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Sex & Nudity

  • A bunny says to Homer "Your eyes look like boobs" in the mission Land of Chocolate.
  • Prostitute Cats are seen wearing revealing outfits in the mission Grand Theft Scratchy.
  • Two Aliens talk about "Anal Probing" Cletus in the mission Invasion of the Yokel Snatchers.
  • Homer holds a beebee gun and swimsuit magazines in the mission Bartman Begins.
  • We see posters of Homer in thong underwear in the mission Enter the Cheatrix.
  • Young Grandpa says ".... I'm just worried about my privates." (army men, sounds like he's talking about his genitals) in the mission Medal of Homer.
  • Homer and Marge passionately kiss in the mission NeverQuest.
  • Bart and Homer take a leak in Matt Groening's bush in the mission Five Characters in Search of an Author.
  • Homer is seen punching Lard Lad's groin in the mission Shadow of the Colossal Donut.
  • The mayor of springfield along with the head of Electronic Arts are shown with no shirts on in a hot tub, and then summons 2 girls, and the president disrespectfully asks how hot they are, and the mayor replies with springfield hot (basically, the hottest in springfield he could find)

Violence & Gore

  • You defeat characters like Aliens, Evil Dolphins, Mini Krusty's, Security Guards, William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin,
  • Homer's super-attack is burping, his main power is eating to turn into Homer Ball, a big ball to burst or slam enemies or walls.
  • Bart can shoot rocks, bricks or other things with his slingshot, which later becomes a wrist rocket.
  • Lisa can stun enemies playing her saxophone, she can also enter a meditation point in on a Buddha statue to use the Hand of Buddha: she can pick up and drop big things controlling her hand with her mind. In the Xbox and PS3 version, and she can later flick, electrocute or freeze enemies with it.
  • Marge has a megaphone to recruit people to a mob and tell them to destroy, fix or build thing and to step on platforms. In the Xbox and PS3 version, Marge's shield item is a police hat to turn into "Marge Cop", which makes her stronger and invincible while her mob can throw rocks at enemies.
  • A German boy (in Bart and Lisa's school) throws a rock at a french person's house in the mission Medal of Homer.
  • A woman is crushed by a sign above her head in the mission Grand Theft Scratchy.
  • Bart and Lisa blow up a ecosystem factory in the mission Lisa the Tree Hugger.
  • Homer eats Moe's right hand in the mission Around the world in 80 bites.
  • Homer eats a chocolate lamppost and a chocolate dog in the mission Land of Chocolate.
  • Dolph is crushed by a dinosaur skeleton in the mission Bartman Begins.
  • Bart and Homer destroy the Lard Lad monster in the mission Shadow of the Colossal Donut.
  • Lisa and Bart walk over two giant tanks of blood, one is Blood and the other is Diet Blood in the mission Enter the Cheatrix.
  • Homer blows up the State of Liberty (while as a giant ball) in the mission Around the world in 80 bites.
  • Lenny and Carl are crushed by a tree which lands on a machine, heading towards a crusher in the mission Lisa the Tree Hugger.


  • Many uses of Hell and Damn.
  • Bart says the words "Kick Ass" a lot.
  • Bleeped strong language e.g. God says the F-Word in the mission Game Over.
  • Name calling e.g. Fatty, Dingus, Space Octopus', Loser, Bitches, Troublemaker, Stupid, Bitch and Crazy.
  • Generally, curse words are not used very frequently (the worst offenders are censored),but the main issue is that the characters are disrespectful.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A few references to drinking alcohol and smoking, but nothing major
  • Characters are seen smoking/drinking throughout the game.
  • Wine Glasses and Beer Bottles are seen in Moe's Bar.
  • A baby is seen holding a wine glass and looks drunk in the mission Medal of Homer.
  • Mayor Quimby and a EA worker are seen with champagne glasses in their hands.
  • In the mission NeverQuest, we see a giant ash tray with 8 or 9 cigarettes (owned by the Giant 2-Headed Dragon, which is Patty and Selma.)
  • One set of extra tasks for Homer is to collect all of the duff (brand of beer) bottles in each level and the overworld (xbox 360 and playstation 3 versions only).
  • One level takes place in a beer brewery, but it is only an eating contest (beer can be drunk)
  • Important to keep in mind: if you pause the game and go to the audio section of options, you can remove the voices, but not from the cutscenes. Also, you can not skip over cutscenes the first time you view them, and almost all have profanity, so make sure your child leaves the room straight away during cutscenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lisa builds a stairway to heaven and we see every character from "The Simpsons TV Series" run up the path.
  • When you go to The Simpsons house while the aliens attack Springfield, you can hear lasers and screams of people, and it could scare some young viewers.
  • When in Matt Greoning's mansion (he created the simpsons), he summons 2 characters from futurama (another show he developed) who do act threatening.
  • Suitable for kids 10 & up, due to violence, language, sexual references and some drug use/references.

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