Orphan (2009) Poster


Aryana Engineer: Max



  • Max Coleman : [signing]  You tricked me.

    Esther : That doesn't matter. They'll send you to jail just for helping me hide her. I had to kill her, because she was going to tell on me. You're not going to tell on me... are you?

  • Kate Coleman : [using sign language to read Max her favorite bedtime story]  I waited all night to meet my new baby sister. But, when Mommy and Daddy came home, Mommy told me that my little sister went to Heaven. I'm glad that my little sister went to Heaven.


    Kate Coleman : But... I would have liked to have met her first.

    Max Coleman : [signing]  Is baby Jessica an angel?

    Kate Coleman : [signing]  Yes, a beautiful angel!

    [she kisses Max's head and pulls her body underneath the bed covers] 

    Max Coleman : [signing]  Am I going to get a new sister?

    Kate Coleman : [signing]  I don't know.

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