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Season 1

3 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.1
Amanda Price, a young woman living in Hammersmith, London, spends yet another evening reading her beloved Pride and Prejudice. When she is disturbed by her drunk boyfriend, her annoyance is only exceeded with his unromantic proposal including the top of a beer can as a ring. On hearing a sound in her bathroom, Amanda finds herself face to face with one of her treasured protagonists, Elizabeth Bennet. She seems to have entered Amanda's world through a seemingly unusable door. The incredulous Amanda crosses the threshold to the other side of the door and alas truly ...
10 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.2
Amanda arrives at Netherfield shortly after Jane. She realizes that things don't go according to plan. While Jane recovers from a fever, Bingley tells Amanda of his passion for her to which Amanda can only mutter that she is interested in women to keep Bingley at bay. Amanda's redirection of Bingley's feelings seem to be working as Bingley apparently shows an interest in Jane. When Mr. Collins arrives at Longbourn, Amanda faces yet another challenge to keep Jane free for Mr. Bingley. The appearance of Wickham is also causing Amanda difficulties to keep the purpose of ...
17 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.3
Amanda, declared to be the center of all evil by Mrs. Bennet, unsuccessfully tries to re-enter into her own world. In these trying times stuck in Pride and Prejudice, Amanda gets help from an unexpected counter. The world of Pride and Prejudice is not what it should be. Jane is married to Collins, Bingley almost constantly drunk, Elizabeth nowhere to be seen, and Darcy in love with Amanda. Trying to get the story back to how she knows and loves it, Amanda tries to persuade Darcy that he and Elizabeth are incessantly made for one another. Until Amanda realizes that she...
24 Sep. 2008
Episode #1.4
The uproar in Pemberley is increased with the announcement of Darcy's engagement to Caroline Bingley. At the same time the news that Lydia has gone off with Bingley causes distress in the Bennet family. After Amanda's fervent words, Mr Bennet feels obliged to duel Bingley and is hurt in the event of it. In an effort to get help and find Elizabeth, Amanda unexpectedly returns to her twenty-first century. Darcy, on following Amanda into the present-day London, feels at a lost and face to face with his alleged wife-to-be. Elizabeth now works as a nanny is quite familiar ...

 Season 1 

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