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Romanian soap opera
Vincentiu9 June 2013
like in many countries, soap opera is a form of delight for a not small part of TV public. Romanian viewers are not exception. so, after many South - American productions, must be time for national TV series. in this circle, Gypsy Heart/ Inimă de țigan is a special case. not exactly for artistic virtues - the presence of great actors is a good basis for not became a failure - but for subject. in East, Gipsys are one of eternal problems. this series desires be a bridge. a kind of exploration of traditions and life style. and it does good work. same love and hate stories, business and evil characters without isles of gray before end, humor, dances, a remarkable Gheorghe Dinică as bulibasha and Gheorghe Visu in an inspired role. but the basis is the subtle propaganda for a TV channel who use its stars in this production. conclusion - a nice beginning. realistic but almost close by truth, full of great good intentions but perfect image of Gypsy roots for present Romanian reality. in fact, short chronicle of conquest.
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noble purpose
Kirpianuscus29 July 2017
a surprise. for risky theme. for the wise choice of few great actors as pillars of a story who is, in same measure, exotic, fascinating, strange , realistic using the subtle form of interracial education tools. the stars of Acasă TV and Gheorghe Dinică, Marin Moraru, Gheorghe Visu, Florina Cercel in a chronicle of every day life of Gipsies. sure, it is a soap opera. sure, the rules of genre are the laws who define the film. but, "Inimă de țigan" has the virtue to look for more than a simple show. and this message of the need and chance to live together, Romanians and Gipsies is a precious good point. because it gives a new perspective about the other, in subtle manner, with right tools.the use of the old hate-fascination about the Gipsies from the majority is the key of its success. and, maybe, the premise for the series.
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