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9 Mar. 2008
A Private Place/Droopy Friend
When the friends learn that Edweena has a private place where she goes to be alone, they all decide they want one two. But soon they discover that finding a suitable, enjoyable and comfortable 'private place' is not as easy as it seems.;When Mouse plants a sunflower seed, he discovers that Sunflowers need both sun and water to grow. With the help of his friends, Mouse helps the drooping Sunflower to become perky and learns that plants often thrive best in their natural environment.
10 Mar. 2008
The Greatest Invention/Turtle in a Hurry
Jasper claims that his fishing stick is the Greatest Invention. Rabbit has a hard time believing it until the fishing stick helps rescue Amber from a mud puddle, allows Hazel and Edweena to sing together, shields Mouse from the rain, retrieves lost property and serves as a Friend Keeper.;Rabbit and Mouse enlist the aid of their friends in order to help 'Logan' a young turtle reach the 'Turtle Jolly Jumbo Jamboree' in time to compete in the amazing Turtle Jolly Jumbo Jamboree jiggle-jog race.
11 Mar. 2008
For the Birds/Pearl's Pals
When Edweena wants to make friends with a flock of pretty yellow songbirds, she enlists the help of the gang to teach her different friend-making strategies, but finally finds the best way on her own.;When Pearl becomes fascinated by a school of tadpoles, the other Gibble Goose Girls have to adjust their morning walk routine -- luckily they find a new leader, Mouse! Meanwhile, Pearl learns a new move from the GGG's swim-dance from her tadpole friends.
14 Mar. 2008
Gibble Goose Girls Galore/Scaredy Skunk
The Gibble Goose Girls find it difficult to dance together when they misunderstand Rabbit's complements and think that their step is the best. But by watching Rabbit and Mouse work together to create fantastic 'stump-jumps' they realize that only by practicing, being open to suggestions and working together can they improve on their individual moves;Mouse and Rabbit are playing with Edweena when they meet a little skunk named Fowler. They invite Fowler to join them, but it turns out Edweena's afraid of Fowler, and Fowler's afraid of Edweena. Mouse and Rabbit realize ...
1 Apr. 2008
The Mysterious Acorn Mystery/Frog on a Log
Hazel, Rabbit and Mouse are totally confused when Hazel's acorns disappear from one place and appear in another. But even more mysterious things happen when Mouse and Rabbit help Hazel collect more acorns. Meanwhile Thunder and Edweena are helping an acorn-collecting squirrel named Sheldon whose acorns are also disappearing. As confusion mounts on both sides, each need a hop-think to solve the mysteries caused by there being two squirrels (Hazel & Sheldon) trying to collect the same acorns;Emmett, a large Bullfrog has decided to make his home in the pond. But his ...
11 Apr. 2008
A Sticky Situation/Ladybug Day
Mouse and Rabbit accidentally become stuck to the same stick, with resin from a ?sticky-icky tree?. With help from the Gibble girls, they learn to cope with ?extreme togetherness? but the two eventually realize that they can?t stay this way forever. They end up doing what they?ve been avoiding all along? they have to pull apart, even if it means losing some fur!;The gang is preparing to celebrate ?Ladybug Day? when Mouse accidentally stains himself red with berry juice! Efforts to remove the colour fail, so Mouse?s friends band together to cheer him up about being red...
29 Sep. 2008
Muddy Puddle
Rabbit is about to perform his new hop, the triple-bipple backwards flipple when suddenly he?s overcome with a huge itch ? which is revealed to be a tiny, really cute caterpillar, who has made a home in Rabbit?s ears. Rabbit wants the caterpillar OFF, but instead of removing him as requested, Mouse takes a shine to the little critter and names him Pilly. After repeated attempts, and hop-thinks with the others, it?s clear Pilly has no intention of leaving his cosy nest. Rabbit must curtail his exuberant way, which cramps his style a little bit, until the next morning ...
25 Oct. 2008
Hazel's Noise/Don't Touch Mossy
Rabbit, Mouse and Thunder help Hazel find the source of an irritating noise. But all efforts to restore peace and quiet fail and they must devise an imaginative way to make the noise enjoyable;When Jade is accidentally trapped under Mouse's cuddle-moss, the gang tries to find a way to free her without breaking their promise to NOT touch Mossy.
26 Nov. 2008
Hoppiest Wish Ever/Mouse's Mysterious Something
When Mouse wishes to be The Hoppiest Hopper, his friends work together to think of some imaginative hop-helpers to aid him in getting his wish;Mouse finds a mysterious something on the beach, and he also learns an important lesson about sharing.

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