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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence, and sexual content including references

Sex & Nudity

  • Mathayus is implied to have sex with many women in one night. (we see him enter a room full of scantily clad women who then close the doors before we see what happens next)
  • In Sargon's palace, many scantily clad women are seen.
  • Layla wears a skimpy outfit throughout the movie that reaveals cleavage, her stomach, and some of her legs.
  • Astarte wears a dress with an extremely plunging neckline that shows the sides of her breasts down to her stomach.
  • Astarte wishes to keep Mathayus as her sex slave
  • Astarte uses her powers to turn her dress into a different outfit, during the change, we see her bare back, the sides of her breasts, and one of her nipples briefly.
  • Sargon is shown having sex with a member of his heram, but the woman turns into Astarte, who is disgusted by Sargon.
  • Many men are seen shirtless during the film.
  • Mathayus helps Layla with a wound on her leg, she tells him that if his hands go up any farther than that, he'll be in trouble

Violence & Gore

  • The opening of the film is a scene of a great battle, in which many people are butchered and killed.
  • A man is stung and killed by many scorpions.
  • Numerous fighting scenes throughout.
  • A man stabs his own hand in a show of loyalty.
  • Many people are stabbed and killed during the movie.
  • Mathayus stabs the Minotaur in the back of the head and kills it. (his bloody sword is seen)
  • The Minotaur kills some men by impaling them with it's horns.
  • Sargon attempts to sacrifice people by covering them in oil and setting them on fire.
  • Sargon is shown fighting another man and breaking his arm.
  • People are shot with arrows and killed.
  • Mathayus kills a giant scorpion by stabbing it.


  • 1 use of b*st*rd
  • 3 uses of hell
  • 1 use of jack*ss
  • 2 uses of d*mn
  • 1 use of Slut
  • Name calling (Demon, Cow, Bag of Bones, ect)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sargon kills Mathayus' brother with a magic spear, the scene is more saddening than intense as Mathayus' brother dies in his arms.
  • The scene with the Minotaur may frighten some viewers.
  • The scene in the underworld may frighten some viewers. People are scene merging with plants in grotesque ways. Strange slithering creatures slither out of a man's eyes and mouth.
  • A man is killed (and presumably eaten) by a beetle creature.
  • A man turns to stone.
  • The scene where many scorpions attack and kill a man may scare some viewers.
  • Sargon wields black magic, and sometimes his eyes are completely dark, and his voice echoes, which may disturb some viewers.
  • At the end of the film, Sargon uses his black magic to transform into a giant phantom scorpion which may disturb some viewers.

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