"The Thick of It" Spinners and Losers (TV Episode 2007) Poster

Tony Gardner: Dan Miller


  • Jamie : It's show time! Can Teflon Tucker save the Nutters or will Dan Miller rip his sculp off and use it as an oven glove?

    Nick Hanway : [Ben and Nick coming down the stairs]  Guys! Is he here? Dan's not arrived yet, is he?

    Malcolm Tucker : Laurel and fucking Hardy! Glad you could join us. Did you manage to get that piano up the stairs ok, yeah?

    Jamie : Oh, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for The Right Honourable Dan Miller, MP!

    Dan Miller : Oh, the reception committee. What a turn out. And they say no one is interested in politics. Malcolm.

    Malcolm Tucker : Dan.

    Dan Miller : Nick.

    Nick Hanway : Dan.

    Dan Miller : Ben.

    Ben Swain : Dan.

    Dan Miller : Jamie.

    Jamie : God, enough with the pleasensies here, let's just oil up and get fucking, yeah?

    Malcolm Tucker : I'm looking forward to today.

    Dan Miller : Today should be very interesting.

    Malcolm Tucker : I just wonder what are you actually gonna be saying on Today.

    Dan Miller : On the Today program? Well I'll be saying that I'll be fully endorsing Tom. Tom's my guy and he always has been.

    Nick Hanway : Really? Is that it? No buts, no elephant traps?

    Dan Miller : No, no. Tom and I came to an arrangement about an hour or so ago.

    Malcolm Tucker : Well, my work here is done.

    Nick Hanway : Why wasn't I told?

    Jamie : [Jamie does a flying movement with his hand, complete with whistling. Nick looks at him in puzzlement]  It's the sound of you flying out of the loop head first into a huge mound of shite.

    Nick Hanway : So this whole evening has just been a waste of time.

    [Jamie does the flying thing again] 

    Nick Hanway : Yeah, yeah, I got it, got it.

    Dan Miller : Yes, yes, that's pretty much it. That's why I went home, had a good night's sleep. Oh, by the way, Malcolm, Tom said to liaise with you on the press and...

    Malcolm Tucker : Yes, yes, offfcourse, yeah...

    [Tucker recieves a message on his beeper] 

    Malcolm Tucker : Oh, God. Oh, I've been summoned to the breakfast meeting, to talk to Tom about this morning, some details about Claire Ballentine maybe, Geoff Holhurst, young Benjamin here.

    Nick Hanway : Fuck you very much, you unscrupulous bastard.

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