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13 Jul. 2010
Epic Guilt
Codex confesses her indiscretion with Fawkes to her guild-mates.
20 Jul. 2010
Strange Allies
Bladezz helps Codex with her computer while the rest of the guild argue about what kind of guild hall to make.
3 Aug. 2010
Vork declared that whomever raises the most money towards the guild hall gets to decide what it looks like. Zaboo decides to try being Codex's friend
10 Aug. 2010
Moving On
Codex comes to terms with what happened between her and Fawkes and gets a "cheesy" job.
17 Aug. 2010
Loot Envy
Bladezz is envious of Codex's new job. Tink and Clara team up.
24 Aug. 2010
Weird Respawn
Zaboo's mother returns; Codex and Bladezz clash at Cheesy Beard's.
31 Aug. 2010
Awkward Birthday
Codex is shocked when an unexpected guest shows up to Zaboo's mom's birthday dinner. Clara and Tink figure out how they'll make real money.
7 Sep. 2010
Zaboo's mom advises Vork on how to make major in-game money. The rest of the guild finds out the truth about Codex's relationship with Fawkes.
14 Sep. 2010
Pirate Paddy
Codex makes an Internet commercial for Cheesy Beard's starring Bladezz. Bladezz edits.
21 Sep. 2010
Festival of the Sea
The Guild joins forces to help Codex with her job. Fawkes gets a taste of his own Jeanette. And Vork gets more than he bargained for when he foolishly attempts to get rid of Zaboo's mom.
28 Sep. 2010
Hostile Takeovers
Vork refuses to back out of his proposal; the rest of the guild prepare.
5 Oct. 2010
Guild Hall
The guild attends Vork's wedding.

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