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19 Feb. 2009
Dr. Tom
Thirty-two year old Erica Strange is bright, educated and pretty, but she's had a bad life, self admittedly due to the many bad decisions she's made over her adult life. On the day that she meets self-proclaimed therapist Dr. Tom in the hospital, Erica has had the latest in a string of bad days: she gets fired from her dead end customer service job at an insurance agency for being too bright; she gets dumped by her latest boyfriend who she met over the Internet; and she gets hospitalized for drinking a specialty coffee containing nuts, she being deathly allergic to ...
12 Jan. 2009
What I Am Is What I Am
Erica goes back to 1995, her second year of university, where she is invited to join a secret society.
19 Jan. 2009
Plenty of Fish
Erica, feeling like a failure since high school, decides to ask Ethan, who is going through a divorce and recently moved back to Toronto, to escort her as her make believe boyfriend to her high school reunion. There are two people who Erica is not looking forward to seeing at the reunion. One is Katie, who has always gotten under Erica's skin. But the more important one is Zach Creed, the popular kid to whom she lost her virginity. Beyond the fact that the sex with Zach was bad, he humiliated her after the fact. Erica feels that experience with Zach has negatively ...
26 Jan. 2009
The Secret of Now
Erica starts her job at River Rock Publishing, and travels back to April 1995 to confront her creative-writing professor.
2 Feb. 2009
Erica and Judith have a falling out over a misunderstanding regarding who Judith has chosen as her baby's godmother. Erica not being chosen reinforces her own negative perceptions of not feeling grown up. Dr. Tom sends Erica back to her Bat Mitzvah, appropriate not only because it was supposed to be her official transition into adulthood, but also that she walked out on that party just like she did with the baby shower she just hosted for Judith. Erica's Bat Mitzvah, on a theme of the movie Dirty Dancing (1987), never lived up to hype and excitement she felt before the party. But Erica's...
11 Feb. 2009
Til Death
In the lead up to Sam and Josh's wedding, Erica and Ryan, Josh's best man, have been dating, publicly announcing the fact, making Erica uncomfortable. The fact that Ethan and Claire may have reconciled isn't helping either. But topping Erica's uncomfortable list in the relationship department is Sam and Josh themselves, their relationship which she just does not understand. She can't help but feel that they are making a big mistake in getting married. She feels even worse when Sam herself expresses the same doubts just before the ceremony. With Dr. Tom, Erica dictates...
18 Feb. 2009
Such a Perfect Day
Erica is facing a lot of stress in her life. Sam is no longer talking to her and never wants to see her again. Marcus Stahl wants to renege on the book deal of writing his memoirs since he can't visit that dark place in his past. Because she feels her sessions with Dr. Tom have so far made her life worse than better, she wants to quit. However, Dr. Tom offers her a gift because of her stress: he will send her back to any day she wants where she was the cause of the day being perfect. She chooses a time as a teenager, taking a day trip to Toronto Island with Leo and ...
25 Feb. 2009
This Be the Verse
It's Yom Kippur, and there is much pressure within the Strange family for everyone to reconcile, especially Erica and Sam, but also Gary and Barb, the latter who has has always resented her husband's decision to be a rabbi, and Erica and Barb. Dr. Tom sends Erica back to Yom Kippur 1997 - the year following Leo's death - when Gary and Barb were having a fight over his spending so much time at the synagogue, with Erica siding with her father. In addition to Barb wanting a divorce following that incident, Erica and Barb's relationship has since been an antagonistic one....
4 Mar. 2009
Everything She Wants
Erica travels back to December 1999, when her best friend was a lesbian.
11 Mar. 2009
Mi Casa, Su Casa Loma
In an attempt to mend her friendship with Katie, Erica travels back to Halloween 1993.
18 Mar. 2009
She's Lost Control
Attempting to alleviate the awkwardness in her friendship with Ethan, Erica travels back five months to the night of her high school reunion.
25 Mar. 2009
Erica the Vampire Slayer
Erica's promotion to junior editor may be in jeopardy; she travels back to 2001 and participates in a vampire live action role-playing game.
1 Apr. 2009
Erica's life is finally going great, both personally and professionally. But the fact that December 13th is approaching is weighing heavily on her mind, that date being the anniversary of Leo's death, which is still her biggest regret in life. Leo died at the age of 21 in a barn fire at her grandmother's farm, the fire that appears to be an accident of Leo's own doing. The farm is now the unofficial grave site where the family visits only once a year to mourn. Erica wants things to change, to make Leo's memory more of a happy thought than a somber one. Her idea is to ...

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