"Chowder" The Thrice Cream Man/The Flibber-Flabber Diet (TV Episode 2007) Poster

Nicky Jones: Chowder


  • Chowder : [thinking]  I like thrice cream.

    Mung Daal : Chowder! Focus, boy!

    Chowder : I am focused!

    [makes hand motions] 

  • Mung Daal : [cooking]  Time to squeeze in some squash... Make space for some spice... Make room for the mushroom...

    [Chowder hears the thrice cream cart and runs away, coming back later] 

    Chowder : Here's your mushroom!

    Mung Daal : But we already...

    [looks in the oven to find Truffles in it] 

    Mung Daal : Not done!

    [shuts the oven door. Meanwhile, Chowder hears the thrice cream cart and runs away again] 

    Mung Daal : We gotta get rid of this kid's thrice cream obsession!

    Shnitzel : Radda!

    Truffles : [in the oven]  Oh, honey...

    Mung Daal : Run, man! Run!

    [Shnitzel grabs Mung and the two GTFO] 

  • Chowder : I'm sorry, Thrice Cream Man. I still like you... I just can't be near you, or smell you, or look at you is all.

  • Mung Daal : Chowder, what are you doing?

    Chowder : [straining]  I'm trying to grow a beard!

    Mung Daal : And why, may I ask, are you trying to do that?

    Chowder : Because you said we were making BBQ, and only a real man can make a dish like that!


    Mung Daal : Careful, your eyes might pop out!

    Chowder : That's okay, I glued them in...

    [a beard appears] 

    Chowder : Perfect! And now for the chest hair!

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