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Sex & Nudity

  • Many deaths focus on sexuality. For instance,
    • There was a "chubby chaser" who was suffocated by a large woman's breast while having sex
    • A married couple who had never had sex and when they finally do, their climax results in both of the having heart attacks and dying.
    • A "bikini car wash" where girls use their "assets" to get bigger tips but die because of an electronic buffering machine.
  • And many more

Violence & Gore

  • The deaths are all extremely brutal, painful, boneheaded, gory and disturbing, and some examples include:
  • A man that runs out of hallucinogenic drugs decide to consume a drug called "Jenkem", a recreational hallucinogenic drug made out of fermented raw sewage, urine and feces that releases sulfure hydrogen gases when fermented. The man is seen pooping, but fails to create his own Jenkem, and after seeing a bathroom, he tries to inhale the fumes of the feces, but the fumes cause him a brownout, and soon dies of suffocation.
  • A teenage girl with a gothic appearance is tied up to a pentagram by her abusive foster parents, who are Christian extremists and try to exorcise her with the help of two friends. The girl is shown traumatized, and as she sees the cultists attempt to hurt her, they heat up too much coal and incense, generating toxic gases that poison the cultists to death. The girl, who manages to survive, then unties herself to gather with her boyfriend at a mall, and she happily leaves the tent she's in.
  • A man gets jealous of a girl with a bifurcated tongue and he decides to best her by getting a chain inserted in his mouth, making it come out off his butt and soon brags about this, much to everyone's disgust. Soon after, an angry gangster chases the man, who manages to hide into a cargo, only for his chain to get caught into a forklift, which lifts him, causing the chain to slice his inner organs and as a result, the man bleeds profusely to death, with blood seen on his mouth.
  • In one of the show's most popular deaths, a woman has two large breast implants put on her. When she travels on a plane, the atmospheric pressure causes her breasts to expand disproportionately due to the implants being low-quality, and soon, her breasts explode, causing lots of blood and gore to splatter all over the plane, and most of the horrified passengers, including the victim herself, are all covered in blood and we see the extremely gory aftermath shortly thereafter.
  • A man is calling his lover to have sex in her here, angrily demanding her to perform fellatio. When he arrives, he ragingly insists to her to do his request, but fails and, he gets naked and sits into a hot tub's drain valve, which builds up pressure and later it literally sucks in the man's bowels out of his anus, causing him immense pain and bloods soon fills the pool, and the man crawls out of the pool, only to fall dead from excessive blood loss.
  • A bodybuilder cheats in a competition so that he can lift a massive rock, only for the extreme pressure resulting from the weight of the rock and the man's body to build up to the point where his intestines (which look a lot like sausages) are literally expelled from his anus, leaking blood and, when the man looks at this, he gets so shocked and scared by this that he dies soon after when he ends up getting a massive and fatal heart attack, causing him to collapse dead.
  • A man works as an I-Doser dealer, dealing them as a type of new drugs for the teenagers. One day, while his business is being successful, the man decides to create a new I-Dose file equipped with U.S. military experimental infrasonic equipment, which he adds to the files, generating sound frequencies low enough to cause destruction in the workshop, all while the brute sound pressure liquefies the man's body cells, severely damaging his organs and killing him.
  • Two comrades decide to have fun while at work. They take drugs and eat before doing a type of wakeboarding with a forklift and a rope. Everything goes well, until the rope snags on a car's tire, constricting around the abdomen of one of the guys, causing him to gurgle as lots of blood come from his mouth and soon, his body splits in two, much to his friend's horror, and we see blood and guts spilled everywhere.
  • Three former Viet-Cong Vietnamese soldiers and Vietnam War veterans with PTSD decide to play Russian roulette. When they're successful by avoiding the bullets of the pistol, the soldiers celebrate, only for them to accidentally set up a land mine, causing it to explode, causing blood, ashes and body parts to rain everywhere, with the head of one soldier being seen on the ground, splattering blood on the surface.
  • A man drinks alcohol while riding a steamroller, then leaves to use a portable toilet. However, the man forgets to set the steamroller's hydraulic brake, which causes it to advance forward towards the port-a-potty and the man, squeezing his guts out of his mouth while splattering blood everywhere and crushing him to death, leaving a bloody mess on the surface.
