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Season 2

5 Dec. 2009
Death on Arrival
1000 Ways to Die looks at the following cases: "#948 Titty Titty, Bang Bang" a woman with new breast implants dies when her breasts explode on an airline flight, "#714 Forked-Up" a man is cut in half when a cable he wraps himself around gets caught on a forklift, "#590 Unintented" a woman in a tent is blown off a mountain by a strong gust of wind, "#123 Tali-Bombed" a terrorist dies because he sets a bomb after forgetting about Daylight Savings Time, "#515 Vike-O-Done" a Viking dies after getting an infection from the bite of a beheaded corpse, "#444 Deadliest Munch" ...
9 Dec. 2009
Death Bites!
Chubby chaser lands a big one, frat boy suffers fart burn, a fiddler hits a bad note, an ex-con gets exterminated, a french maid dusts off the boss, mobsters lose face and a limp lover goes down hard.
16 Dec. 2009
Up with Death
Seven tales of sexual mishap & general bone-headdery are re-enacted in this episode. We see crushed heads, skewered eyeballs, necrophilia, zoophilia, and the classic hockey-skate-to-the-jugular maneuver.
30 Dec. 2009
Putting a Happy Face on Death
From exploding heads to zucchini-choking, this episode brings 7 more graphic re-enactments of absurd & jaw-dropping true stories of death from around the world.
6 Jan. 2010
Bringing in the Dead
A drunk driver gets his head handed to him; a belly dancer goes belly up; a cross dresser gets crossed; a moonshiner gets shined; a hot tamale blows her boyfriend's dinner; a hula lover gets burned and a thug gets blindsided.
13 Jan. 2010
Gratefully Dead
An anal compulsive turns repulsive; a purse snatcher takes a fall; a weightlifter loses his grip; a young goth gets exorcised; a smoker gets smoked; two dopes do themselves (in); a cow lover gets milked.
20 Jan. 2010
Come on Get Deathy
A little person swallows a harp; a cute bliss seeker gets tanked; a mean hubby goes over the edge; a guitar player gets unplugged; a gold digger digs her own grave; a dumb thief breaks his numbskull, a spurned lover gets trashed
27 Jan. 2010
Death Watch
A group of hot cheerleaders get buzzed; a B-52 goes down in flames; a speed freak blows his mind; a cat hater gets his head handed to him; a health nut gets ratted out; a golfing couple has some bad fore play.
3 Feb. 2010
Waking Up Dead
A nagging housewife blows her own fuse; a construction worker takes a deadly bathroom break; a stowaway gets his ass-sets frozen; a cheating gambler gets squeezed and an acupuncture patient misses the point.
10 Feb. 2010
You're Dead! LOL!
A moron gets smoked by cigarettes; a remote glider crashes into the owner; a reject boyfriend gets rejected; a dog walker gets hounded to death; a biker causes a riot and the Samurai Death Squad loses a member.
17 Feb. 2010
Dead to Rights
A secretary won?t go down and gets passed over; hot tubbing couple can?t take the heat; anger management dropout bottoms out; a paint huffer lights one up; an old grinch gets iced; sword play turn ugly for two gamers.
24 Feb. 2010
Dead on Dead
A country boy winds up at the wrong wiener roast; drug smugglers become pot-luck dinner for cannibals; a terrorist gets played by a violinist; a boa constrictor puts the squeeze on a tourist; a keg party blows up.

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