home to her grandmother cleaning. She smells rotten food and finds a tiny crumb under the chair. Gran tells Sookie that Jason and Tara are coming over that night to meet the vampire, too.

    Later, Bill sneaks up to Sookie on the porch. She has to invite him in before he can enter. She does. As he greets everyone, Jason stuffs his face and stares him down. Bill talks about where he's from. He says he came back because the last of his Compton line died and he's living in their old place. He says he expects the vampire rights act to pass. Jason gives him some vampire prejudice. Tara asks if he owned slaves. He didn't, but his father did. He charms Gran with stories of the olden days.

    Bill asks Sookie to go for a walk. Jason tries to forbid her, but Gran shuts him down.

    Outside, Sookie tells him she went to the Rattrays' trailer. He says that vampires get stronger over time and learn to cover their tracks. She asks if he ever killed anyone. Yes, by accident. He says he fed on the Rattrays because she drank a lot of his blood. She asks what it'll do to her. She'll have heightened senses, a stronger libido and he'll be able to sense her, especially if she's in trouble.

    At the house, Tara cozies up to Jason, talking about wanting to be seen and to matter. They snuggle on the couch and Jason remembers he was supposed to pick up Dawn from work.

    Walking through a graveyard, Bill tells Sookie about glamoring people, which is sort of like hypnosis. She wants him to try on her. She goads him into it. He looks deep into her eyes, trying to take hold of her thoughts. She busts up laughing. He has no effect on her. Usually people are more squeamish about vampires, he says. Who is she to be squeamish about something out of the ordinary? She flashes back to her childhood, hearing her mom thoughts as she worries about bills and then getting talked to by a teacher who is resolved to disprove she can read minds. She hears her mom anxious thoughts about her, being scared by her. She tells Bill they diagnosed her with ADD. He asks when she lost them. When she was eight, in a flash flood. He talks about losing his wife and children after he turned.

    She quizzes him on his skills. He can't levitate, change form or turn invisible.

    They stare deeply at each other, she lets her hair down. He nuzzles her neck and soon it's a vampire-human make-out. But he pushes her away, his fangs out. He tries to calm down and says he'd better walk her home.

    Jason lays tied up in Dawn's bed as she gets ready for work. He quickly realizes she plans to leave him like that.

    At the bar, a woman orders another drink from Tara, who tells her off and then talks her way out of wearing a uniform.

    Sookie waits on four rude guys who think lewd things. The road crew guy runs them off. Sam asks to talk to Sookie in his office and asks her about reading people's thoughts. He says she should read his sometime. She says she doesn't want to; she's had to quit every job she's ever had because she could read her boss' thoughts.

    Tara asks Dawn about Jason, in a way that doesn't come across as completely innocent.

    Sookie sees something on the news about the anti-Vampire Reverend and his wife having been killed in a car accident. She drives to Bill's house. There's a car with a license plate that says FANGS 1 out front. Two creepy vampires meet her at the door and the bad tattooed guy from the sex tape sneaks up behind her. They bare their fangs and hiss.

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