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It's still worth seeing for its two dazzling centerpieces.
Village Voice
Call Lovely, Still life-affirming if you must, but its uplift is designed less to reassure than to honor the difficult process of how we deal when faced with the loss of those we have loved.
A haunting duet for two great actors who haven't lost a step and have gained the most exquisite lyricism.
It's beautifully played and will hit home with anyone who has had to struggle with the most difficult aspects of aging.
There's a push-pull dynamic coursing through the late-in-life romance Lovely, Still that keeps the film intriguing even when it looks like it's going to sink into sentimentality.
New York Post
If you're old enough to pluck gray hairs, you may find yourself rubbing away a few tears.
Boxoffice Magazine
Landau and Burstyn remain compelling throughout.
The production is over-stuffed with cutesy split screens, jarring dream sequences and a pushy score by Bright Eyes band members Nathaniel Walcott and Mike Mogis that succeed in dragging the proceedings from merely cloying to increasingly annoying.
The surprise twist brutally defies the opening narration and plot logic that preceded it, alienating viewers who willingly suspended disbelief.
While all four leads deserve better, it's especially galling to see Burstyn - still so lovely - wasting her time and talents on a film with so little wisdom to share.

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