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In its amiable, quiet, PG-13 way, The Invention of Lying is a remarkably radical comedy.
Entertainment Weekly
The performances are razor sharp. And the ideas in this movie are, no kidding, big.
However cheeky and blasphemous, this is, at heart, a rather sweet little fable. Which of course would mean nothing if it weren’t explosively funny.
Miami Herald
Gervais' wickedly sly concept lingers quite awhile after the final chuckle. And that's the truth.
It's surprising to admit that the British comedian, known far and wide for his willingness to take risks, plays it safe in The Invention of Lying - a fault from which the movie never truly recovers.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
This topsy-turvy flick is fitfully funny, but more often it's just odd, like the first draft of a "Twilight Zone" episode that's missing its moral.
Once the sharp, clever satire gives way to what feels like a special must-see-TV episode, the movie’s promise slowly deflates.
The romantic plot, involving his unrequited loved for Garner, is soured by her character's unconcealed shallowness: she won't have him because his genes aren't up to snuff.
Village Voice
Lying brushes more big ideas than commonplace comedies, but hasn't taken those ideas through enough drafts to work out their implications or--harder still--make them killingly funny.
Proof that when you aim for the stars, sometimes you find a black hole. Hopefully just an anomaly for the usually wonderful Gervais.

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