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Bruce Campbell: Sam Axe



  • [Sam questions an imprisoned enforcer in a medical scam] 

    Michael Westen : [narration]  There's a saying in interrogation: "Violence perceived is violence achieved." You don't want someone screaming, you want him asking questions - asking, "What is he doing with that knife?"

    Sam Axe : [cuts his own thumb]  Oh, wow!

    Michael Westen : [narration]  Asking, "If he'll do that to himself, what will he do to me?"

    [Sam Axe drips blood from his thumb onto the man's face as he squirms in terror] 

    Michael Westen : [narration]  Mostly you want him asking, "How do I make this stop?"

  • [Sam finds Michael unconscious on the ground after he's narrowly avoided a bomb planted on his front door] 

    Sam Axe : Mike? Mike! Mike!

    Michael Westen : [weakly]  What - ?

    Sam Axe : [stops Michael from moving]  Don't try it. Don't try that. You just took a pretty bad fall.

    Sam Axe : [looking up at the landing and blown-out entrance to Michael's loft]  Uh, make that a *very* bad fall.

  • [Sam helps Michael get to his feet outside his loft, and they look at the dented roof of Michael's car, which broke Michael's fall] 

    Sam Axe : I think your car saved your life, Mike.

    Michael Westen : Not the first time.

  • [On the run from Carla's goons, Michael stops Sam as he observes a man about to cross the street] 

    Michael Westen : [narration]  Distinguishing between different kinds of suspicious behavior is crucial for an operative.

    Sam Axe : Surveillance?

    Michael Westen : Not surveillance, Sam.

    [Michael runs to the man, and pulls him out of the path of an oncoming truck] 

    Michael Westen : [narrating]  Someone doing surveillance, for example, looks different than someone who's trying to commit suicide.

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