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Fun, little else
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews22 August 2009
This is the shortest of the five featurettes on the DVD of The Bourne Ultimatum, and thus the smallest part of the "explosive bonus material" of which the back of the cover makes mention. It consists of footage of the stunt driving done by Damon, him and Bradley making jokes a little, and a couple of interviews cut into it. This is pretty much just what they got out of putting together those admittedly cool shots of the practicing. This feels more promotional than informational. It's well-edited, and the music is all good choices, but this doesn't even really bother to get communicated to the audience everything that it's documenting in the three and a half minutes that this lasts. While it starts out doing so, it gives up on it before it's done. Why? The people seem to be into what they're doing, and having a lot of fun, I'm sure they'd love to share. Frankly, it just comes off as lazy. So sure, this is entertaining, and if you have watched the film, you'll know what's going on. However, other than reminding you of the vehicle chases, this won't really do anything. It also will not help you improve your own chauffeur skills. Yes, that last one's a joke. I recommend this to, uh, people who like to see cars move fast. 6/10
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Just as fast as you can and spin the wheel
Chip_douglas15 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The behind the scenes featurettes on the first two Bourne DVD's were produced and directed by the Laurent Bouzereau, perhaps the most prolific and hardest working documentarian in the behind the scenes field. It's not hard to see the connection: Bouzereau does all of Spielberg's films, and the Bournes are produced by Steven's pal Frank Marshall. The Bouzereau touch is missing from the third installment in Jason Bourne's saga however, and it is on fluffy pieces such as 'Driving School' that his skills are sorely missed.

2nd Unit director Dan Bradley welcomes the viewers to a test track in Bayonne, New Jersey where Matt Damon is driving cars in reverse at very high speeds and basically having a ball. This is for the scene in The Bourne Ultimatum in which his character steals a car on the top of the Port Authority. Just as he back outs, Jason spots a CRI sedan racing towards him and decides to make a break for it driving in reverse while shooting. We also take a look at the Camera mounted to the side of the car shooting Matt in profile and into the rear view mirror , just to prove it's really him behind the wheel.

Trivia lovers will have read on both the Ultimatium and Supremacy trivia pages here on IMDb that Jason Bourne does not smile in either of those two sequels. Well, here's another trivial tidbit for you: Matt Damon can't stop himself grinning in this Making Of. He says it's ridiculous to get paid to have so much fun and confesses he would would love to have Dan Bradley direct a whole movie like this (assuming he would get to star in it). Bradley for his part makes the obligatory Nascar reference and of course has to mention that Damon is so good behind the wheel, he's gonna put a stuntman out of a job.

Later on in the film, JB steals another car, this time one outfitted by the NYPD force. So, we see MD drive around in this one for a while as well, but this time Dan Bradley doesn't bother to explain what happens in the scene. It just sort of ends there. Gotta save something for the next featurette I suppose. Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.

6 out of 10
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