  • Most of the time, when the deaths occur, CGI shorts will showcase what happened to victims which caused them to die, and this includes bones breaking, organs rupturing and/or being damaged and blood splashing, and this is all shown in a fashion reminiscent to the X-Ray Attacks from "Mortal Kombat (2011)" and "Mortal Kombat X (2015)".
  • A man listens death metal music at an extremely loud volume while fixing a car, and his neighbor tells him to turn it down. However, the man ignores her, and soon, when she insists again, the man slides off from under the car, where a street sweeper drags him and shreds him into thousands of gory pieces, causing him to scream in agonizing pain, and the aftermath shows him reduced to nothing but a bloody mess on the street.
  • A pervert who loves taking pictures of women up-skirt gets busted by a construction worker and argues with him, only for a rebar to penetrate the pervert through the chest, killing him instantly, with lots of blood spraying out.
  • Two drug smugglers land on an island with a tribe of cannibals, which boil the two men alive and then eat them.
  • An obnoxious, evil, brash, impatient and misanthropic man who pleasures himself in hurting innocent people decides to steal a taxi, and when he argues with the bellhop, the man closes the trunk, only for the hook of a tow truck to get trapped in and constricts around the man's waist, causing him to scream in agony and soon, he gets completely cut in half by the wire of the hook, spilling blood, guts and intestines all over the place.
  • The king of a Viking clan goes to a marauding campaign, and leaves everything in charge of his younger brother. A party erupts, only for the queen to interfere and the young man rapes her. Months later, the king returns to find his brother raping the queen, enraging him so much that he gruesomely executes his brother via the "Blood Eagle" method, hacking his back apart and ripping his lungs from the outside, with lots of blood visible.
  • A man who goes to the Amazonia to find gold and tortures a group of natives he hired to help him swims into the river, where he pees and soon, a candiru enters his penis, causing him true agony and forcing him to amputate his own penis, with blood seen everywhere. Soon, the man is eaten alive by piranhas, reducing him to nothing but a bloody skeleton floating in the river.
  • A convict is sentenced to death by getting stretched into the torture rack, but he's so tall that his executioner is unable to stretch him apart. Decided, the executioner creates a new torture device called the "Scavenger's Daughter" and compresses the convict's body with it, puncturing his ribs and lungs and causing him to die gruesomely, with lots of blood coming out of his mouth.
  • An evil dad who abandoned his own family is building his own house with his friend, and in the process, the dastardly man brings in an ejector seat, which he pulls the lever and he flies 10 feet only to smash his head against the roof, completely destroying his skull and brain and causing instant death, to the horror of his friend.
  • Two aspiring terrorists build a plutonium nuclear bomb, only for one of the two guys to burp due him eating a hamburger and drops a tungsten carbide brick into the plutonium core, irradiating them and soon suffer the painful after-effects of acute radiation syndrome, vomiting heavily as they're shown with blackened, swollen lips and eyes and leathery purple skin covered in bleeding sores. They soon die from bacterial bronchopneumonia, extreme nausea and asphyxiation.
  • A drug smuggler creates a tie-dyed T-shirt soaked in LSD so he can avoid detection at the airport. He gets nervous and begins sweating, causing him to absorb a massive overdose through his skin, with hallucinations very scary, his heart racing to 280 beats per minute, his bloodsystem soaring to the stroke zone, his mind shut down, and he convulses violently with foam coming from his mouth before finally dying from a heart attack, stroke and fatal hyperthermia.
  • A zoophilic Ukranian soldier roams into the wilderness of Chernobyl with two colleagues, and one of them has sex with the female colleague, making the soldier turn to the wild side and attempts to rape a raccoon. In retaliation and self-defense, the raccoon violently rips out the soldier's penis with a single bite, causing the soldier to suffer great pain and he exsanguinates uncontrollably before dying of excessive blood loss, much to the horror of his colleagues.
  • More specefically, the entire show is about brutal, (usually painful) deaths that either have happened or could occur. It also includes videos, which can show violent, gory scenes.


  • Mild profanities such as "damn", "hell", and "ass" are sometimes used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Many of the deaths depicted on the series are related in some way to alcohol use, drug use, or smoking, all of which are depicted somewhat frequently.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The deaths may be intense for some viewers.
  • The entire show is brutal, and often shows painful deaths. It's very similar to the "Final Destination" movies.

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